When Conspiracy Theories Were Fun

And, you know, not a threat to democracy as we know it. Ah, the good old days…

Freaky Phenomena
From Lizard People to Atlantis

Medicine Report
Tis the Season of the Second Shot

Frog Source
Frog-Themed Foods Without Actual Frogs

Female Talk
Gender: Abolish Or Add More?

Grateful Dead Music
Grateful Dead Summer Looks

Family Guy Talk
Re-Casting A Gender-Swapped Family Guy


The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

listening to “deep focus music” on YouTube to try and… stay deeply focused

killing more ants. Normally my DIY poison has them gone in 24 hours, 48 tops. I still have them coming after four days! It’s one of the worst things about spring.

working on petitions, actions, phone banking, lobby days, etc. MoLeg’s season has been filled with activity, much of it not good

pouring loose leaf tea leaves on ice cubes to make cold brew. I’ve been watching some people on TikTok make it and it does work well, especially if you’re like me and forget your tea after you leave it to brew, resulting in a bitter mess.

enjoying this beautiful full moon

listening to a human trafficking webinar

gathering up bags of stuff to donate. Wood Sprite’s bedroom was recently cleaned and the kid got rid of so much.

spilling oil everywhere! One of my favorite indies just had a Create Your Own oil roller event and 5 of my oils had unusable rollers that wouldn’t roll. No problem. I removed them. Some indies don’t have them at all. But then I just went to apply one and forgot. Now most of the brand new bottle is on the floor and I have about a third of the bottle left after my first application. :/

learning that not sleeping makes you crave sugar–that explains a lot. Also, feeling terrible over my new quest to try and sleep more that happens to cut into time with Wood Sprite, homeschool, work, or the house… I did a number on my body all these years by sleeping very little, and now that I have more, I only crave it more and find it difficult to do the rest on as little as I had in the past.

unpacking more knowledge/unlearning. Today it’s all about vegetarianism, veganism and colonizer thinking

trying not to cave and put the window AC units in. It’s so expensive but it’s going to be hot and humid this week…

burning pumpkin candles from last fall to protest spring. It’s not that I hate spring itself. It’s a gorgeous season. It’s the heat, bugs, allergies, pollen, clothing and… okay I might hate spring. I definitely have a feud with summer.

an emotional mum as I further contemplate how old my kid is getting (and how to see things from said kid’s perspective)

What are you up to?