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The Tuesday Currents

Watching Sally face-plant in her sleep never gets old.

Right now I’m…

guzzling coffee and pretending it’s sweet. Mmmm!

loving surprise visits from friends (sorry I didn’t have a proper shirt on, J!)

Ridiculously crying over this and counting down the days until we get to see Endgame (ONE WEEK Y’ALL)

prepping the art show with a friend (thank goodness you have the ribbon department, L!), sending in submissions for the literary journal, a science website and yearbook and clearing out phone photos

wishing I could binge the rest of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or play outside instead of writing today… but knowing I have to get done before tomorrow morning so fly, you fingers!

giggling over Mogwai’s silliness and how she wants to hide eggs for Wood Sprite only to find them herself! When her dad asked how she knew that Gizmo (her stuffed Easter present from us) was a Mogwai, she said, “Maybe Aunt Sara!” And when I ask, “Where’s my Mogwai?” she points to herself and exclaims, “Right here!”

watching The Kid Who Would Be King (only Wood Sprite enjoyed it; I would have thought it brilliant only if it were directed by the kids who starred in it)

reading From a Darkened Shore, Phantom Tollbooth, Kingdom of Needle and Bone (eh, if you read the blurb, you’ve read the book), Beastologist 3, Bayou Magic (and our 20+ books we’re reading daily for homeschool).

Planning a very low-key fall semester with co-op. This semester I had over 20 events, some that met multiple times, and next semester I’m only planning two (okay, they also meet multiple times!).

watching too many SNL videos (as well as old Melissa Villasenior videos… thanks a lot for the rabbit hole, C!)

enjoying a hilarious game night

seeing my sisters, mom, dad and aunt all in just a few days this week

loving a new game called Red Flags at said game night

being thankful for my dad’s knowledge regarding a basement leak

enjoying watching Wood Sprite geek out over their Easter basket, complete with thestrals, chocolate frogs and books

Missing sugar! Ugh. Quitting is hard no matter how many times you’ve done it. I’m great at not eating junk until I’m sick and it’s all canned soup and Popsicles.

What are you up to this week?


Things I Love Thursday

My cats should always make the list, even when they hog the desk. Pumpkin likes curling up in front of Wood Sprite’s monitor.

Some things I’m loving this week are…

a date with my man. No, the new Hellboy wasn’t as good as the old one, and the plot STANK, but the monsters were fabulous and that’s really what we were hoping for. Plus, you can’t beat free tickets.

this week’s planner theme, which began as a Game of Thrones theme, had some Stephen King woven in (in honor of trivia night), and somehow also had Wonder Woman, Hellboy, Jessica Jones and RBG all added. I don’t usually do themes, but last week I made a cute Captain Marvel theme in between writing a million words (okay, like 15,000 words) because everyone knows to get a break from creativity, you do something else creative, right? Anyway, I loved it and ended up doing another one this week, plus a not-very-me-but-still-cute floral theme for next week.

homemade kombucha from a friend. It’s actually from her company, so it’s store quality and delicious.

help from friends and family getting to and from places. Wood Sprite’s best friend’s mom and I are taking turns for the kids’ weekly classes and oh, it’s been nice.

a cool science lab at Wash U that involved polymers, slime, chemical reactions, liquid nitrogen and more! Plus we took WS and her BFF (his recommendation) to a froyo stand after and it was both delicious and an adorable place.

Stephen King trivia night, which was not as expected–a few ambiguous questions could have had multiple answers, and the buzz-in format that replaced the usual write-in answers left me feeling anxious and hesitant–but still fun, and always my favorite excuse for a bag of puffed corn

a new game we like to play in the car: if we see someone who looks super happy, we shout out reasons why we think they’re happy. We saw a guy in a delivery truck pump his fist in the air and we guessed that he got a new kitten, had someone say yes, had someone recover from the hospital, had someone mow his grass, won concert tickets, etc.

archery safety training going well. It’s always grueling, that many hours for kids and teens is just too long, but they’re plodding through!

Planned Parenthood Healthy Sexuality classes. The teens are learning so much and I love that they get to discuss their questions and concerns with a professional who isn’t related to them and closer to their age.

walking with Leslie Sansone and my weights. I went up to the next set this week and my arms were aching but in a good way.

friends and loved ones trusting me to vent or keep secrets. I know I haven’t been the most available person lately between work and homeschooling but I still enjoy being there for those who are there.

prepping for game night coming up this weekend! I’m in desperate need for the laughs and can’t wait to try out our new Spyfall. We’re also having a teen night, watching my little niece Mogwai (and I bought her a Mogwai for Easter!), and maybe getting pizza and heading to the zoo for Easter. Wood Sprite is 13, but still gets a basket! Goodies this year include both a Funko pop and stuffed Thestral (from Harry Potter), new headphones (to replace the constantly breaking set), chocolate frogs, a chocolate bunny and a new book. Eggs will have candy kisses in them. I’m not loving that I had to scramble to get things ready because I totally forgot about Easter (we usually do Ostara, but we were sick, and I’m usually so much far ahead of the game than this!) but I am glad that everything should be delivered by today.

What are you loving this week?

The Tuesday Currents

My faithful writing companions

I’m currently…

getting excited about a date with my guy tonight

planning some cute Easter activities for Mogwai, my niece, this week. Her present got her on time, too–a stuffed Gizmo!

looking for a moment to binge Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Game of Thrones… no, I haven’t had a moment to read or watch much this past week, although we did manage to watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and loved it!

writing these fingers off. I wrote over 13,000 words in 24 hours over the weekend, y’all. Much of it was stuff I had to research, too. I didn’t sleep and I nearly went mad in slaphappy giggles afterward but I did it. Unfortuantely I didn’t meet my big two-week goal, but I’d say it was impressive following Indy’s surgery and Wood Sprite and I being sick all month. I’ll meet the next one head-on!

attempting to release with compassion and understanding

wishing for steadier weather on behalf of my bloody nose and cough

admiring my cute planner themes. Last week I glued in some Captain Marvel scraps since we finally got to see it; this week I’ve drawn in some Stephen King characters in honor of trivia night (last night)

spreading eggs into multiple baskets

drinking Peeps coffee

planning rides, carpools and logistics and celebrating the second-to-the-last field trip I’ll be hosting this year! Pro tip: if something explicitly says it’s not a drop-off event, you don’t get to drop your kids off.

wondering why there are so many animals in this house and why none of them will let me sleep. Also giggling over the cats chasing pipe cleaners. This may be a continuation of the aforementioned slaphappy giddiness.

What are you up to this week?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m not obsessed with Captain Marvel, you’re obsessed with Captain Marvel.

I’m currently…

getting well! I still have a cough and have to blow my nose every 10 minutes but I can breathe and sleep a bit. Yay!

cracking up over SNL. Well, I did that yesterday while we had teens here (for a weekly class I’m not teaching but hosting). Kit Harington was fantastic and so was Margaret Cho, who hosted the previous episode.

loving the dandelions

the support of good friends. What would I do without your guidance right now, J! And my lovely sisters and parents who have been keeping my spirits up while I’ve been sick and Indy had surgery.

drinking pints of water and coffee. It’s pretty much an IV at this point. I tried the “Simply Sinful” blend from The Spicery this week, which is a blend of chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut and should be made the official drink of the world.

writing my FINGERS off. Today I wrote all day… and still had a full load at night. Boy am I glad that Wood Sprite is managing their own workload to some extent; I can give them some direction and expect mostly independent work at this point. They got an essay, history/geography notes, quiz studies, current events research, a play review and reading done for class tomorrow mostly on their own… and then worked on their small business (comics and bookmarks!), watched Iliza Schlesinger on Netflix and made their own lunch. I know adults who don’t do this.

watching Indy heal from his vasectomy and feeling a bit helpless. He always seems invincible so when he’s healing or sick it’s so jarring. I would have enjoyed babying him more if I hadn’t been sick during his recovery days.

beaming over the glowing reviews Wood Sprite got after class on Monday. Invitations were given for some opportunities that sound very cool.

discovering that Wood Sprite is a fellow INFJ-T

loving Benedryl and Mucinex

geeking out over the new lesson plan book. Yep, it doesn’t start until July. I don’t care, I love this thing and have wanted it since I saw my friend S get one like it!

biting the bullet and ordering some of our spine books. I like using library materials as much as possible, but these are books we’ll need for units for the rest of the year and maybe even next year, so it will help me avoid the hassle of renewing so often, checking out again, etc.

geeking out over the last season of Game of Thrones. I quit watching when HBO added much more violence than the books depict a couple of seasons ago that completely changed the narratives of a few characters, but I love these characters so much and I kind of want to re-watch everything and see how it ends.

kicking sugar again after having ludens cough drops for two weeks (not to mention crackers while sick)

Finishing Ready Player One! Oh, finally. This was the most disappointing read because I was looking forward to it so much, had so many people I love and admire say it was fantastic… and then it wasn’t at ALL. Wood Sprite and I plowed through it for a class but we are so glad it’s over. The movie was okay, but mostly for things that weren’t in the book at all.

reading Wood Sprite’s comics. I have a writer in the house who’s even more prolific than me.

making plans with family and friends, prepping archery training for next week (new archers! yay!), prepping our homeschool art show with my super cool coteacher, finalizing field trip details and other minutiae

loving CAPTAIN MARVEL! We finally felt well enough to use our coupons on Sunday and OMG. Wood Sprite and I thought it was the best Marvel movie yet, but we always say that. Indy bought me a glow-in-the-dark Funko Pop of Carol.

reading Rat Queens, which I LOVE, and Queen of Shadows. I’ve really only read two chapters of the latter; I’m working a lot more now that I’m not coughing up mucus constantly and don’t have as much time to read, but I do hope I’ll finish this installment of Throne of Glass a bit faster. Each one gets heavier and they are at the point where I need them on another surface while I read, which complicates things.

What are you up to this week?