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Things I Love Thursday

This week, I’m loving…

the support of my homeschool community and my writing community. This world is full of good people. ❤

Wood Sprite having such a great time at a cast party, courteous of my family and our friends, while I was able to stay home to work.

this month's Roaring Twenties box from Fortune Cookie Soap. I'm head-over-feet for two scents, and while the other two aren't my favorites of all time, they certainly make me feel like I'm going out to a speakeasy for a night on the town.

how often I see my family now. Most of us live closer to one another than we have in years and it's so nice.

how Indy takes care of things so quickly and without complaint. He's taken care of my sister's car this week right after work, as cold as it was. My family loves to brag about him and for good reason.

how Noke snuggles with Wood Sprite as soon as they lie down, as if he's been waiting for that moment all day long. ❤

all of the opportunities that Wood Sprite has, from great classes they feel giddy about to good friends. I'm still trying to keep up with how quickly they're aging, though! I never pictured making coffee for my kid's friends after a sleepover, but here we are.

watching movies with my family. I didn't love the movies (Doolittle and Secret Life of Pets 2), but I did enjoy discussing them and playing board games afterward

going out for ice cream with friends. Well, technically the teens had ice cream and the adults got cinnamon rolls because it was just too cold outside!

a tiny bit of writing for fun in between writing for work

reading One Day in December, which I don’t technically love, but I really like the friendships in it. It’s definitely not what I’m craving, which is an adventure with a good romance thrown in (think Hunger Games or Lunar Chronicles). Any recommendations?

staying on top of deadlines, for the most part

The Witcher. Yeah, I’m a little obsessed. I may have made some stickers. Yen is my patronus for 2020, and when I have a moment of downtime I find myself watching videos of, say, Geralt being a mood

What are you loving this week?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

oh so sleepy. Writing all through the night and getting slower by the minute!

chugging the last of my favorite coffee while I write

taping up my poor 2020 journal. The thing never knew what it had in store when I bought it… It’s only January and I had to get the duct tape out already. I’m splurging on the moleskin in 2021!

going on dates with Indy while Wood Sprite’s in classes

setting lots of dates with family and friends

trimming this poor cat’s fur because she can’t even keep it clean herself. Sally is our first cat with fur this thick and now I see why my sister always says it’s such a pain!

feeling super excited about the Fortune Cookie Soap gift card I won and the “Create Your Own” whipped cream (their version of thick lotion/body butter) I used it on! I can’t wait to try a bunch of new-to-me scents.

drawing with Wood Sprite. We like to issue challenges to each other like, “Combine a fandom with a favorite meme,” or “Teenage Mutant Ninja (any animal except turtle!).” We both complete each challenge and share when we finish them.

smelling like Grandpa Joe and Ecto-1. Yum!

finishing The Witcher. And I might be a little obsessed. Do we really have to wait until 2021 to find out what happens?

planning logistics for classes and activities every day this week… and next! Sunday’s our anniversary but we are thinking of staying home just because it’s the only day without anything planned so far.

going out to dinner with a gift card our sweet neighbors gave us

getting new phones, after protesting the idea for YEARS. My phone is so outdated new apps won’t work on it (and many old ones quit, too). Since our provider is pretty much leaving the country, it was as good a time as any to get a new one while we switch.

playing with the air fryer.

using the last of our free movie tickets we won at trivia night to see Dr. Doolittle (we used the others to see Frozen 2 and Jumanji: The Next Level)

reading Mr. and Mrs. X comics

finishing up Home for Christmas during my daily walk and hoping they make a second season

getting excited about Prodigal Son and Sabrina returning this week

What are you up to this week?

Things I Love Thursday

Today I love watching the sun come up as I get the day started. I watched the hazy pink and orange glow rise over my backyard as I chopped Noke’s meds in half to make cat-sized doses, absentmindedly counting as I cut, noting there were 89, not 90, in the bottle.

I love watching Netflix while I walk with my weights. I love watching it with Indy this week, too; we’re making our way through The Witcher and I’ve never been one for blondes but dang, Henry Cavill makes it work.

I love jumping at Wood Sprite’s costume every time I see it out of the corner of my eye. I keep thinking it’s one of the critters and it’s hilarious.

I love the keto mac and cheese Indy made for me last night.

I love some of the things I received from Fortune Cookie Soap this week (and am giving those I don’t to someone I love), especially the In the Loop frosting.

I love…

candles at dinnertime
spicy cheese
sleeping straight through the night
how much Wood Sprite loves the new acting class
the feel of Indy’s freshly-washed hair (and sniffing his beard butter while I work it into his beard)
how Gizmo sounds like a cranky old lady
J’s new place and how close it is to us
Indy’s clear bill of health at his eye exam (he always has to get the glaucoma test done twice)
taking personality tests with Wood Sprite (we did Enneagram tests last night; I was 98% 8, “The Challenger,” and 94% 4, “The Individualist”)
all the plaid
hearing Mogwai squeal over her new place (and the fact that my sister called me to let me hear it)
smelling like a cozy sweater
laughing hard with Wood Sprite
trying new things and old things in new ways
experimenting with DIY household cleaners and room sprays
cheering on a tiny spider while we eat dinner
watching Wood Sprite make new friends
how Indy will just come home from working all day and work on a loved one’s car
sugar-free barbecue sauce
how the cats want to snuggle in the morning
how Noke stands and waits for his meds, like he knows it’s hard for me and he helps as best as he can
getting mail
learning about new things with Wood Sprite (we’re at the age where many of their questions need to be looked up because hell if I know, but it’s fun to learn!)

What are you loving this week?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

playing a guess-the-song game with Wood Sprite while waiting

getting all of the semester dates onto the calendar

trying out a bunch of new evening classes for Wood Sprite. Our new schedule doesn’t allow for many daytime events so we’re exploring the same types of things we did when WS was little! We have two things every night this week.

smelling like Gibbon’s Mischief Night, which I LOVE. It goes great with my Beetle Breath lotion.

making a bunch of phone calls

loving Wood Sprite’s famous grilled cheese on Aldi keto bread!

watching Wood Sprite have a blast at the arcade with some friends

writing All The Words

sleeping SO soundly. I can’t remember when I slept this well. Between winter, walking a couple of miles a day, a higher dosage of magnesium and just living every minute to the fullest as best as we can, we’re all pooped by ten these days! I would have laughed if you’d said I’d be in bed by then two months ago.

stalking packages

trying to decide between re-reading Dresden Files or watching a new show with Indy for some date time goodness

still tasting raw garlic after lunch (and chasing it with some unicorn tea)

What are you up to this week?

Things I Love Thursday

Some things I love this week include…

meeting those deadlines! Whoop, whoop!

watching Jumanji and Toy Story 3 with the fam

kitty snuggles. I swear they’re psychic. That or they just want to lay on me when I use the pretty sherpa Indy got me.

Said sherpa. Hot dog, it’s the berries! Indy could’ve brought anything he wanted home when he won that contest and he brought me a soft blanket. ❤

Wood Sprite placing a cookie order with our favorite Brownie, who called and made her first sales pitch over the phone ever to Wood Sprite. The most adorable moment of 2020 so far, hands-down.

laughing over my dad's stories. We LOVE his wild stories. This one was about a bunch of women diving into bins at Goodwill, which I tend to call The Goodwill, for some reason. I bet it's because of The Will, who I was beginning to think was good until he wasn’t, and now I want to drop-kick him every time I see his Funko face.

catching up my lesson log. I’m always catching it up! By the time I get to jotting down all we’ve done, we’ve done a dozen more things.

pancakes and pajamas! Eckerts is bringing it back and we’re so excited. We went last year and had a blast.

twirling in my new dress

making movie references with Wood Sprite, which is just the bee’s knees

clarity and focus exercises. My mind goes all over the place, especially in anxiety mode, and I’m experimenting with some thoughts that take me out of my body, focusing on important things in the world I’d like to help with. I can see how this could actually be more anxiety-inducing in many ways, but for now it’s really helping to center me.

going out with the fam to celebrate Dad’s birthday tonight! Barbecue, here we come!

Home for Christmas. I’ve only seen two episodes but I like it so far! I’m trying to watch it while I walk but I often end up just walking with Leslie, though I often add my headphones and hand weights. My money is on Johanne’s barista friend, doctor colleague… or her roommate! Maybe she’ll just brave the holidays alone.

Fortune Cookie Soap is launching a Strawberry Shortcake collection tomorrow and I can’t even

I know I posted about it already, but the Ben Solo “Holding Out for a Hero” video. I could watch it every day at this point.

seeing strangers’ faces light up for various reasons

reading with the family. We have a schedule set for 2020 and we’re on track. I’m a little nervous about venturing into The Hunger Games territory this summer, but just because I’m the reader aloud while we travel and I cry a LOT during those books.

using a bunch of 20s slang

singing duets with Wood Sprite (“Poor Unfortunate Souls” was the last one, and the dogs were eager to fill in for Flotsam and Jetsam)

Solstice Scents! I ordered two during their big end of year sale and they sent a little sample along with a bunch of pretty artwork featuring other scents. I love the little cards they come in and added some to my journal; the rest are being used as bookmarks. I get asked if I really have enough books going for all the bookmarks I talk about and the answer is YES. Sometimes I just leave them at spots I know I want to revisit soon, too! My favorite bookmarks will always be photos, but I really like these, too.

Filling in my gorgeous planner. I don’t think I’m ever going to NOT talk about it, I love it that much. I even did more customization last night. It may be the Uncalendar all the way from now on!

my midliner highlighters and the color schemes I’m making in my planner. A brown highlighter is everything.

so many teen offerings in our co-op this semester! For years I practically begged more parents my kid’s age to offer more things for them to do other than dumping them off at my house once a month (or going to the things I set up) and in the past semester it definitely increased. This semester there’s more than ever! Thanks for showing up, parents, it means the world to us. ❤

all-nighters being over for the week? I hope so! They wear me out.

sleeping well… and sleeping with a bunch of funny and weird dreams, likely due to all the garlic I'm eating! I dreamed I took one of our cats out to dinner with me, that Indy was climbing on top of racks of hay bales at Lowe's while I was dressed as Daphne from Scooby-Doo (she was actually one of my first crushes as a kid), and that we bought an SUV and Indy stuck a giant unicorn Feisty Pet in its back seat. When I say a ton of garlic, think chopped raw, powdered AND fried in my salad… all at once.

Pinterest sending me a bunch of Jim Hopper pins. Hubba hubba.

What are you loving this week?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

furiously typing away after scattered appointments–not out of fury, but to get this pile of writing done!

wearing Solstice Scent’s Foxcroft Fairgrounds and loving both it as well as the many pieces of art they sent me. Two are on our Family Notice Board now!

reading A Starless Sea (by reading I mean I put a bookmark inside the cover. It’s waiting for me after this week’s work is finished!)

wearing ALL of my Slytherin gear because I’m just feelin’ snaky

writing in my new journal while waiting for WS to get out of the orthodontist… then doing a happy dance because we got an afternoon appointment next time! You get excited by the smallest things as an adult.

feeling a mixture between amusement and dismay looking at all of Wood Sprite’s pieces of foam, fur and other odds and ends all over the house. Tis the season of cosplay and costuming… per usual. WS has a convention with a friend coming up and they are super serious about getting this done, which I love, and the costume looks great, but I’m not loving the extra fur!

I AM loving my new Funko Pop desk mates, Morticia and Winnie

downing all the coffee for all these deadlines

and that’s about all, folks, at least until I meet these deadlines, so off I go!

What are you up to this week?