The Tuesday Currents

Succulent in mugs!
Succulent in mugs!

Rocking to… Spotify playlists

Laughing About… Being goofy with Indy

Drinking… lemonade

Reading… Hands-Free Mama, Let It Snow, Dr. Who and X-Men comics

Writing… WNBA blogs, health blogs, travel blogs, soccer blogs, hockey blogs, NAPOWRIMO, press releases, web landing pages… all kinds of stuff

Watching… Daredevil on Netflix. I cannot get enough Daredevil. I would watch all day if I could, but… life. In fact, I keep finding excuses to watch. “I need to fold laundry/ make laundry soap so I might as well watch while I do that…”

Planning… Next year’s planner (I always say that I’ll design my own and I finally am working on it), camping with Scouts, parties for friends, Mother’s Day for my mom, new animal pens, new fencing, house painting… so much! Plus the usual field trips, play dates, classes, that sort of thing.

Making… Karine’s April Drawing Challenge, our garden (tomatoes, broccoli, radishes and peppers so far, along with surprise carrots and strawberries from last year’s planting!), container flowers (with succulents in tea cups!), all kinds of things.

Wanting… Summer to be here in full swing. We plan on lots of swimming, working on the house and a couple of camps and not much else this year!