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The Tuesday Currents

You can tell we’ve been busy lately. I haven’t posted in about a month! I have lots of pieces to share, but between teen nights, co-op classes, field trips, a Harry Potter party, our family mini break to Chicago (we saw 2 Cellos and went to the Field Museum!), lots of car issues (Sophie died, but we’re working on an engine transplant!), pet issues and more, I just haven’t had a moment. Yesterday we were home with upset stomachs so we’ve had a tiny bit of slow time.

Wood Sprite took almost ALL of our photos, by the way. I was too busy having fun to take any and she was stoked to be able to use one of her dad’s old phones as a camera.

ReadingChildren of Green Know and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Wood Sprite and Indy, tons and tons and tons of emails and blogs for e-courses.

Listening to… The Chicago soundtrack.

Drinking… diet Coke with ginger lime

Watching Captain Underpants, Born in China, Easy A

Planning…  ALL THE WILDSCHOOLING. I’m a little obsessed with nature studies, hiking and moon club right now. If only I could find some decent boots…

Wanting… to slow back down to January’s pace. It was absolutely beautiful. Indy’s working every day this week and so far I’ve been enjoying my days with Wood Sprite!

What are you up to?


The Tuesday Currents

Some kitty hygge.

ReadingBridge to Terabithia and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Wood Sprite and Indy, tons and tons and tons of emails and blogs for e-courses.

Listening to… The hum of my little stove-heater.

Drinking… Bulletproof coffee

Watching The Tale of Despereaux, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Supernatural

Planning… Our Chicago trip! We leave in 10 days and it’s just starting to sink in. Also: co-op for semester, 4-H projects, a Harry Potter party, Kids Moon Club activities, mom’s nights and game nights, wildschooling with my BFF and cozy, hygge downtime. ❤ I am lovin’ the downtime.

Wanting… to be more focused, which is what I’m working on this very moment!

What are you up to?

Things I Love Thursday

It is freezing out and I’m loving the heat! We haven’t had central heating in two years, relying on space heaters, and while we’ve had very few days that were too cold, our past two winters were also pretty mild. We are so grateful to have it right now during this wave of coldness. Some other things I’m loving this week include…

Productivity out the wazoo. From 4-H to co-op, writing to homeschooling, I am on FIRE. So is Indy; he’s put in two days of working on the basement plus car repairs in between work.

Hadestown! Oh, this album. My heart.

Eating low-carb again. Yeah, the keto flu has me down a little, but you know what else is down? Six pounds in four days. Also? I know what I’m doing this time around so I’m staying full and happy.

2018 planners. Love, love, love.

Visiting with my friends. Between meetings this week I’ve seen most of my besties.

Reading Holly Black aloud with Wood Sprite. I knew she’d love her.

ALL THE CHALLENGES! We’re doing the Daily Read Aloud Challenge, an Ornithology Challenge, a Yoga Challenge, a Photo Challenge and a bunch of short e-courses for the New Year. Wood Sprite and I are also working several daily programs, from the Awe-Manac to a Year and a Day, and we’re really enjoying the rhythm this has created in our home.

How I feel after yoga. One of the challenges I’m doing is difficult for me but another is so gentle that it makes me feel like I’m floating for an hour afterward.

Chunky peanut butter.

Our Moon Club! We love it so much. With this week’s Full Wolf Moon we made wolf print cookies and shared with our neighbors, crowns, lanterns out of tins, an adorable bunting, a moon tracker… it’s so much fun and it’s another routine that just speaks to us and helps us connect.

What are you loving this week?


The Tuesday Currents

Some kitty hygge.

ReadingSaving Dinner the Low-Carb Way, Grain Brain, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Wood Sprite and Indy, tons and tons and tons of emails and blogs for e-courses.

Listening toHadestown by Anais Mitchell. Totally in love and dying to see the musical!

Drinking… Crystal Light Peach Tea

WatchingBeauty and the Beast, Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Evolution. (For those of you waiting on the results… I lost the bet. Sage actually liked Evolution, which means TJ’s beard will NOT be going glitter for Valentine’s Day. He’ll be getting a massage and Sage will be getting me sitting through every episode of Miraculous Ladybug. Wish me luck!)

Planning… All The Things. From co-op tech stuff to meetings and classes, library classes to a whole bunch of challenges, printing photos to meal planning, experiments, e-classes and activities and much more, we’re rolling.

Wanting… to have this gentle period of in-between much more often. Pretty sure I can work it in.

What are you up to?