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The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

preparing for the end-of-year showcase. Wood Sprite’s running lines, finishing outfit prep and props, and I’m organizing transportation, timing, payments, and general chaos–and deeply admiring the theatre teachers who are doing a million more things than either of us put together.

loving Bones Coffee, but still unsure whether or not I love it more than The Spicery

admiring holiday suits with Wood Sprite

finally getting our tree! It’s a Douglas Fir called Boromir AKA Sean Bean and we were going to insert arrows through it, but then my PMS decided to help me cry over all of the seeds it had on it and I wouldn’t let Indy pull out of the parking lot without letting me pick them all off and blow them away to “give them their best chance in the world.” Jesus. I can’t even. THEN I had a crisis about real versus fake trees (again), which followed my We Didn’t Get It On December 1st (Because It Was Windy) So I Don’t Want To Pay $50 For A Tree We’ll Just Be Burning In A Couple Of Weeks Crisis of 2019. Wood Sprite and I giddly checked out giant trees, selected a dozen, named a few, and ended up going with the first one Indy chose. What can I say? He has a keen eye. May Chunk, Spike and the other trees we loved find good homes.

heading to the orthodontist SUPER early in the morning. Luckily they have coffee.

visiting family… I’ve seen every member of my family, some a few times, in the last two weeks and I love it so much.

avoiding all the sugar

finalizing Secret Santa for Christmas. I did a little bit of scheming and twisting to help keep it a surprise for everyone. It would have been rather un-Slytherin of me not to.

burning all the candles and feeling SO happy

dying to open my 12 Days of Christmas Box from Fortune Cookie Soap! I have 12 Days boxes for Wood Sprite and Indy, too, but neither of them are as impatient as I am. I also have a bunch of goodies coming from their Black Friday sale. I had $90 in points to use so… yeah, I can’t wait to get that package!

doing fun classes at the library: lost cities, ugly sweaters, trivia and more!

continuing our holiday movie marathon, with one exception: Indy and Wood Sprite begged to give up The Star Wars Holiday Special after five minutes. I allowed it because there’s only so much wookie talk one can take. This is the year we add Mean Girls to the list so watch out: the pop culture zingers are on their way!

realizing that good people can be bad for one another, and it’s natural for things to end. Grace, of course, is another matter! Sometimes it’s just best to admire and think kindly from afar.

mourning with a loved one over a lost pet

journaling every chance I get

doodling drawing challenges with Wood Sprite when we have down time, especially while waiting. Earlier we did “Make a wholesome character evil,” and WS drew Newt Scamander as an animal lab tech, which I’m still upset about! I, on the other hand, drew Murder Me Elmo. Then we drew the opposite (I drew Pennywise in the style of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs; WS drew Cruella DeVille as an animal rights activist) followed by a classic TV cartoon character as an animal (me: Morticia Addams as a cat; Wood Sprite: He-Man as a lion).

loving our time together so much. Wood Sprite is more fun than ever, but also in high demand between friends, so I’m really enjoying it when we all pile up with the animals and snuggle and laugh.

wrapping up teacher gifts, some literally

welcoming Zuul with Her favorite tribute: peanut butter fudge

wishing everyone in my life, past and present, peace and joy, now and always

What are you up to?

The Tuesday Currents

It’s been a busy week with lots of surprises already! I’m currently…

hosting our final sex ed class of the semester. There’s a new teacher training and I hear a lot of laughs! I think she’s connecting with them well.

changing plans to deliver an enormous set of shelves to my aunt. I’m so glad she took them! Wood Sprite’s been wanting to get rid of them for a smaller shelf, and both of them are quite happy.

visiting with my mom and aunts

trying a salad at Penn Station. Not very impressive, I’m afraid. Most of the things that are supposed to be in it came on the side and it was small for a full meal (but then again, I tend to eat like a bear)

watching my numbers improve again after a November with a lot of ups and downs. If March is in like a lion and out like a lamb, November is in like a hissing scorpion, out like… what would you say? A cuddly holiday clay cartoon.

writing, writing, writing… what else? I’ve got a new book out in print (for adults only!) and I’ve been promoting it a bit. Seeing that byline never fails to excite me and I love sharing it with a bunch of other great authors in this holiday collection!

decking the halls! We have everything up except our lights and tree, and only because it was too windy for either on Sunday. We’ll pick out our tree next Sunday! This works out perfectly since we have teen night on Friday and we don’t want the kids so crowded they can’t dance, either.

planning teen night, adding in birthdays and a Secret Santa exchange and making sure I have plenty of cocoa

loving Jordan’s Skinny Mixes Christmas Cookie in unsweetened vanilla almond milk, which is my new keto eggnog. I also love the Salted Caramel Mocha in the same thing, which tastes just like Bailey’s.

trying to manage all of our holiday plans and traditions between homework, rehearsals, meetings and other events. It’s not as hectic as it could be since I cut a lot, but it’s been a bit more than I’d like. I’m looking forward to the end of the semester very much!

barely tolerating the ringing in my ears. It does seem a bit better today, so I’m hoping it’s actually going away and not just becoming something I’m used to.

starting our 31 Days of Holiday Movies! So far we’ve watched Klaus (it’s new on Netflix and quite cute) and our December 1 tradition, Elf. Fortune Cookie Soap is going to have an Elf collection out this Friday and I’m so tempted! I just bought a bunch of stuff with my points during their Black Friday Sale and really shouldn’t… would I really be a cotton-headed ninnnymuggins if I did?

enjoying the most DECADENT nightly ritual! Indy bought me the most expensive pair of socks I’ve ever had. They are thick, black and red flannel and infused with aloe. I rub my feet with Fortune Cookie Soap’s frosting (I love Warm and Cozy, Sparky and Something Wicca This Way Comes, and I have others on the way!), which is a deliciously thick lotion, and put the socks on before nodding off… I also use their Never Sleep Again pillow spray, which is lovely! I really think this is why my blood pressure is almost completely normal now. It’s not just the cutting of activities and eating well, it’s the sleep I’m getting! I’m also thinking of getting everyone magnesium for Christmas!

burning all the candles. Right now I’ve got an FCS No Good Deed (pumpkin goodness!) tin candle burning, but my favorite is 42 Nerdtastic Place’s Welcome to the End. Wood wicks are so lovely and the throw is incredible. Their Hello, Neighbor is next to try on my list!

getting ready for Indy’s birthday this weekend. We will commence the annual Using of the Birthday Coupons (we didn’t do much of that for mine) and I have lots of treats, both naughty and nice, in store for him.

wearing Creature of the Night spray. FCS only has it in facial cleansing oil year-round but I highly recommend it as a fine fragrance mist during their Create Your Own Events.

trying out a new keto bread. Indy tried to make it into French Toast tonight and it was… passable. I ate it, but I think I’d rather toast it and make a grilled cheese next time.

delighting in Wood Sprite’s growth and independence. That kid’s writing books, organizing a new room layout, navigating difficult terrain in terms of teenhood and learning to cook all kinds of things. I’m just so glad to be a part of it.

engaging in the big Renewal of All the Library Things! We’ve been busier than I’d like between so many classes and unable to meet some of our own goals, but in less than two weeks we’ll be able to get back into them, which means we’ll get the materials back to use! I love the library. So much.

What are you up to this week?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

reading Discount Armageddon (LOVE)

visiting with my sister and niece, the precocious little Mogwai who always manages to impress me!

getting rid of BOXES of books and cleaning out the laundry room in the process. An entire floor-to-ceiling bookshelf is empty!

writing all the words. This is the time of year when I sleep like the dead, which is such a welcome change–but it means that I’m much less productive and have to really stay on top of deadlines.

super excited about the Bones Coffee that’s supposed to be delivered in less than a week! Also excited about the Home Alone 12 Days of Christmas box coming from Fortune Cookie Soap! I’m honestly not sure if I’ll be able to wait and count them down every day.

drinking green tea

still dealing with tinnitus and it’s really irritating. Now I get why people say it’s so intrusive, even leading to depression. White noise helps, but I really enjoy my silent time each day and I haven’t had silence in over two weeks now. I really hope this heals soon.

finalizing sleepover plans for the weekend. Wood Sprite is looking forward to seeing holiday lights with a friend. This friend’s mom invited them a couple of weeks ago and I just love not having to plan every activity!

Indy’s birthday coming up! I’ve had a few presents delivered already (and I gave one away on accident!) and I love watching him try to figure out what they are.

watching Prodigal Son and Castle Rock (and listening to my sister remind me to catch up on How to Get Away with Murder so we can talk about it! Sorry, J!)

walking with weights and really starting to feel it. I’m the pickle jar master!

breaking all my nails on cleaning and decorating projects

getting super excited about Thanksgiving with my family and decorating for the holidays this weekend! We always decorate and watch Elf on December 1, which is the beginning of a month of holiday movies. Yeah, we skip when we need to, but with Indy’s new schedule we may watch most of the ones we have scheduled this year! We end with It’s a Wonderful Life on New Year’s Eve. We love to get a Lord of the Rings marathon in during this time of year, too, but we’ve decided to do that in January.

What are you up to this week?

Things I Love Thursday

This week I’m loving…

holiday vibes. I’m struggling to not sing the carols, which is fantastic because come December 1 I’ll be more than ready for them!

my new flannel sheets! My parents bought me some for my birthday and I LOVE them. They have snowflakes on them and are perfect for winter. I’m just super excited about them.

Something Wicca This Way Comes body frosting from Fortune Cookie Soap! You had to order it during their Create Your Own 24-hour event, and I didn’t, but my little sister did just for my birthday as a surprise and it’s HEAVEN in a cup. She also bought my favorite body spray of all time, Lush’s Vanilliary, something that I never buy myself because it costs three times what I’m willing to spend. I’m one good-smelling, cozy writer today.

plans working out. A lot of kids canceled on a crafting class yesterday, including the student I’d organized it for (it’s nearing the end of the semester and everyone’s scrambling between class work and holidays), and I asked the few remaining kids if they wanted to skip this time so Wood Sprite could have the extra time to get work done (we have extra rehearsals, a graduation and a bunch of other extras this week, so it’s a busy one for us as well), so we had a nice freed afternoon and got a lot done. Once WS was finished, a friend came over later for video games so that worked out well, too!

keto mug cake. My mom made the hell out of it for my birthday.

the Fortune Cookie Soap November box of the month, which is Christmas Vacation themed. I’ve never seen it! Yes, I’ve been informed that it’s such a travesty. I’m going to remedy that this season, I promise! Even so, I love the scents in the box, from “Squirrel” to “Fried Pussycat” (I’m sure the film’s fans are snickering over these references that I don’t get and I finally understand what it’s like to be around me when I’m talking about anything from Marvel comics to Star Wars to… okay, whenever my mouth is open! Ha, sorry about that, everyone!) and I’m so here for the seasonal frostings and cuticle creams. These babies are SO thick and awesome for my dry skin.

watching Castle Rock and Prodigal Son with Indy. I’m also watching Modern Love while I walk and do my weights.

flexibility. I tend to do as many last-minute things as anyone else does, and I’m really appreciating how Wood Sprite’s teachers are so flexible. From setting up private classes on weird days and times to scheduling extra rehearsals around our schedule, they have just been awesome.

all the countdown calendars I’m seeing! My family has done these since before Wood Sprite was born and I love seeing so many people get into the spirit. I’m known for making them as gifts for friends and family and I had one friend tell me that I ought to go into business making them after she’d received a particularly hilarious one that I made last spring complete with a voodoo doll kit, a homemade shank and other oddities. I don’t think it would work because they have to be super personal and I wouldn’t be able to do that for people I don’t know well, but it does sound like a really fun idea that I’d love to do.

goofy new keto snacks I make on a whim. Microwave some Gorgonzola on top of salami slices? Why not!

Pumpkin (the cat, who often gives me a face akin to the one in the “Woman Yells at Cat” meme) cautiously asking to come up on my desk. This is especially welcome after she accidentally scratched me and drew blood yesterday while attempting to pilfer some laundry mid-fold. Sometimes she’s so wild and unpredictable it’s stressful. She really is the most stressful cat I’ve ever had and it’s hard to deal with her sometimes. I think she must feel a lot like I do inside. But sometimes she’s so sweet you can’t help but snuggle her. Yeah, I might’ve called her a cunt when she sliced me open, but I’ll never quit her.

Mercury retrograde ending, amirite?

my giant Freddy Krueger mugs. I don’t have to refill things nearly as much as I used to. I made a lemon tea latte in the ceramic one and realized that it’s twice the size of my old giant mug that I used! The big plastic one fits almost two jelly jars of coffee, too.

looking back over pictures as I file them. I managed to get quite a few of Indy and Wood Sprite together, which I love so much. It’s been a really emotional year as Wood Sprite ventures deeper into the teen realm, which means we’ve had some big transitions. We’ve had a lot of growth, which has been painful and bittersweet, and as we outgrow old things we’ve found that we can always come back to each other which is beautiful, even if it means a lot of comforting one another. I don’t think it’s been an easy time for any parents that I know this year, and a lot of us have even grown apart as our kids have, which is normal but nonetheless painful, but I’m very grateful for all that we’ve done, all the people we’ve met and loved, and especially for our family dynamic and the way we never give up on one another.

What are you loving this week?

The Tuesday Currents

Bacon-wrapped jalapenos with rutabaga fries!

I’m currently…

so content after a lovely birthday party with my family. My mom made me a keto mug cake that was delicious and we played some fun games (Red Flag and another that I can’t remember). Everyone brought me thoughtful gifts (between the flannel sheets, candles, body butter and perfume I’ve got all the hygge going on over here) and my mom even gave me the ingredients for my cake that she won’t be using again! What’s really special, though, is that in November we usually have to skip my birthday due to illness, and this week no one was sick!

Indy fixing my sister’s car because he’s the best. Now she and her toddler have heat.

loving Indy’s cooking, obviously! He’s low-carbbing it up for me. I miss him so much because he’s working every day, but he does get home a bit earlier than he used to, which means evenings are SACRED now. He made me bacon-wrapped jalapenos with rutabaga fries last week, among other things.

experimenting with chaffles. There is pretty much a chaffle recipe for everything. Now if the girls would stop molting and pick up the pace I’d have enough eggs for them all… I have to admit we’re loving the beautiful, floofy new feathers, though.

planning which snacks to bring to various functions this week. I feel like some things get boring and am a sucker for seasonal treats for the kids, but Wood Sprite assures me everyone likes the same old things.

decluttering in weird, random spurts. I’ll write, do some homeschooling with WS… and suddenly gut a cabinet. I’m really in cleaning mode and want to dedicate a couple of days to it before we put decorations up on December 1! And I can’t WAIT to pick out a tree.

slurping sugar cookie coffee. Wood Sprite’s friend is a fellow coffee drinker and that’s the flavor they selected! How are these kids getting so old so fast?

regretting buying the cheaper journal for next year. The pages definitely need reinforcement. Still loving the planner though! Totally getting one for 2021 for Christmas, too.

getting excited about Wood Sprite’s Toastmasters graduation. A lot of hard work has been put into this class from the teachers as well as the youth leaders!

arranging rides as usual. This week there are extra rehearsals but Wood Sprite’s teachers are so fantastic about working them into our schedule.

running through lines, speech rehearsals, drafts and other stuff with Wood Sprite. WS has some stress over it all coming up but is also super excited.

enjoying our dates while WS is with friends, in classes, etc. This weekend we’ve got a few during a comic class, a cosplay club, a library teen advisory board meeting and a birthday party.

watching Native America on Prime. Wood Sprite says it’s goose bump-inducing!

writing all the words… of course! But I also took some time to read all the words over the weekend while we had a sleepover. I finished Renegades (not my favorite of hers, but they can’t all be amazing), started Seanan Maguire’s Discount Armageddon (and am HOOKED!), caught up on Monstress (no more until January, noooo!) and read some Mr. and Mrs. X (so adorable). I’ve also got Serpent and Dove here to read with my book club (I’m a day behind! We try to do so many a day and discuss them together) plus the sequels I meant to read last week.

also regretting the large print dictionary we replaced the lost one with… it just doesn’t have all of the entries we need.

sniffing all my Fortune Cookie Soap and Haus of Gloi goodies… and myself! Oil addiction is something I can live with, especially since it’s sugar-free. Plus I’m getting samples from decant companies (Ash’s Decants and Ajevie) to use for my personal reward system for hitting goals. The drawback? I’ve got a jar of samples that I’m dying to sniff and test (and rate… yes, I keep a chart!) but I have to wait until I meet a goal!

planning Indy’s birthday! I have a fun countdown planned. We used to do those when we weren’t as busy. OK, we’ve never been “not as busy.” I should say when family came first, which we’ve made our motto again.

planning the holidays, too! Wood Sprite’s doing a few things with friends but we’re doing a lot of family stuff–some outside the house but a lot of it just home. We’ve been really enjoying each other’s company lately. I’ve almost got shopping done for Wood Sprite, too.

eyeing other indie coffee roasters, but likely getting my grounds locally instead. I’m almost out of my Halloween bags and they even got here late!

What are you up to?