Lyrical Gaffes

What lyrics do you always get wrong? Maybe you like them that way and you don’t want them to change.

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Ever Day I’m Chafflin’

This may be life-changing.

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Octopus Oddities and Onions

The octopus just gets more impressive every day. The species is going to inherit the world, isn’t it?

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The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

writing into the wee morning hours… and late night hours. Naps are scattered throughout, often on Indy while he’s playing a video game.

watching Rocky IV as a family. We’d seen I-III with Wood Sprite but I’ve been putting this one off because it hurts my heart.

reading about Ada Lovelace, Saladin, evolution, the plague, wastewater, the War of the Roses, elements of art, the history of salt and more with Wood Sprite. We’re also enjoying Where The Mountain Meets the Moon and The Seven Tales of Trinket this week.

finishing The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and crying over it. What a beautiful story. Wood Sprite wasn’t impressed and abandoned it early on, but I think if they’d read it at a younger age they may have enjoyed it more. Our tastes often clash when it comes to literature, but that does make for some great discussions.

loving the new diffuser Indy bought me SO much. Tobacco vanilla is everything.

enjoying texting with my baby sister, who loves to smell nice almost as much as I do. Being closer as adults is so much fun, especially since I’m eight years older and it was more of a babysitter relationship while growing up.

digging the new mail service that sends you scans of your mail! I know it’s not new-new, but it’s new to me.

running hard while I do chores. I’m spending way too much time sitting and working lately so I’ve been doing HIIT style movements while I fold and put away laundry and do other chores, which has been leading to some heartburn, especially after coffee! Wood Sprite looks at me like I’ve grown a second head.

settling plans for the semester and trying to see where sleep might fit in…

watching How the Earth Was Made and half-loving, half-sighing over Wood Sprite’s constant need to pause and discuss everything

drinking SF mermaid syrup in All The Tea and loving it

What are you up to this week?