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The Tuesday Currents

Right now I’m…

meeting almost every goal I made for Monday, which is rare (and speaks more about me trying to do more than I know I can do each week than anything else)

still trying to get used to this whole right/left click situation on my laptop. I feel like the Gingerbread Man wailing, “Not my gumdrop buttons!” as I seek something to click.

listening to Moana as background noise while I write

building a website for our new GSA

loving Industry Baby. Give to the Bail Fund here!

reassessing our plans for this year’s lessons and setting some exciting goals

drinking All The Iced Tea and trying remember to alternate each glass with one of iced water (while writing about fall coffee lineups, which I’m much more interested in)

realizing I have way too many meetings booked up this week

feeling wanderlust and knowing there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it

getting ready to do our 8th annual GISH! We’ve done a few mini challenges from home during the past year and a half and it was one of the things my teen looked forward to most. We’ll be doing this challenge from home, too.

watching the animated Tig Notaro special with Indy. We also watched some Die Hard and Star Wars over the weekend (which means I wrote and listened to them a bit while he watched)

meal planning with Wood Sprite. I love how much the kid loves to cook!

What are you up to?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

trying audiobooks again

working on algebra problems with Wood Sprite

writing my aunt a letter. Yes, it’s via snail mail!

speaking of snails… admiring the snails and super cool mushrooms growing in the yard

playing with my bay leaf tea. Cinnamon was just thing thing it needed!

jotting down new book ideas. I had no idea that a few I was already playing with were connected…

planning some time for just Indy and me this weekend

meeting my daily water goals! Yay!

loving Hexennacht’s “Leviathan” oil. I have a sample and I’m going to hoard it because it gives me plot bunnies, makes me feel powerful and reminds me of so many favorite things all at once.

learning about hormones, laurel trees, confirmation bias and other topics Wood Sprite and I are researching this week

trying to make some big decisions about classes and time

getting ready for a big call for my helpline training

mourning my new favorite shirt, which has bleach spots. I haven’t even been able to wear it yet. And yes, it’s totally my fault!

planting some native plants (milkweed and echinacea). They LOVE the spot where I planted them, too.

mourning my lavender. It was barely hanging on and now it’s a victim to the weed-eater.

barely resisting Wood Sprite’s incredible grilled cheese sandwiches

working on a statewide 4-H project that could get very big!

trying to stay up late to work and failing. OK, 2 AM isn’t failing, but I used to be able to go days! SLEEP IS IMPORTANT. Get some!

What are you up to?