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Twice Upon a Time Now Available

Kind of a Hurricane Press has published their latest anthology, Twice Upon a Time, and it’s available for purchase today! My poem, “Once a Fish, Always a Fish,” a macabre take on “The Little Mermaid,” is in it. Click the link to learn more! The anthology is described as such:

Kind of a Hurricane Press asked our authors to let their imaginations run wild with childhood memories, delve into the depths of, and if necessary, even re-create fairytales. As always, our authors pulled out all the stops, and created, what we believe is one of our finest, and most universally appealing anthologies to date. Twice Upon a Time has something for everyone. Enjoy.

New Poetry Publications

Haunted Waters Press is featuring two of my poems in their upcoming issue of From the Depths. Look for it on sale this month. The two poems are “All Grown Up” and “Little Explorer.” The first is about my middle sister’s wedding, and the second is about my Wood Sprite. Another poem, “The Invasion,” may also be featured on the From the Depths website.

“All Grown Up” is also a winner of the Jefferson County Library’s 15th Annual Poetry Contest.

Poem Featured in Upcoming What the Dickens? Magazine

My poem, “The Half-God’s Grief,” will be in issue 8 of What the Dickens? Magazine. It’s available for pre-order now here and there are limited copies available.

This one isn’t a piece I mentioned last week, but a pleasant surprise instead. 🙂 The poem depicts Hercules and the death of one of his lovers, the young man Hylas.