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Stone Horse Collecting

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Winning the Parents Over

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Benefits of Being Single

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Mary Had a Little Lamp

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Miss Rumphius


rIgor mort.US

If you haven’t checked out rIgor mort.US yet, you should! It’s a wonderful new site that’s breathing new life into old publications. You can submit old work (as long as it is published) to be used again in different mash-ups of writing. It’s a great way to share your work with others and build new art together. Three of my previously published poems may be found there:


“trip to the slaughterhouse”

“America the Beautiful”

Upcoming Date Movies in March

See if there’s something playing for you and your date:

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Upcoming Date Movies in March

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Worst Cooks in America is Embarrassing to Watch

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Can You Be Humane and a Horror Fan?

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Someone to Eat Cheese With

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Bullying in Schools Will Never End

900th Post!

I don’t usually celebrate milestones on my blog, but 900 posts is nothing to sneeze at. 😉 Thanks for sticking with the blog and reading (and especially commenting on) my stories, articles, and blogs!

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Fuddruckers: Overrated Burgers for Everyone!

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Why Did You Get Behind?

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Mrs. Doubtfire, 700 Club? Really?

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Life with Kids is Not as Repetitive as Shrek Would Have You Believe

Mark Ruffalo is Not Incredible, Nor is He a Hulk

“Leave Chris Brown Alone!”

Oy. As if the “Chris Brown can beat me anytime” tweets weren’t enough.

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Leave Chris Brown Alone!

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Remembering Whitney is Natural

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Male Chefs Do Not Exist in a Void

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What are We Subjecting Our Young Men and Women To?

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Movies: Good for Girls?

New JK Rowling Book Announced!

Let the squeeing commence.

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JK Rowling Announces New Book

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Why Do We Have Spelling Bees?

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DirectTV Ad Fail

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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Changes

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Let Me Talk to a Real Person

Yes, My Homeschooler Should Get to Play with the Local School Team

…if she wants to. And so should yours.

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Homeschoolers Already Pay for High School Sports

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Tweens Ask for Visual Assessments on YouTube

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Gamers, Meet Your Match

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Date Your Best Friend

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Take What You Need

The Working Educator’s Guide to Success

If you’re looking for a solution to homeschooling or unschooling your children while you still maintain a career, Lisa Nielsen’s new guide, The Working Educator’s Guide to Success: Stories and Advice for Working Families That Want to Home Educate might be very helpful to you. It contains a wide variety of stories and ideas from real families who work and homeschool, including ours. I’ve read many of the stories in it and can vouch for several really great, creative ideas for families to use for more authentic, less conventional lifestyles. Check it out!