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Creepy Books and Things Under the Bed

In this case, it was an orange under the bed; but hey, there are much creepier things in some bedrooms…

Baltimore Book Club
Rabbits in the Garden

Pop Music Club
Katy Perry’s Huge Disappointment

You Clean
Surprises in Your Kids’ Rooms

Farm Subsidy Voters
Take Action Today

Drug Specialist
Drug Companies Fined Billions

League of Pro-Life Voters
“I’ve Never Really Thought About That”

“Leave Chris Brown Alone!”

Oy. As if the “Chris Brown can beat me anytime” tweets weren’t enough.

Colorado Springs Music
Leave Chris Brown Alone!

Pop Music Club
Remembering Whitney is Natural

Male Report
Male Chefs Do Not Exist in a Void

League of Fiscal Conservative Voters
What are We Subjecting Our Young Men and Women To?

League of Moms
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Movies: Good for Girls?

RIP, Whitney

I loved Whitney Houston. She will always remind me of dancing to my aunt’s music collection when I visited her as a child. May she find peace, wherever she is.

Pop Music Club
RIP, Whitney Houston

Atlanta City Talk
Junk Food is Cheaper Than Buying Healthy Meals

Mom Loves Entertainment
Age Recommendations are Just a Guideline

Long Beach Book Club
Unplugged Play: No Batteries. No Plugs. Pure Fun

Moms Forum
Don Bluth Films are What Our Kids Need, Part 1
Don Bluth Films are What Our Kids Need, Part 2

RIP, Amy Winehouse

Such a sad day, and what a tragic loss for the music world.

Pop Music Club
Rest in Peace, Amy Winehouse

X-Men: First Class Comic is Disappointing at Best

Fantasy Book Club
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

English Book Club
I Can’t Stop Watching Easy A

See Ya, Borders

Cook Book Club
Have You Checked Out Chef Madison?

Summer Concerts Across America

See who’s playing in your neck of the woods.

Sacramento Music
Live Music Hotspots in Sacramento

Portland Music
U2 Tour Coming to Seattle in June

Philadelphia Music
Rhianna’s Loud Tour Hits Philadelphia in July 2011

Oakland Music
Famous Musicians From Oakland

New York Music
Famous Singers of New York

Nashville Music
Keith Urban to Play in Nashville

Minneapolis Music
Famous Voices of Minnesota

Pop Music Club
Katy Perry is Actually Pretty Awesome

World Music Talk
Pure Moods III

Phoenix Music
10 Must-See Phoenix Concerts

Oklahoma City Music
Garth Brooks: A Product of Oklahoma

Miami Music
CCR in Miami This Week

Memphis Music
Famous Singers of Memphis

Los Angels Music
Famous Musicians of Los Angeles

Long Beach Music
Eddie Vedder to Sing in Long Beach

Jacksonville Music
10 Must-See Jacksonville Summer Concerts

Indianapolis Music
More Famous Musicians From Indianapolis

Houston Music
Houston’s Most Famous Musicians

Facebook Meeting with Obama

Sign up here.

Politics Report
Facebook Town Hall Meeting with Obama Today

Pop Music Club
Song of the Day: Rolling in the Deep

Parenting Report
50+ Ways to Fill an Easter Basket

Science Book Club
Charlie’s Playhouse

Air Force Talk
Vet Jailed for Being Paranoid

Education Job Market
Texas Schools Demote Librarians to Save Money

Charlotte Job Market
Hundreds of New Jobs in North Carolina