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The Tuesday Currents

Today I’m not feeling great after leaving the windows open for this gorgeous weather, which is wreaking havoc with my allergies. I also overdid it on sugar after we bought too many goodies for camping, and I haven’t slept well in… I don’t even know how long! So I’m currently hydrating, drinking tea and trying to feel better while working and homeschooling. I’m also currently…

struggling to write. Oh, my head. When my allergies are like this everything is under so much pressure. I feel like I’m deep sea diving–or maybe hiking up a big mountain without adequate prep work.

power washing my deck and loving it SO much. Next up: staining! I also want to paint my fence before it gets too cold.

struggling over my plants. I have so many to bring inside, but I don’t have much space that isn’t accessible by cat or dog. I probably need to see if some people might like a few house plants for fall/winter.

loving the mums Indy bought me!

making jars and jars of ready-to-drink iced lattes at night for me to just grab and go while I’m writing and homeschooling. I’m my own barista and I love it.

reading The Night Circus with the fam. Then we’re reading His Hideous Heart and Splendors & Glooms for our Halloween reads this year. I have a few of my own to read, too.

going back and forth over which fall activities are safe to do and which aren’t. I’d love to go pick apples and pumpkins, but the tractor ride to the fields makes me nervous about being around other people. We made the painful decision to stay home from the Renaissance Faire when we saw that they weren’t requiring masks and LOTS of people were posting photos, laughing about not wearing them or distancing, etc. It’s in a huge outdoor area that we could probably distance in well enough, but if others aren’t it would probably make it more dangerous than not–especially when it comes to getting food, entering the shops, etc.

practicing patience. Wood Sprite is working on an essay for me and still struggling with the whole “Write shitty first drafts” concept. Focus on polishing later, kid.

trying not to get frustrated with constant changes in style guides, different preferences or rule interpretations from different editors and just rolling with it. Like I said, practicing patience! I’m also trying to be patient with myself, as I make more mistakes lately than usual. Hmm, I wonder why.

Speaking of the reason why… I’m also trying not to be frustrated with all the deniers, conspiracy theorists and general people who just don’t care about the half of this country with pre-existing conditions, including people I used to call friends. If they took this seriously, we could have gone to the Ren Faire. And how do they keep saying they don’t know anyone with Covid? People at both my sisters’ jobs have tested positive and they’ve both been tested, one multiple times. My husband has had to fill in for several people at work who were out with it, one whose children got pretty sick with it. They are church goers. I cannot imagine people “not believing in” a highly contagious pandemic ten years ago! This is what happens when the president tweets about “fake news” on a daily basis.

trying not to lose hope, fall into despair and worry every second about the upcoming election and what the probable results will mean. How is anyone functioning normally at this point?

making my house smell like apples and wishing I could get one of those cute apple cinnamon broomsticks

enjoying Halloween challenges through a few of my favorite indie companies. Today I painted my nails in homage of Sabrina and The VVitch for one of them!

What are you up to?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

using the crockpot for the first time this season (okay, on the first day of the season)

loving this early fall weather SO much, even if my allergies aren’t

wearing a sample of Posset’s BBC (Big Black Cat) and LOVING it

completely ruining my Mabon keto apple crisp. We’ve made apple crisp three times already this month and all were good until I tried to make my own recipe with monkfruit and coconut flour.

skipping my Mabon mead. I saved it just for yesterday then didn’t feel well enough to drink it after not sleeping for over a day and drinking too much coffee.

reading Locke & Key, Where Dreams Descend and Bittersweet. The latter two are book club selections and I’m having trouble getting into the former book.

watching Stardust, Schitt’s Creek (OMG I have to wait for next month to see the final season!), and Disney movies with the kid. Indy’s working 12 hour shifts this week (and working on someone’s car the little time he’s home) so I’ve got the TV on for noise–and yes, company–while he’s not here.

writing all the words, as usual

missing RBG and calling senators nightly to request postponing a vote until after Inauguration Day (like they did last election…)

window shopping. So many fall oils and scents to admire!

actual shopping for Wood Sprite’s birthday, which is a little over a month away

loving the fall layouts in my journal. I added them weeks ago and they’ve been a pretty surprise each week. My printer is dead and I can’t make more for next year yet but when I do, I’d love these same stickers.

prepping the deck for staining and a new roof

bulking up the chickens’ treats to help them through molting. I made them oatmeal yesterday.

feeling sorry for my poor dogs, who just follow me around all the time and get so sleepy. They seem to be okay with this whole night shift thing, though.

reserving books and movies for Halloween month. We’re reading 2-3 books aloud as a family and while I had a movie planned for each night as usual, I cut a few because we’re planning on including a few Netflix series, too, like Haunting of Bly Manor.

What are you up to?