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It’s all we hoped it would be…

Walt Disney Talk
Pixar’s Brave is What We’ve Been Waiting For

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Pixar’s La Luna

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Brave Myths Debunked, Part 1
Brave Myths Debunked, Part 2

Fresno Book Club
Give Me Your Heart, by Joyce Carol Oates

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Stand Up for Your Life

CT Repeals the Death Penalty

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Connecticut Repeals Death Penalty

League of Civil Rights Voters
Big Brother is Watching You

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Walt Disney Talk
Disney: From Princesses to Evil Fairies

League of Moms
Suck the Marrow Out of Life

10 Signs of a Great Babysitter

We have just found the best babysitter EVER! If you are looking one, here are a few signs that he or she is a definite keeper.

I Hate My Brat (You KNOW I don’t; it’s just the new blog title! 😉 )
10 Signs of a Great Babysitter

Walt Disney Talk
Death-less Toons Can Make for Awesome Movies

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My First Book of Hindi Words

Dental Job Market
10 Ways to Know You are Obsessed with Teeth