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Things I Love Thursday

Wood Sprite is so creative! She made a bunch of things at Troop Roundup this past week, including these bracelets.

This week, I’m loving…

Doing Inktober with Wood Sprite! We love to draw together and often don’t have the time, but we’ve been carving a few minutes here and there. Today’s challenge was “cruel” and we both drew cruel-looking ringmasters… hers was a skeleton-like ghoul and mine was a satyr with fangs.

The incredible date day Indy and I had on Saturday while Wood Sprite was at Troop Roundup! We went to the farmer’s market, got coffee, window shopped, nabbed some teen night games for less than $15, watched Shape of Water and really enjoyed one another’s company… which is good after 23 years, right?

How clean I can keep our house now that we’re actually using our days home wisely. Wood Sprite and I have been doing an accelerated learning program this semester since she’s decided to go to college and I’ve been working hard making sure that the days we’re home are used very judiciously. This means that it’s not a “dumping point” or “staging area” like it normally is in the chaotic fall but a home complete with yummy smells from the crockpot and content critters happy that we’re home with them much more often.

Another date with Indy while Wood Sprite went to RPG with her best friends. We browsed through a boutique dog shop and marveled at what people spend on their pets and contemplated getting a treat to prank the kids with!

How people pitch in for one another. One friend mentioned that her local food pantry needed help and now all of our 4-Hers want to pitch in even though it’s an hour from where we are. I love these people.

What are you loving this week?

The Tuesday Currents

The zombies are ready to party!

I’m currently…

Prepping our Zombies vs. Unicorns teen night tonight!

Writing about bear saliva, pumpkin spice, 80s icons and much more.

Loving my fall coffee grounds SO much.

Admiring the person my 12-year-old has become. I watched her climb to the top of a huge tree and explore a haunted house on Sunday alone!

Watching Warm Bodies with Wood Sprite, plus How to Get Away with Murder and This Is Us. Now that Castle Rock is over, Indy and I are looking for our next “casual” watch–which means something we can see once a week when we’ve got some time! We’ll probably try to catch up on AHS but we’d love other ideas, too.

Reading The Night Gardener with the family, plus The Cruel Prince and Cabinet of Curiosities on my own

Thanking friends and family who give said tween (almost teen!) rides while I’m working. ❤ We are lucky to have such good people.

Counting down until our Falls of Ohio trip!

What are you up to this week?

Things I Love Thursday

Flashback to last year’s pumpkin chuckin’… we’ve grown two huge pumpkins out of this mess! Our next one will be next week at our Teen Zombies vs. Unicorns night!

Here are a few things I’m loving this week…

HALLOWEEN. We are in full swing, baby. Wood Sprite and I are dressing up every day (Indy joins in when he can), we’re watching a Halloween movie every night as a family, we have All The Halloween Things Lined up to do and best of all, today’s weather, despite the drizzle, is gorgeous. ❤

A day out with my aunt! We look forward to our lunches and thrift store finds and hope to make it a monthly thing.

Understanding friends! I switched planners mid-year and still am not in love with what I’m using, and I have been confused over my schedule more times this year than ever. Luckily my friends are pretty understanding people (thank you, R!).

Wood Sprite trusting me with her pain. She woke up with terrible pain today and in turn woke me up to be with her. I’m glad she knows she can always do this. I’m also tired. 😉

My husband’s mechanical skills. Boy do they come in handy!

Pumpkins. ALL THE PUMPKINS, including our cat, Pumpkin! If she and Gizmo would leave the decorations alone, we’d also love that…

What are you loving this week?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

on day two of our 31 Nights of Halloween movies! We watched Paranorman last night while we finished decorating (yeah, it takes a couple of days in our house…) and today we’re seeing The House with a Clock in the Walls, which we just read aloud as a family last month.

going to gymnastics with Wood Sprite. It’s a new location for her so we’ll see how she likes it.

trying my hand at making kefir! A friend gave me some starter grains (thank you, T!) and I’m going to try it with some almond and coconut milk.

remembering my grandmother on her birthday. She was my best friend and favorite human. I sure miss her and I know she’d love all these Hallo-festivities. She decorated even more than I do; her stuffed dummies were the best!

LOVING the fall coffee flavors Indy bought me. He got me some pumpkin spice and butter rum grounds since I can’t have the sugary stuff sold ready-made and it’s delicious.

Writing writing writing, as usual. The only difference this month is that Nightmare Revisited is my constant soundtrack!

dressing up for our annual 31 days of Halloween! On Day 1 we all wore masks (Jigsaw, a wolf and a scarecrow) and today I’m zombie Snow White.  Don’t worry, that blind’s been covered up with a graveyard since this photo was taken!

drawing through Inktober with Wood Sprite! Like we need another challenge this month…

finalizing Halloween plans. From Stranger Things to Boo at the Zoo, the History Museum Dia de Los Muertes presentation to Goonies Night, a family Hunter Moon Full Moon Party to Wood Sprite’s TWO teen nights at our house (a smaller birthday one and a bigger Zombies vs. Unicorns party complete with pumpkin chuckin’), our big family trip to the Jack O’Lantern Spectacular to Wood Sprite turning 13 (I’m not crying, you’re crying), it’s going to be a month to remember!

What are you up to?

Things I Love Thursday

I’m also loving it when we see visitors at our 4-H butterfly garden!

This week, I’m loving…

Our Halloween book lineup! I’m so excited to start The Night Gardener next week.

Visiting the Ohio River Fossil Bed and the Louisville Jack O’Lantern Spectacular! We only have two weeks before we leave and I’m bouncing up and down already.

Ride sharing. I’m so thankful that one of my best friends, M, is swapping rides with us to get our kids to their weekly Monday classes. They’re taking Healthy Sexuality with Planned Parenthood but it’s a bit of a drive and some classes are on Indy’s work days, so it’s been so helpful to carpool! My dad’s also getting us to co-op this week and I’m so grateful for his help.

Mini dates with Indy. Now that Wood Sprite is older, she’s been exploring some independent time at home while we make a run for chicken feed or run other errands. It’s weird but nice.

Teen events! These mean more fun for Wood Sprite and more dates for us, but wow do I wish I could attend some of these. Next up she has a Harry Potter lock-in and I’m gillyweed green with envy.

31 Days of Costumes! We’ve got them all lined up, as usual, and while I’m not going to stress if we don’t do every single day, we’ll definitely do our best.

Wood Sprite’s humor. Everything is punny or ironic to my almost-teen and I love this age more than I could have ever guessed I would.

Fun times with friends and family. After two mom’s nights and a night with my sisters and mom last week, I have seen most of the people I love in a seven-day period, which must be a record.

Chai tea with turmeric

Halloween decorating! It’s only a few days away…

Discussions about ancient Rome, use of plastic straws, judicial appointments and etymology with Wood Sprite. She’s definitely entering more complex thinking mode as she ages and it’s been both a relief and a curse: I love that the black-and-white thinking is on its way out, and everything has to be a debate, from the spelling of xenophobia to what breaking laws truly means!

The short story collection Nights of the Living Dead

Lovely fall weather!

New opportunities… fingers crossed!

My latest Changeling book. It’s my favorite but I always say that.

What are you loving this week?