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The Tuesday Currents

Chicken noms.


Reading..Seconds graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley, City of Ember with Wood Sprite, Order of the Phoenix with Indy and Wood Sprite

Writing… The usual

Drinking… Water

Watching… Neverending Story

Listening to… Drowning Pool

Planning… All the Things.

Wanting… to use next year’s planner. This homemade one is about 20 pounds. (Same!)


Things I Love Thursday

This week I love…

Parent volunteers. Two volunteered to lead my 4-H meeting on Tuesday and I could totally get used to it. Thank you, C and J!

Homeschool days at various venues around the city and beyond.

Honey cornbread.

Next year’s planner. So ready to get finished with this year’s. It’s so heavy!

Snuggling with my family. Indy and I watched some standup and cuddled after a long day and it was so lovely. I would love to make room for more of this…

Visiting with my sister. I’ve missed it so much!

My daughter, who is almost 12 (!) and my niece, who will be one in less than a month!

What are you loving this week?

The Tuesday Currents

Hoping for some of this in my future… when I can taste again!


Reading... X-Men comics, City of Ember (with Wood Sprite and Indy), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (with Wood Sprite and Indy)

Writing… The usual

Drinking… Iced water to clear this mucus and cough! I’d love to enjoy fall without the waterworks.

Watching… Spirited Away

Listening to… Tom Petty ❤  He was Indy’s favorite singer of all time.

Planning… writing schedules, trips (Bolduc House homeschool day, SkyZone homeschool day, etc.), farmer’s market sales, Scouts fall sale strategy, ride logistics, 4-H trivia night, meals, steering committee stuff, field trips…

Wanting… the mucus to GO AWAY, to help friends feel better (does any mom feel like she’s doing a great job right now or ever since the invention of social media?), for the cats to leave the Halloween decorations alone and some hot apple cider.

The Tuesday Currents

ReadingHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night with Wood Sprite, Heart Thoughts, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Monstress comics, The Invitation

Writing… The usual

Drinking… tea

Watching… Trolls

Listening to… Heart

Planning… this week’s writing, trips (City Museum, Apple Store class, 4-H council meeting, etc.), meals, best ways to memorize country locations, family schedules, zoo kit schedule, library kits, steering committee stuff, 4-H projects/ trivia night/ speech contest details, Scout field trips…

Wanting… a foolproof way to eliminate distractions and freedom to be away from tech for more than 12 hours without people panicking (more than 48 hours would be amazing)…

Things I Love Thursday

Sally likes to erase the bottom of my chalkboard with her tail…

Plays with friends! Thank you, S! ❤

Reading books with Wood Sprite.

Ending long days with a nap.

Indy’s silver fox hair. ❤

Returning home after being around people all day.

Being around people who want to be around me back.

Parents who help when I’m leading their kids’ activities (thank you, S and C!).

Sally’s snuggles.

Awesome days out with friends (thank you, C and J!).

Fun craft classes and moms’ nights (thank you, S and L!).

The Sounds True Self Acceptance Summit, which may have opened my mind up to some pretty bizarre dreams this week.

Indy’s three-day weekend coming up.

What are you loving today?