The Tuesday Currents

This is Sally! As much as she looks like our beloved Cleo, she’s quite the opposite. Total sugar sweetheart and not an ounce of sneakiness…yet!


Rocking out to… Jack Johnson.

Drinking… coffee

Writing… the usual suspects plus more!

Reading… LumberjanesShattered Warrior, Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur

Watching… Born to be Wild (IMAX with friends!), House of Cards, Emoji Movie (Drive-in Groupon last week!), Table 19

Planning… No time to plan with all the DOING we are doing this week! GISHWHES, two all-day Girl Scout workshops, court house tours, library programs, a barbecue, a tea date, a steering committee meeting, a science camp, tons of errands, Wood Sprite’s bronze award work, a birthday party, two plays, a barbecue, moving furniture and a baseball game? Yeah, I’m exhausted just typing it out! This week’s intention reads, “Survive wearing a bra every day.” The struggle is real.

Also, we adopted a cat when we were supposed to just get a photo for a scavenger hunt item. Thanks, GISHWHES! 😉

Wanting… To enjoy this chaos! So far, so good.

Monday’s Music

This week is #GISHWHES, so it’s already massively chaotic, right? GISHWHES takes hours every day and while it’s fun and for charity, you have to clear some time for it, which is what I did… last week. I had it in my head that it was last week instead of this week!

So this week is FULL of classes, events and activities all over the place, PLUS GISHWHES! In honor of the utter mayhem, here’s one of my favorites. Wish me luck!


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