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–Maggie Kuhn

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The Tuesday Currents

My faithful writing companions

I’m currently…

getting excited about a date with my guy tonight

planning some cute Easter activities for Mogwai, my niece, this week. Her present got her on time, too–a stuffed Gizmo!

looking for a moment to binge Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Game of Thrones… no, I haven’t had a moment to read or watch much this past week, although we did manage to watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and loved it!

writing these fingers off. I wrote over 13,000 words in 24 hours over the weekend, y’all. Much of it was stuff I had to research, too. I didn’t sleep and I nearly went mad in slaphappy giggles afterward but I did it. Unfortuantely I didn’t meet my big two-week goal, but I’d say it was impressive following Indy’s surgery and Wood Sprite and I being sick all month. I’ll meet the next one head-on!

attempting to release with compassion and understanding

wishing for steadier weather on behalf of my bloody nose and cough

admiring my cute planner themes. Last week I glued in some Captain Marvel scraps since we finally got to see it; this week I’ve drawn in some Stephen King characters in honor of trivia night (last night)

spreading eggs into multiple baskets

drinking Peeps coffee

planning rides, carpools and logistics and celebrating the second-to-the-last field trip I’ll be hosting this year! Pro tip: if something explicitly says it’s not a drop-off event, you don’t get to drop your kids off.

wondering why there are so many animals in this house and why none of them will let me sleep. Also giggling over the cats chasing pipe cleaners. This may be a continuation of the aforementioned slaphappy giddiness.

What are you up to this week?

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