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Things I Love Thursday

Today I love watching the sun come up as I get the day started. I watched the hazy pink and orange glow rise over my backyard as I chopped Noke’s meds in half to make cat-sized doses, absentmindedly counting as I cut, noting there were 89, not 90, in the bottle.

I love watching Netflix while I walk with my weights. I love watching it with Indy this week, too; we’re making our way through The Witcher and I’ve never been one for blondes but dang, Henry Cavill makes it work.

I love jumping at Wood Sprite’s costume every time I see it out of the corner of my eye. I keep thinking it’s one of the critters and it’s hilarious.

I love the keto mac and cheese Indy made for me last night.

I love some of the things I received from Fortune Cookie Soap this week (and am giving those I don’t to someone I love), especially the In the Loop frosting.

I love…

candles at dinnertime
spicy cheese
sleeping straight through the night
how much Wood Sprite loves the new acting class
the feel of Indy’s freshly-washed hair (and sniffing his beard butter while I work it into his beard)
how Gizmo sounds like a cranky old lady
J’s new place and how close it is to us
Indy’s clear bill of health at his eye exam (he always has to get the glaucoma test done twice)
taking personality tests with Wood Sprite (we did Enneagram tests last night; I was 98% 8, “The Challenger,” and 94% 4, “The Individualist”)
all the plaid
hearing Mogwai squeal over her new place (and the fact that my sister called me to let me hear it)
smelling like a cozy sweater
laughing hard with Wood Sprite
trying new things and old things in new ways
experimenting with DIY household cleaners and room sprays
cheering on a tiny spider while we eat dinner
watching Wood Sprite make new friends
how Indy will just come home from working all day and work on a loved one’s car
sugar-free barbecue sauce
how the cats want to snuggle in the morning
how Noke stands and waits for his meds, like he knows it’s hard for me and he helps as best as he can
getting mail
learning about new things with Wood Sprite (we’re at the age where many of their questions need to be looked up because hell if I know, but it’s fun to learn!)

What are you loving this week?

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The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

playing a guess-the-song game with Wood Sprite while waiting

getting all of the semester dates onto the calendar

trying out a bunch of new evening classes for Wood Sprite. Our new schedule doesn’t allow for many daytime events so we’re exploring the same types of things we did when WS was little! We have two things every night this week.

smelling like Gibbon’s Mischief Night, which I LOVE. It goes great with my Beetle Breath lotion.

making a bunch of phone calls

loving Wood Sprite’s famous grilled cheese on Aldi keto bread!

watching Wood Sprite have a blast at the arcade with some friends

writing All The Words

sleeping SO soundly. I can’t remember when I slept this well. Between winter, walking a couple of miles a day, a higher dosage of magnesium and just living every minute to the fullest as best as we can, we’re all pooped by ten these days! I would have laughed if you’d said I’d be in bed by then two months ago.

stalking packages

trying to decide between re-reading Dresden Files or watching a new show with Indy for some date time goodness

still tasting raw garlic after lunch (and chasing it with some unicorn tea)

What are you up to this week?

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