The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

in recovery mode, while still trying to meet deadlines! All three of us feel unwell, and between running to and fro every day for GISHWHES, summer events, our cat’s surgery (and keeping her calm, while keeping my office as a triage unit) and the usual stuff, we’re all exhausted to boot. We canceled activities to stay home today, so Indy’s vegging with movies, Wood Sprite’s vegging with some quiet art projects and I’m… working and enjoying my period. 😉 Hopefully I’ll have a GISH post to share within the next week; it’s started, but I haven’t compiled all of the submissions into it just yet.

Let’s see, what else…

watching Captain Marvel, Inkheart and whatever else Indy has playing in the background (okay, I’m partially listening while I’m writing)

making Pumpkin angry every time I move and she has to, therefore, move

reading Illusionarium (when I’m in the bathroom)

drinking mason jars of iced coffee and smelling like it, too, courtesy of Haus of Gloi, which I’m now in LOVE with

Drinking jars of iced tea with Mermaid and Unicorn syrup (YUM)

craving Halloween! We’ve got a few events already planned and I can’t wait. Also craving some slow summertime, since we haven’t had much of that this year. We’ve been homeschooling all year, had no trips/vacations between the weather, illness and days needed off for car/house repairs, and it’s ALL about friend time right now for Wood Sprite, so there’s been even more driving around than usual. It’s not like we ever take elaborate vacations, but we usually get away for one weekend a year (often to a museum in another state, ha!) but it’s been a year and a half since our last adventure and we’re getting restless. It would also just be nice to slow down, go swimming, that sort of thing for a bit.

What are you up to this week?