Monday’s Music


Universal Monster Collection Launches At Hot Topic

My teen’s dreams are coming true. If anyone asks, they totally want the Frankenstein jacket.

eShopper Forum
Universal Monster Collection Launches At Hot Topic

Grateful Dead Music
American Beautiy Crosley Record Player

Female Talk
Helen Mirren Supports Trans People

That 80s Blog
Stranger Things Season 4

Family Guy Talk
No Family Guy On Disney+

Frog Source
The Horror of Being Prey

The Tuesday Currents

Well hello, October! Thought you’d sneak in with some 90s weather and pure sunshine, eh? NOT HAVING IT. In fact, today my family and I…

wore all the Halloween jewelry (to be fair, I wear my writer spiders year-round, but I also wore a fabulous necklace a friend made–not only do I love it, but so does everyone who sees it, R!)

stocked up on items for our Boo Bags (plus got all the Halloween birthday cards for the month, including Wood Sprite’s)

stuck our usual plastic hand out of the trunk

didn’t have to finish decorating because oh yeah WE DID THAT LAST WEEKEND, October!

started our 31 days of costumes

watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, an annual October 1 tradition

started our pumpkin pinch pots

started reading Coraline aloud

made our Inktober art (today’s prompt was “ring”) #inktober #inktober2019 (Since we were up past midnight we went ahead and did day 2, “mindless,” too. Wood Sprite is asleep but I’ll ask permission to post WS’s art tomorrow! You can see mine are doodled around one of this year’s reading challenges…)

had pumpkiny and apple-y things for breakfast (and apple cider!)

had pumpkin and cinnamon ice cream after Wood Sprite’s dentist visit (the Schmidt tradition to get ice cream after the dentist began long before my generation but we do enjoy carrying it on!)


Indy and I had a date while Wood Sprite went to a sewing class and completed a project in under two hours

Indy saved a kickball when some kids knocked it over a fence (after I predicted it would happen)

I paid bills, did paperwork, met some homeschooling goals with Wood Sprite, worked on 4-H and read a tiny bit of Heartless, which I’m already hooked on

Wood Sprite gave two speeches at Toastmasters–one prepared and one off the cuff

I had an awesome cinnamon spice cold brew

We spread good Halloween cheer, tidings and joy to several people, many of them strangers

I sorted out our DVDs by genre (because we needed to fish out the rest of the movies for the month)

Wood Sprite finished the second draft of an essay and I helped to proof some of it

and it’s already October 2nd as I write this (happy birthday, GM!) and I’m up working…

What are you up to this week?

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