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The Tuesday Currents

This week I’m…

using a new ice cream bucket for our daily compost runs in my new bin. It’s the little things that make life easier!

reading all night and loving it! Oh, I wish I could every night! I didn’t even love the books (Magic in the Wind and Naked in Death) but it felt like getting back inside my own skin for a little while.

creating a new binder (9th grade is officially here tomorrow!) and lesson book for the year

trying to figure out classes for the rest of the year

celebrating Pride at home with the kid. So far, painted rainbow figures and a rainbow tree to come soon!

writing so hard I had to trim a nail. It was just getting in the way! Lots of plot bunnies lately, too.

helping Wood Sprite navigate teen stuff

watching cats face plant in their sleep (Gizmo is right now as I write this!)

loving my new bee house

still loving the library’s curbside service!

drinking all the tea and coffee while I fast, which is super easy again after just one day of struggling. Why do I ever stop doing this? Oh yeah, because food is fun.

not digging today’s sample perfume (Carnival of Ghosts from Black Baccara, which makes me smell like anise, ew) but LOVING yesterday’s, which was Hexennacht’s Mophine

What are you up to?

Things I Love Thursday

This week I’m loving…

my garden. When I finally remembered to bring my phone to take a picture, it was this small! That box is mostly green now.

spooky journal aesthetics

virus protection (also, masks and people who wear them)

making healthy choices, even though I’m not loving how it feels today. At ALL. But I will love how it feels by next week.

romantic reads, which are helping (a little) with my anxiety. Sleep helps more.


online art classes

understanding friends

modern tech and tools

nighttime showers in the dark, with candles

new moon chalking with my kid and lightning bugs (no, we didn’t use them, but they provided ambiance)

cinnamon coffee

Indy getting work

Wood Sprite finally enjoying math

having way too many books to read

trusting my gut

What are you loving this week?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

spending time with my plants when I’m feeling down

taking extra magnesium for the same reason. Seriously, my SAD kicks in during the summer, and not having central air anymore, in addition to social distancing, has exacerbated it

visiting with friends (more than 6 feet apart, with masks, outside) and appreciating them so, so much

swatting spiders away from my desk

burning a lovely Serpent & Flame candle

navigating some tough teen waters and Indy’s sudden straight 12-hour-shifts

calling out racism

watching The Boss

reading Get a Life, Chloe Brown, Stamped From the Beginning and P.S. I Like You

not sleeping much

transitioning to high school, the annual new binder and lesson planner, the works

and not having time for much else, between homeschooling and work

What are you up to?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

drinking All The Coffee And Tea. I’m a little obsessed with Grimoire Tea lately and I have a decadent cup with cream every day.

starting a new show with Indy (Outlander). So far, we’ve watched Siren and the first season of Twin Peaks in quarantine. I know, it’s pathetic, but we’ve been busy between work, homeschool and catching up on house projects! We highly recommend the former and decided to quit on the latter and just look up who killed Laura Palmer already. We plan to finish Wynonna Earp eventually…

watching Golden Girls and The Good Place with Indy and Wood Sprite. Wood Sprite is taking a philosophy class featuring the latter and we all watch the former when we’re in low spirits and need a quick boost.

celebrating the little victories

plotting Wood Sprite’s 8th grade graduation… whatever that’s going to look like! So far the kid wants a letterman jacket to put all the patches earned over the years on and some money to shop online. Sounds good to me. Kiddo also got braces off last week and I’m trying to get used to this new smile! It’s so pretty and straight and unlike Indy’s and my teeth!

painting the fence, making the fun signs above with Wood Sprite and doing what feels like a dozen projects at once each week

writing through mental fog. I’ve never struggled so hard to write as I do lately. Okay, there was the time I wrote about mattresses and casinos that I could barely slog through, but this is up there, and I know it’s largely anxiety and the inability to sleep.

enjoying watching Wood Sprite flourish a bit more while connecting with more friends over video chat/gaming systems. They still miss friends so much. This is not a normal way to learn and grow by any means.

loving my garden, another place I retreat to when my mind gets loud. Between the garden, my music, my animals and my tea, I have some good coping strategies set up–I only have to remember them in the moment of panic, when I feel like I’m drowning.

surviving one of my worse panic attacks yet. Covid-19 has not been great for our mental health. I’m sure many of you relate!

making social distanced plans with friends and family

protesting, tweeting, calling, emailing… taking all of the action that we can, both with my usual groups as well as a few new ones we’ve joined

happily passing on old homeschooling books we’ve finished to new homes (and totally forgetting to review them on Goodreads! Noooo!)

enjoying homemade jam courtesy of a friend, a very welcome gift while Zuul is here destroying everything this week

reading Red, White and Royal Blue, which is my favorite book of 2020 so far.

writing the Goo Goo Dolls new concert date in my 2021 planner. Our tickets carry over… let’s see how it goes.

loving the library’s new curbside service, but also knowing that if they open up soon we won’t be going just yet. Many museums and attractions around us are doing that and we are proceeding with tight caution.

reading a bunch of great new books with Wood Sprite, like Queer, There and Everywhere: 22 People Who Changed the World, A Young People’s History of the United States, In the Shadow of Liberty, Scythe and many others.

What are you up to?

Mini GISH Hunt, Round 2: May 2020!

May’s GISH scavenger hunt from home had a much more somber tone with so much tragedy happening in our country, but our team still made a difference and managed to have some fun doing it.

  • 28 POINTS   You know those videos where they pass around an object to a few different people and they each demonstrate a different imaginary or real use of that object? No? Well, it’s epic, but we can’t remember the name of it. Let’s “next level” this and do it on Zoom with some or all of your teammates. Virtually “pass” a “Foliage Crown or Hat” around on zoom. Each headpiece must be different and they all must be wearable. The first person to pass something should just be handing off a handful of weeds. Every person thereafter should “receive” a different headpiece, put it on, take it off and “pass” it to the next person in the Zoom.

2. 46 POINTS

Create a portrait of one of the far too many black people who have been hurt or killed by racial inequality in America. It must be in black and white — no color and no shades of grey. Post it on social media along with a short description of who this person was and how their life was taken. Tag it #NotOneMore & #BlackLivesMatter. Upload the original image on the GISH website.

3. 33 POINTS
SLO-MO. Mundobax’s Rice Words is a visual treat. Elevate the world: write a word using his methods to uplift others, but because we’re a no-waste hunt, please capture all that rice, cook it and eat it (I recommend trying to make congee, I always do when I’m trying to impress someone).

4. 46 POINTS

Last quarantine hunt we had people making signs to show appreciation for first responders and medical professionals. This Hunt, we would like to turn our attention to showing support to people of color whose lives are impacted or even lost because of the institutional racism in the American criminal justice system. Make a sign showing your solidarity for Black Lives Matter or in memory of George Floyd or other people of color impacted by racism and post it in your window or in your front yard.

5. 29 POINTS
Everyone working from home claims that their pets are their new “co-workers”, but were they ever properly interviewed for the position? Conduct a Zoom job interview with a friend’s pet for a new position within your household.

6. 41 POINTS
Tea-Rex! Create an image of a T-rex or other dinosaur made entirely of tea leaves. – Amalie T.W.

7. 20 POINTS
IMAGE GRID. Attend the 3:00pm PT panel with our guests, a Conversation on Race with Daryl Davis, Baratunde Thurston, Rev. Deborah Johnson, Briona Jenkins, Jensen Ackles, and Danneel Ackles. As many members of your team as possible should attend! You’ll get bonus points for every additional person on your team that you get to watch. (If the room is full, go here to watch live.) Take a screenshot of every person on your team who attended with the stream in the background as proof of attendance. Submit a grid of images if there is more than one person on your team watching. Your team will receive 20 points per person watching so your team can receive up to 300 POINTS.

8. 15 POINTS
If you’re inspired by them, follow any or all our panelists on social media and submit an image or grid of screenshots proving you’re following. Following one person on your team gets you 15 points. If one person on your team follows everyone and submits a grid of screenshots proving they’re following them, your team can receive up to 90 points.

9. 18 POINTS
Anxiety and stress are at a new high due to the pandemic. People deal with stress differently but we all need to be doing something, and right now we should be doing a lot more of it. Show us one thing you do to manage your stress — for example, squeezing a stress ball. But do that thing so furiously that just watching your video stresses me out. (Of course, now you can’t do that suggestion. Sorry…)

10. 22 POINTS
Eventually (maybe years from now) face masks won’t be needed as much as they are now, but it would be such a waste if they all went to landfills. USING AN OLD FACEMASK THAT IS NO LONGER USABLE, devise a fashion accessory for your pet. – Emily

11. 16 POINTS
Real heroes wear masks… face masks. Show us Batman, Superman, or another caped crusader helping out at home with daily or parental tasks or as a front-line worker while wearing a hospital-grade surgical or cotton face mask.

12. 23 POINTS
Our homes and neighborhoods are our entire world right now, but that shouldn’t stop us from having adventures – and every adventure starts with an epic, Tolkein-style adventure map. Create an adventure map of your home (including your yard, if you have one) – including the light and the dark places. – Monica D.

13. 48 POINTS
Despite our ingenious use of Amazon boxes in our first mini-Hunt, we know your homes are still stuffed with empty, useless boxes. Let’s repurpose them while giving a huge gift to your neighborhood: the gift of virtual travel. Using scissors, tape, coloring, and your ingenuity, create an internationally-recognized building, statue or monument and place it somewhere in your neighborhood (even if it’s simply in your yard or in front of your building) so people can enjoy beautiful tourist architecture without ever leaving the block. Take a picture with you sitting in front of it holding a sign saying “GISH VIRTUAL TRAVEL ENTERPRISES”.

14. 0 POINTS
Item removed.

15. 51 POINTS
Quarantine birthday parties used to be a bummer, but thanks to the GISH Insta-Party Projectile Delivery SystemTM, staying far away is no problem! “Launch” a virtual birthday party including a present and a decorated cake or cupcake to the Birthday Person (in person, at least 12 feet away).

16. 16 POINTS
Blowing out candles on a birthday cake is unsanitary and so “2019.” Luckily, you’ve designed an incredibly clever and ingenious device (Rube Goldberg or otherwise) that will blow out candles while you are standing at least 6 feet away. (No fans or hair dryers allowed). Let’s see it in action.

17. 41 POINTS
SIDE-BY-SIDE. Recreate a famous Renaissance painting on a concrete driveway or the side of a building using chalk. The “painting” must be altered in some way to include something related to the pandemic: a portrait could be wearing a mask.

18. 23 POINTS
STOP-MOTION. In Japanese culture, there is the belief that after 100 years of service, objects receive a soul and become self-aware, a “tsukumogami.” So after all that time, they deserve a vacation. Personify an object in your house and take it on an incredible virtual or real adventure (something like this, but you can’t do THIS exact thing now).

19. 16 POINTS
Your home is more than your castle. It’s swiftly becoming a sovereign nation, and like every nation, it needs a tourism board. Create a one-page brochure or video advertising travel to your house as a coveted destination.

20. 28 POINTS
The Summer Olympics got canceled, but that doesn’t keep a focused athlete like you down. Show us your entry in the Socially-Distanced Games in an event like stick-pony equestrian jumping, toilet tissue rhythmic gymnastics, gift-wrap tube fencing, indoor bed sheet “skiing”, channel surfing, the long bed-jump, kitchen-table tennis, or other event – you get the idea. Take the gold.

21. 36 POINTS
Dress up like a character on a book cover and set up your environment so it’s a perfect replica of the book cover… except for one catch: the original book you’re replicating is also in your photo where we can clearly see it. – Inspired by Victoria M.

22. 15 POINTS
Let’s see a picture of your favorite hero (real-life or fictional) destroying the evil COVID. You may use any medium you like – pencils, paints, Photoshop, pet hair…

23. 19 POINTS
Screenshot. You bought something on Amazon that changed your life. You are simply a changed person now that you have this product. Write the review of how nothing will ever be the same. The only catch, the item must be very common, and very mundane. Paper towels, toothbrushes, that sort of thing.

24. 23 POINTS
COVID Driveway drive-in theater.- Benjamin

25. 34 POINTS
There’s no reason the stay-at-home order should slow down your medical career pursuits. Create an aspic or Jello-fruit mold, or baked item made to look like an open “cadaver” or part of a “cadaver”. We should be able to see “organs” in the carcass.

26. 17 POINTS
A penny for your thoughts! Coin a phrase. In as beautiful a display as is humanly possible when you’re limited to your home, “write” out the next optimistic aphorism or mantra everyone will be saying after the pandemic. Your message should be spelled out entirely in coins.

27. 27 POINTS
Let’s see you Zoom an acapella concert of you and some or all of your teammates doing perfectly synchronized (meaning you all start at the same moment) “gargling” of milk for exactly 10 seconds of whatever your national anthem might be. – Inspired by Ashtynn A.

28. 39 POINTS
No one has really said much about the stormtroopers during quarantine. How are they coping? Show us a stormtrooper’s quarantine routine. Are they doing homeschool for their kids? Zooming? Cleaning house?

29. 26 POINTS
It’s a shame people have to shave their beautiful beards to wear masks for saving our lives. But if you think about it, couldn’t a homemade mask sport a transplanted beard or mustache on the outside!? – Katell

30. 38 POINTS
TIMELAPSE IF NECESSARY. Re-create a famous Renaissance sculpture out of wax a(and then melt it), play-dough (and then smash it), or mashed potatoes (and then eat it). You may NOT use Michelangelo’s David.

31. 24 POINTS
GISH keeps you so busy, you need to clone yourself to get the List done! Create a single image compositing at least 3 iterations of yourself working to completing a GISH mini hunt Item – at the beginning of the Item, in the middle, and with the completed Item, all in the same picture as though it’s happening at the same time. -Erin

32. 29 POINTS
TIMELAPSE. Eurovision got canceled, but who needs it? YOU-rovision is here now. Write and perform an original, uplifting song of hope using instruments of your own creation. The 3 teams whose songs we like best will be featured on our GISH YouTube Channel and social media, so that’s basically the exact same level of fame and fortune as Eurovision used to be.

33. 53 POINTS
Edit to 20 seconds. There’s no reason this lock-down should put a crimp on our beauty routines. That being said, we don’t want to risk the health of salon workers. Let’s show the world how to do a socially-distanced makeover / hair, makeup, nails, whatever. You must be at least 6 feet away from your customer and you must show the before and after “looks” your customer receives.

34. 34 POINTS
Edit to 2 minutes. Immunocompromised and elderly people are facing more isolation and stress than ever. Reach out to someone elderly or immunocompromised in your community in a video chat who has been on total lockdown and video interview them on the topic of favorites. What is their favorite ice cream? Favorite color and why? Favorite movie and why? Favorite day that they remember? Etc

35. 53 POINTS
It’s the #PassTheBallot Challenge! Get at least 5 Americans to pledge to vote via mail-in ballot and if possible in their location, request a mail-in or absentee ballot, then take a video passing a sign that says “I WILL VOTE” between them. (Similarly, if you are not in the USA, and your country also does voter registration, do the same.) Add upbeat music and post on social media tagged #PassTheBallotChallenge and #GISH, then send US the original video.

36. 40 POINTS
A lot of young adults missed their annual prom, so we’re doing something about that. Tonight is GISH Global Prom Night! Dress in your gishiest attire and coordinate with other teams to create the biggest virtual dance party you can… and make sure to invite at least one graduate! Submit a grid photo of at least five members of your team, dressed to impress in your best 80’s style awkward-prom look, as proof you were there. Submit a grid of images.

37. 62 POINTS
Each year, Gishers come together to make a profound difference in the lives of people or communities facing extraordinary hardship. Our community has helped cleared land mines from villages in Laos, housed and provided medical care and nutrition to Syrian refugee families, preserved hundreds of thousands of acres of endangered habitat, and many other accomplishments.

Given the current civil unrest in the United States sparked by the recent murder of George Floyd and relentless oppression of people of color, for this GISH Hunt we’ve decided to rally your tremendous enthusiasm and support towards the Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF) of the NAACP. This is an incredible organization that’s actively achieving success in racial justice, equality and building an inclusive society. Properly funded, this organization has the ability and resources to make a fundamental difference in tipping the scales of racial inequality in the courtroom and the streets.

Founded in 1940 under the leadership of Thurgood Marshall, who subsequently became the first African-American U.S. Supreme Court Justice, LDF, a 501c3, is the country’s first and foremost civil and human rights law firm and America’s premier legal organization fighting for racial justice.Through litigation, advocacy, and public education, LDF seeks structural changes to expand democracy, eliminate disparities, and achieve racial justice in a society that fulfills the promise of equality for all Americans. Over the years they’ve accomplished significant achievements in fulfilling their mission and now more than ever, we need to back them to help us right the wrongs of our society.

So we invite you to join us in supporting them.
Visit the GoFundMe Page here!

Your GISH Item: Using the link above, create a Fundraising page for your team, and get family, friends, and others to donate. Since this is GISH and there’s always an extra twist to everything we do, here’s the deal: we also want you to get OTHERS to donate to your Crowdrise page. We know you don’t need “points” as an incentive to help oppressed people, but since it is part of the Hunt, we want to maximize the power of these points to help. Get at least 10 donations from friends, family, individuals or businesses NOT on your team. You and your team members are welcome to donate to your campaign, but that is not a requirement for points- the Item requirement is to get at least 10 people to make a cumulative total of least 10 donations from donors who are NOT on your team. There is no minimum to donate for GISH purposes, but Crowdrise does require a minimum $10 donation be collected, and let’s all please encourage others to be generous so we can make a profound impact.

SUBMIT a screenshot of your team’s page with a minimum of 10 donations on it. (To initially create a fundraising team, click the FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN button.) If for any reason your team is unable to (or chooses not to) join this Crowdrise campaign, you may still get points for this Item by supporting another organization that seeks to improve your local or the broader community through increased inclusivity, resource enrichment or education. PLEASE SUBMIT PROOF YOU HAVE DONE THIS. If your team is in the top 10% of number of donations or dollar amount, you’ll receive triple points for this Item. Our goal is to raise $40,000 at minimum. We know it’s a lofty goal  but we believe in you. Misha and the GISH Gnomes have donated $10,000 to get us started. Let’s do this!

*100% of the proceeds raised on this page after Crowdrise fees will be donated to LDF, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. There are no GISH administrative fees allotted from these funds.

Here’s our page if you want to donate!

38. 18 POINTS
Grown-up cereal is so boring. Create a re-imagined box of Boring Bran Flakes with a snazzy character in a suit, marshmallows shaped like household bills, etc. and puzzles and games all on the back. This can be a painting/drawing or digital recreation.

39. 11 POINTS
Write a haiku illustrating some silver lining of pandemic life that you have discovered.

40. 16 POINTS
Watch Ava Duvernay’s 13th. Take a photo of yourself watching it and holding up a note with a word that encapsulates how you feel about what you viewed.

41. 17 POINTS
Using distance to create perspective, let’s see your loved one or quarantine mate, miniaturized, being pursued or eaten by an inanimate object or creature in your house. For example, a stapler could be biting your husband’s head off, if you get the perspective right. But we need to see the fear in his eyes to sell this.

42. 19 POINTS
Some people say that clutter is ugly. Those people just lack vision. Show us a beautiful accessory (a hat, necklace, broach, or corsage), created entirely out of objects from your junk drawer. (You may not use rubber bands or paperclips.)

43. 60 POINTS
STOP MOTION. These dishes aren’t going to wash themselves… No, actually, they are. Show us the latest GISH innovation: self-washing dishes.

44. 24 POINTS
Just because we’re “socially distant” doesn’t mean we can’t all get together! Hold a long-distance concert performance with your neighbors on your porches or balconies. The song should be “All By Myself”, “Close To You”, or another song that references distance in some way. Post it to social media tagged #GISH and #LongDistantConcerts

45. 37 POINTS
Your recycling is destined for the bin, then a truck, then a processing facility where it will be shredded, dissolved, and or melted down. It’s a pretty bleak future. Why don’t we give it one moment of beauty before it goes? Turn your recycling into a majestic phoenix.

46. 19 POINTS
There’s an overwhelming wealth of how-to videos on youtube. How to repair a Whirlpool Dishwasher, for instance (I had to watch that one recently) or how to groom your golden retriever (had to watch that one too), but it’s hard to find tutorials on some of the more basic life skills. Create a tutorial for something we don’t normally get instructional programming for, but that is a necessary skill. For example, you could make a youtube tutorial on how to brush your teeth (but now you can’t do that). Post tagged #BasicSkills and #GISH.

47. 31 POINTS
So many people are out of work right now, and it’s time to explore some new career options. Create a poster or advertisement for a job that is traditionally held by an animal and has been under-promoted to human applicants (e.g., Housecat, Good Dog, Lake Swan, Feral Possum… you get the idea.) Post it on a job posting site like or LinkedIn. Submit a screenshot of the posting.

48. 41 POINTS
Up to 20 seconds. It’s storytime! But lots of children are out of school and missing out on valuable literacy opportunities. Using large visual aids or a projector, and a real or home-made bullhorn or megaphone, distance-read to children on a nearby balcony.

49. 47 POINTS
Keep it cool. Convince a verified celebrity or influencer with at least 100,000 followers to quote retweet a photo of the contents of your refrigerator. They must use hashtag #GISH.

50. 46 POINTS
The conference may be virtual, but you’re together in reali-tea. Hold a videoconference tea party with four participants: Align the images of all participants in a grid so that you seamlessly interact. Pour tea from one recipient into the frame of another, pass objects such as scones or cakes you get the idea.


Assign To Me
Submit a clown face to the Clown Face Registry. You must paint it on an egg. The catch: it must be a recognizable likeness of a politician you think is a real clown. All we need to see is an image of the transformed egg.


Assign To Me
You know how they say people end up looking like their pets? Through costumery, make-up, and perfect mimicry, become your pet or favorite stuffed animal. -Alyssa Z.

53. 43 POINTS
Nobody’s going to embrace face masks until they become fashionable, and right now they’re kind of boring. Design a haute couture face mask that would make Billy Porter jealous. The integrity of the mask (breathability and filtration) must NOT be impacted.

54. 53 POINTS
Reports have circulated that NASA recently discovered a parallel universe where time runs backward. Let’s see proof. Let’s see you performing your household chores backwards. You are not allowed to submit a video in reverse. It must be you actually doing a chore that would be nearly impossible in reverse. (For example, washing dishes but they progressively get dirtier, etc) but now you can’t use that.


Assign To Me
Everyone knows that chimney sweeps are great dancers, but did you know plumbers are, too? Show us a plumber unclogging a drain while clogging (the dance).


Assign To Me
John Krasinski’s @somegoodnews has been dispensing happy news to internets near you for weeks, but he recently sold the project and will be walking away from hosting. But he’s not the only one that can spread cheer! Create your own @GNN (GISH News Network) broadcast of the best news you’ve heard all week and post it to social media. Tag @GISH, #GNN & @somegoodnews.


Assign To Me
It’s almost summer and you know what that means It’s Bikini Season! Your swimsuit is vintage it’s made out of old, obsolete tech equipment.


Assign To Me
VIDEO. Contribute to the Library of Congress Veteran History Project. Virtually connect with a veteran in your life and interview them about the best decision they ever made on a whim and what happened. – Jenni J.

59. 16 POINTS
Using a page of an old book, magazine or newspaper, make a blackout poem by taking a black marker and redacting words until a poem is formed about your hope for the future. – inspired by Tracey F.

60. 50 POINTS
Skittles are harder to come by in a pandemic. Create a portrait of Jensen Ackles out of LEGO.

61. 26 POINTS
Read Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack (Peggy McIntosh) and (by hand) write something the essay made you think about differently. Can be up to one page.

62. 46 POINTS
It may sometimes feel like there’s not much you can do to help bend the curve toward justice, but there’s one thing you can do right now: raise your voice to make sure leaders know we are unified in our call for justice. Sign at least one of these petitions then post the link online to your social communities: Click here! Upload an image of your social media post to the GISH website.

63. 29 POINTS
Institutional racism creates disparities in the educational system that put people of color at a disadvantage. Purchase one of the following childrens books and either read it to your children, or if you don’t have any children, donate it to the library of a public school or to a public library (if you order online you may have the book shipped directly to the school or library). Submit a screenshot of the order page. – Jennifer W. 29
“Don’t touch my hair” – Sharee Miller, “Something Happened in my Town” – Marianne Celano, Marietta Collins, Ann Hazzard “The Name Jar” – Yangsook Choi “The Color of Us” – Karen Katz “Not my Idea” – Anastasia Higginbotham “I am enough” – Grace Byers “Julian is a Mermaid” – Jessica Love “Mommy’s Khimar” – Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow “Rapunzel” – Chloe Perkins “Big Hair, Don’t Care” – Crystal Swain-Bates

64. 22 POINTS
It’s easier to express emotion through song. Show us a heated argument between two people in which you are both yodeling, not speaking.

65. 58 POINTS
Giles Duley is a humanitarian and photographer that is one of GISH’s close friends. His photographs have changed the lives of countless victims of war. His VENT Studio project invites you to use his images and the stories he tells as inspiration for your own art. Create a charcoal drawing inspired by one of his photos. But remember his single guideline: respect the story of the person you’re representing:

66. 14 POINTS
Mission Improbable: Your most treasured object is being guarded by a laser-maze, (made from yarn or string)… You or someone in your household must get to it without tripping the beams.

67. 29 POINTS
Tank top. The other tank top: fashion a wearable armored tank. – Kat R.

68. 25 POINTS
Create a pendulum painting on a cake using thin frosting or glaze.

69. 12 POINTS
Tigger King. – Jamie

70. 37 POINTS
Just because you and your pet are stuck home doesn’t mean you can’t take a holiday! Turn a cardboard box into one of those tourist photo stand-in boards with holes cut out for you and your (willing) pet’s faces. Poke your faces through and pose for a photo op.

71. 53 POINTS
As we all well know, Semolina is an extraordinarily versatile food. Among countless other dishes, it produces porridge in the U.S., couscous in North Africa, rava dosa in India, pasta in Italy and, of course, how can we forget the scrumptious Griekndel in Serbia (and sometimes Croatia in the early Fall). Many, however, forget that one of its best uses is as semolina pop-culture art. So, without further ado, let’s see your favorite character, from your favorite TV show… in semolina flour.

72. 50 POINTS
( is a brave black man who has managed to convince hundreds to reject their affiliation with the KKK. You probably know someone in your life who is having trouble with racial equality, either from upbringing or otherwise. Share this podcast directly with them. Then post the podcast on social media and #Blacklivesmatter. Encourage your followers to share. We are trusting you to send it to someone you know that needs to listen to it prior to posting. Practice good Karma. The world needs this. 50

73. 52 POINTS
TIME LAPSE or IMAGE. Tomorrow marks the final day of AMOK, the Random Acts melee of kindness, and the world needs an infusion of kindness, STAT. With that in mind, engage in the most super-charged speed AMOK event you can to fill from home. This one is on you. Devise an act of kindness, anything from showing appreciation to someone, to knitting an mailing a hat for a newborn to making an online donation you get the idea.Post it to social media tagged @RandomActsOrg, #GISH & #AMOKRA20. Oh, and you should DEFINITELY be wearing your heart on your sleeve while you do it.

74. 62 POINTS
Willie Simmons has been in prison for 38 years for stealing $9 because of a draconian law in Alabama for habitual offenders. He hasn’t received any visitors since 2005. We think this constitutes cruel & unusual punishment, and we want to do something about it. Let’s help free this 62-year-old man. Please do one or more of the following:

Sign this:
Write to the Alabama governor, senators, and representatives calling to pardon Mr. Simmons:


Finally, create a beautiful card of support for Mr. Simmons at Holman – be sure to get his inmate number before you mail it. (
Post your letter or card to social media tagged #FreeWillieSimmons & then upload a photo of your letter and card.

75. 80 POINTS
Create a virtual Zoom background of a place or thing that you love. Here’s the catch: it’s actually just a large painting that fills the wall behind where you sit on a zoom call.

76. 24 POINTS
Do a choreographed dance to “Don’t Stand so Close to Me”, safely socially distanced from your friends or neighbors.

77. 38 POINTS
Don’t look now, but there’s a dust bunny in the corner! Make a rabbit out of dryer lint and dust. The more intimidating, the better. – Kari K. 38

78. 0 POINTS

79. 9 POINTS
When I was a kid, I found a tiny piece of colored glass in my yard and was convinced it was a powerful magic crystal. Thinking back, I now think it probably was. Have your parents bury something special, then have them create a treasure map so you can go on an archaeological dig in your backyard to find a hidden treasure in the ground.

80. 5 POINTS
Hold a surprise party for your pet or one of your favorite toys or stuffed animals.

81. 6 POINTS
Remember when we used to go out for pizza? Those were the good old days. Make a pizza from LEGO to commemorate the memory.

82. 7 POINTS
Did you ever want to be a professional photographer? Pick out your favorite toy or pet, adorn it or stage it beautifully, and take a magazine-cover-worthy photo of it.

83. 7 POINTS
With the help of a grownup, find the oldest ancestral furniture, relic or picture in the house and hear the story behind it. For example, I have my great, great grandmother’s cutting board. What’s something that’s been passed down in your family? Make sure to caption the photo so we know what we’re seeing and who it belonged to.

84. 4 POINTS
Ice cream? For breakfast?!!

85. 9 POINTS
Your parent or sibling has a favorite meal. With an adult’s help, prepare this meal for them.

86. 8 POINTS

It’s a little known fact that today is National Have a Child Cut a Parent’s Hair Day. Let’s see your handi-work.

87. 7 POINTS
Pancakes are typically shaped like circles. Lets mix it up! With the help of an adult, make a pancake thats shaped like your favorite animal. Can you add a face to it?

88. 16 POINTS
Family obstacle course day! Build an elaborate obstacle course with your toys and other objects you construct, then everyone should take turns to compete for the gold! – Inspired by the Ackles & the Collins families.

89. 8 POINTS
Design your own GISH coloring book page! Your page should show off your idea of what the world will be like 20 years from now. Get a friend or adult to help you to color it in. – Inspired by Lauren F.

90. 19 POINTS
Grown-ups decide everything: when you go to bed, how the house is set up, what’s for breakfast, etc. and they’ve managed to make the world a mess. It’s time for kids to take charge. Show them how your room should REALLY be decorated.

91. 8 POINTS
It’s time for a wild animal parade! Organize all the stuffed animals in your house from tallest to shortest…

92. 7 POINTS
Find a coin that was minted in the year your mom or dad was born.

93. 9 POINTS
Do you have an imaginary or invisible friend? OF COURSE YOU DO. They’re the one that always makes all the messes you get into trouble for, right? We understand. Draw a wanted poster of your imaginary/invisible friend so that they can be brought to justice.

94. 7 POINTS
Spaghetti Dream Art. Have your parents cook you some spaghetti, then make beautiful spaghetti art of your favorite animal.

95. 8 POINTS
Dress up as what you want to be when you grow up. Bonus points if you get an adult to dress up as what they wanted to be when they were your age, too  make sure to take a picture together.

96. 14 POINTS
It’s time you tackled that big job your parents usually do: cook the dinner, do the taxes, paint the house, fix the car, or some other chore your parents usually won’t let you do that looks fun.

97. 6 POINTS
You are true royalty. Make a paper crown out of flowers, twigs, tissue paper, etc. and wear it proudly.

98. 22 POINTS
Slam (The Door) Poetry night! Write a poem and then shout it as LOUD AS YOU CAN from your front porch so that your neighbors can enjoy it.

99. 9 POINTS
Get a grown-up to help you write down 5 things you want to do before you grow up, then do one of them if you can.

100. 7 POINTS
Find the prettiest, fanciest button in your house and take a picture of it.

101. 12 POINTS
I know my kids would never, ever lie to me, but they said they didn’t put their pogo stick in the basketball hoop in our driveway. Offer a scientific explanation for what happened, hand-written by a child.

102. 3 POINTS
The tiniest living thing you can find.

103. 20 POINTS
You’re so amazing, you can make rainbows! Make a rainbow using light and water (like from a hose).

104. 10 POINTS
Find a crack on the sidewalk and use chalk or washable paints to draw the creature you think lives inside it.

105. 6 POINTS
The shiniest thing you can find.

106. 7 POINTS
A pink or purple flower.

107. 4 POINTS
A lucky clover (even if it is only a 3-leaf clover).

108. 31 POINTS
An inanimate object (something that can’t move around by itself like a leaf, rock, potato, pipe, or piece of fruit) that looks like it has a face…

The Tuesday Currents

We’re currently…

listening to the Goo Goo Dolls and, while we’re sad we won’t get to see them this summer, feeling thankful that we won’t have to make that hard choice and lose our tickets

working hard on the house and yard. We have a new chicken run that the girls love (it has a door, which makes it easier for them to come out and explore), soil in the garden, lots of starters and a bunch of brush cut. There’s probably still more to cut than what we have cut, but there’s been lots of progress made. We’re also considering more chickens but really prefer our own hand-raised girls…

rolling with Indy’s schedule. We never know which days he’ll be laid off so it’s a day by day basis right now.

wearing Sugar + Spite’s Tell It To the Moon, which is gorgeous

painting signs with Wood Sprite. Indy cut us some scrap wood into signs and we’ve painted Hogsmeade, Camp Half-Blood, Wakanda and The Shire so far.

reading the news each day with horror, confusion, disgust and disbelief. Still thinking we’re somehow in a video game.

preparing for summer classes and trying to work out 4-H programs from a distance. We are enjoying the online programming but definitely miss face-to-face interaction. OK, I like the online stuff better than Wood Sprite! The kid definitely misses friends.

writing when I’m not sleeping–at least that’s how it feels! I’m obviously also working on the house/yard, homeschooling and even watching a little TV (Indy and I are watching Sirens, and we rented Trolls 2 over the weekend), but I would love to read a book…

meeting with friends one-on-one at six feet, with masks. We’re still so anxious about this that it’s a once a week (or less) event but we’re trying. You know it’s serious when even Wood Sprite is reluctant to set up another visit due to the risk.

touring the Anne Frank house. Wood Sprite says we should send it to every person who whines about quarantine.

What are you up to?

Things I Love Thursday

Some things I’m loving this week are…

my two surviving girls. Sigh. We’ve lost three chickens and it’s devastating. This particular trash panda was super thin so he might have been starving for all I know. Indy has sealed the entire coop for now while we build another new run. We thought Winnie might pull through but she slowly passed away.

the fact that I don’t stress eat when I’m this busy

telling people the stories of us chasing predators in the dark, in the rain, in our underwear. It helps us laugh. While it’s happening, we’re scream-crying–at least, I am.

my beloved aunt, whose birthday is tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll get to see her from a distance this weekend.

our farmer’s market, which requires distance shopping AND masks. Apple cake, here I come…

Indy bringing me a chocolate-marshmallow malt

Indy getting surprise work days after layoff days. The only problem is that we never know what we’re going to get.

our Internet wiring update, which now has me feeling less like I’m on dial-up! Woohoo!

Patton Oswalt. Can’t wait to watch his special this weekend and hope it’s the one we saw in person last year! Remember 2019? That’s something Wood Sprite and I love to say lately. “Remember the library? Remember going to the movies?” It cracks us up (lolsob).

sleeping through the night after chasing off predators for a few nights, even though it was with the aid of some Benedryl, which my sinuses also thanked me for. Between the rain and pollen, they’ve been making me miserable.

What are you loving this week?