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Final Days of Smallish Bloggery

Whoops, that went by fast! We were in the middle of GISH so it’s really no surprise.

30. I Will Go Down With This Ship

My own, for one! ❤ Fictionally speaking, I love Alana/Marko (Saga), Leia/Han and Fin/Poe (Star Wars), Remus/Tonks and Harry/Ginny (Harry Potter), Sara/Grissom (CSI), Sam/Rosie (LOTR) Jack/Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas), Jessica/Luke (Defenders), both Jean/Scott and Jean/Logan (X-Men)… pretty predictable canon pairings for the most part!

31. So How Was July?

HOT. Full of writing, musicals, movies and HARRY POTTER! We saw friends, had dates, enjoyed mom’s nights and game nights, and even won Disney trivia at the library! As much of a not-summer person I am, it was probably one of our best Julys. How about yours?


Things I Love Thursday

Some things I’m loving this week…

Getting well. I’ve been sick since last weekend and I’ve just got a lingering cough now.

Lona’s Lil Eats. YUM.

Wood Sprite’s art. It just blows my mind. She had another project go to state fair this year and she’s officially passed her mom with her skills.

Harry Potter trivia! We finished the books, the movies, started the play and did trivia night with our BFFs to celebrate Harry’s birthday! I was so excited about this all summer that I didn’t let feeling crummy keep me home and I’m so glad we went. Our costumes were fabulous, the themed treats were tasty and we had a blast.

Iliza Shlesinger. She’s cracking me up! I’m also loving Michelle Wolf’s The Break and Glow. You can tell I’ve been sick when I can cite shows I’ve seen recently.

GISH! It’s always an outrageous adventure.

What are you loving this week?


Smallish Bloggery, Day 10

Day 10: My Life 10 Years Ago Today

2008 was SUCH a challenging year. I had a complicated surgery and nearly died, I was laid off from my nonprofit job after the recession hit and Wood Sprite went to an early childhood program based on the recommendations of her OT and PT, despite my misgivings. It disrupted our lives even more than the previous two crises and I still wish I hadn’t done it. She didn’t technically qualify but they let her in so she wouldn’t regress, but she did, and our entire family dynamic and daily routines suffered, too. Indy and I had known we wanted to homeschool even before then and it really solidified our decision.

While I can’t find a journal with this date featured, this is around the time that I had blood poisoning and surgery, and I remember how difficult it was to recover with Wood Sprite still a toddler and how agonizing time in the hospital was away from her. That was the year I started journaling heavily, but not until the fall, and flipping through I can see how much I wrote with so much more time on my hands after the layoff. It’s at least double, if not more, what I write in my journals today, and I usually find myself playing catch-up. I went through The Artist’s Way that year and it helped me decide what I wanted to do as it guided me in finding what I loved about what I did again.

As much as I had loved my job, I also never learned how to set boundaries and when you work from home, that’s critical. Lack of sleep, days off and free time wore me down and I didn’t even realize how bad it was until it was over. I was thinking how this might have even been the first year I read anything for fun since Wood Sprite had been born, but that was the previous summer, when I’d read two books–Blaze and Deathly Hallows. As a lifelong bibliophile used to reading several books a week, I saw that as one of the biggest changes motherhood bestowed upon me.

I remember this time being one of my favorites despite that year’s chaos. I had more time to be with her than ever and we made tons of little clay gnomes and ladybugs, played games and just enjoyed each other’s company so much. Even though we had to patch her eye every day, she was still in orthotics and I was job hunting for a few months, I was able to really mindfully focus on her without multi-tasking for the first time since the NICU and I loved it so much.

How about you? What stands out in your mind from 10 years ago?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

drinking delicious Southern Breeze cold brew tea and lusting after Tea Drops, which are next on my procurement list

hanging out with four of my besties at a science camp while Wood Sprite does some engineering and robotics with the incredible MIT Spokes team

wishing for Indy to get the promotion he wants and would be so awesome at and truly enjoy

missing Sky and loving Pumpkin, our new kitty. Sometimes it feels like it’s still too soon, and I still think I see Sky somewhere she’s supposed to be (my bed, her cubby, her other spots) and I just cry and cry but it’s getting better.

trying intermittent fasting, which is oddly refreshing but still not helping with the sleep issues

digging getting smaller. People are starting to notice and it makes me feel more weird than pleased, but I LOVE wearing sleeveless shirts in the summer and just feeling better overall.

enjoying my own homemade lotion made from coconut oil and a vanilla oil that smells so good I have a hard time not eating it when I slather it on

loving my new ThinkGeek backpack, courtesy of my awesome sister who visited a few days ago! She brought a bunch of goodies and my mom came the next day and brought Wood Sprite socks, which were on my list of things to take care of this week!

writing All The Words

building fall plans out of around a dozen programs we want to do

trying out Build Your Library’s Harry Potter study while we finish book six, head into seven next week and attend a Potter trivia night at the library at the end of July. I’m getting a little obsessed over BYL, especially Emily’s YouTube videos, which I watch while ferociously looking up her book recommendations and musing over how she’d totally be in my bestie circle if she lived closer.

cleaning out spaces. It’s taking longer than I had planned but what doesn’t lately? Six huge bags of donations went out the door this morning between Wood Sprite’s room, my office and the kitchen and I have much more to do.

looking forward to a weekend of archery, marching, a play and some games with my family

enjoying mini-dates with Indy while Wood Sprite takes free art camps at the library. Yesterday we browsed Target and poked fun at the names of men’s body wash.

reading I Am Groot comics, Hellboy comics, Patton Oswalt’s Silver Screen Fiend and Caitlen Rubino-Bradway’s Ordinary Magic

What are you up to this week?

Things I Love Thursday

Some things I love this week are…

…a house full of excited tweenagers/teenagers. Indy and I wanted more kids and on nights like these it feels like we have that, at least in atmosphere.

…beautiful new planner stickers, courtesy of Indy and Wood Sprite for Mother’s Day.

…seeing most of my BFFs today! I missed a few–L’s son was sick and J wasn’t available but I hope to see you both soon. ❤

…hearing my song on the radio tonight! I turned it up and danced with a couple of kids in the kitchen. I’ve never heard it on the radio. Watch the video, it’s gorgeous, too.

…hanging out with Wood Sprite without having to rush so much to get anywhere. It’s been really nice just laughing and chatting.

…reading Half-Blood Prince with the family. I’m loving the red herrings and Sprite’s reactions. We aim to finish the series by the end of July so we can participate in a trivia night with her spoiler-free.

…Wood Sprite’s mice! Their names are Anakin (because she bites), Moony and Padfoot (whom are both playful and sweet).

What are you loving this week?


Things I Love Thursday

A few things I’m loving this week include…

having groceries

morning basket time. These books are fantastic and I love building up our routine again.

my new planner! My Passion Planner broke in the center and I sent them a photo just so they knew it could happen. I’ve been using planners since I was 16 and I’m pretty rough on them. They advised me to correct it with tape (I used duct tape since my planner was in half!) but they also sent me a new one! I was very pleasantly surprised and already a big fan, and that was very cool of them to do.

Whatever Next. Wood Sprite and I played this game and found it pretty funny! We’re also enjoying Periodic Table Battleship, which we made ourselves.

giving rides to friends, which makes us feel good by helping out AND gives Wood Sprite the rare car companion

tween nights. We have two this month and hopefully we can get the tether ball and fire pit going for the next one. I love hearing the house filled with chatter and laughing.

Indy feeling better. He wasn’t well earlier and it scared me quite a bit. It also changed all of our afternoon and evening around but that was fine. I’m just glad he’s OK!

peanut butter and chocolate fat bombs. Mine are even better since they are shaped like Han Solo in carbonite.

when the dogs hustle coming in at night to minimize the migration of all of the little bugs into our living room…

How about you? What are you loving?

The Tuesday Currents

Please send this kitty all the positive vibes and healing thoughts you can.

I’m currently…

reading The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden

caring for a sick cat. It doesn’t look good and she’s MY girl and my guts are just twisted up. She’s old, 60 in cat years, but I sure expected her to have another few left at least.

watching I Feel Pretty on Moon Sisters Night (thank you, L, S and M!), a Star Trek marathon last week with Indy, and a Star Wars marathon over May the Fourth and Revenge of the Fifth

eating Fresh Thyme peanut butter, which is not much higher in cost than my Aldi stuff but it tastes like it was made fresh seconds ago. Oh it’s good.

beginning the chick integration process with the small pen. We have to repair it before we put it next to the large one so the girls can mingle.

applying for jobs. Layoffs after car repairs combined with catching house taxes up just don’t go well together… Wish me luck.

still organizing rides and/or logistics for more Scouts camping, musical practice, Model U.N. Honors Assembly, setting up fall/spring 2019 classes, summer camps, D&D, library classes… all Wood Sprite’s stuff.

listening to Florence & the Machine’s “Hunger.” It’s gorgeous and so is the video.

watching deer eat in the backyard. I hope they stay and eat ALL the brush…

What are you up to this week?