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Things I Love Thursday

This week, I’m loving…

Our Not Back to School Ice Cream Party at Cold Stone Creamery! I set this up every other year and it’s always my favorite. The owner is hilarious and does such a great job with the kids, and I love to watch the kids make ice cream and just enjoy each other’s company. Happy kids make me happy.  I was up all night the night before working, but this totally changed my mood.

FALL! It’s upon us and I can’t think of anything else. All of my favorite indie places have Halloween scents that I want to try, Starbucks is already breaking out the pumpkin flavors and everyone has decorations for sale. Some people might buy cars, houses or trips if the won the lottery. Me? I’d buy ALL THE FALL STUFF. Then I’d probably pretend it’s fall year-round. I’m refusing to even enter the Spirit store until September.

Cinnamon in my coffee. It’s such a simple thing to add that makes such a difference.

Wood Sprite filling up a notebook of drawings like there’s no tomorrow.

Wood Sprite’s chemistry class, which is taught by a wonderful friend of mine. All of the kids seem to love it.

Jim Gaffigan’s Quality Time special on Prime. He always cracks the three of us up!

Bacon in the oven. Why don’t I do this more often? So easy and yummy.

So many teen things coming up this fall for Wood Sprite. Sometimes it’s overwhelming but I’m so grateful of this community of parents who organize things for one another’s teens. I’m also grateful for some of the moms who’ve been there for me, which wasn’t something I even expected desiring when I started this journey.

What are you loving this week?

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The Tuesday Currents

Pumpkin commandeers the carrier before Gizmo’s surgery.
Molly and She-Ra are my faithful writing companions, and Gizmo sometimes snuggles with them.
Sally is my heart. I believe she was literally sitting ON my heart in this pic.
Noke is Wood Sprite minion. They are constantly together so I don’t have many pics of him without WS.

Anxiety is high and my moods are swinging like saloon doors, so in lieu of a Tuesday Currents post, here are some of my fur babies that make everything better. Enjoy.

Things I Love Thursday

This week I’m loving…

phone chargers! Indy found a bunch in a drawer and suddenly we’re not all swiping each other’s chargers. Plus, we all got little rechargeable banks from the library for summer reading (as well as another library for the adult reading program!) and those things have been SO helpful, especially when your phone is older than several of the libraries themselves!

bath bombs for stressful times. This Golden Boy one from Fortune Cookie Soap was everything yesterday.

people who come out of the woodwork when you’re in pain just to say they are there and they care. It means so much. It’s always surprising to find out who does… and who doesn’t.

a rare week that’s been mostly at home. There’s just as much work to be done as ever, and only three cool rooms in the house, but it’s also nice to not be running to and fro for a bit. We did go to a fun class last night on the “lost art of passing notes,” and the teacher had a fabulous soundtrack.

goofing off with Wood Sprite and Indy over said note-making and pizza later.

super Penzey’s deals. I’m now the proud owner of a Penzey’s towel, which I’ve always wanted, which was totally free this week!

the help of our wonderful 4-H specialist, who always seems to have it together, even while sick, when the rest of us are falling apart. She picked up forms from my house yesterday to save us a trip! You can’t beat that kind of dedication and we are so grateful for it.

dates with Indy while Wood Sprite is in class, which is a thing again after a very brief break.

such a cool chemistry/physics class hosted by a teacher/mom/dear friend in our area. Wood Sprite is loving it so far!

giving Wood Sprite independent assignments and working quietly together in the office, which is one of my favorite things. We usually discuss everything after, even if there’s been a report written, because we just enjoy it.

What are you loving this week?