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Those Sparkly Homeschool Moments

I see things every day that I am amazed by, but every once in a while something just wows me…

Working and Parenting
Crafting with the Scientific Method

AA Talk
Staying Conscious of Addiction During the Holidays

League of Capitalist Voters
Death Penalty Moratorium Declared in Oregon

Drug Specialist
More Scary Water News

Farm Subsidy Voters League
Sign the Cotton Crimes Petition

November 5 is Bank Transfer Day

Feel like switching banks?

League of Responsible Government Voters
November 5 is Bank Transfer Day

Working and Parenting
Give Children the Freedom to Make Mistakes

E Daily
My Husband is Smarter Than Me

Medical Book Club
“Say Ahhh!” Dora Goes to the Doctor

Free Zumba!

It’s right at your fingertips.

Free Zumba and Other Workouts on YouTube

So Many Violent Pitbulls, So Many Violent People

Washington Book Club
Stephen King Writing Sequel to The Shining

Working and Parenting
Weather-proofing Your Kid

League of Fair Trade Voters
Stand Against Land Grabs

Ready for Halloween?

Here are some tips to get your home Halloween-ready.

Halloween Talk
Get Your House Halloween Ready

Health Care Voters League
New Study Shows Vaccine May Be Linked to Autism

Barbie Six-Word Memoir Project

Anti-Cancer Voters League
Big Chem Companies are More Important Than American Health

Working and Parenting
More Girl Stuff vs. Boy Stuff

Why are you wearing boys’ shoes?

A little commentary on what another little girl asked my little girl, and the role of gender in our kids’ lives.

Working and Parenting
Why Are You Wearing Boys’ Shoes?

Biography Book Club
Leonardo: Beautiful Dreamer

How-to Book Club
Amazing Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions You Can Build Yourself

Restaurant Talk
Way to Teach Kids to Lie to Their Moms, Steak N Shake

That Gay Blog
Gay People Don’t Exist

Air Force Talk
September 20: Moment of Silence for Trans Service Members

Rainy Day Activities for the Fourth of July

Just in case…

Working and Parenting
10 Rainy Independence Day Activities

Fantasy Book Club
Harry Potter Fever!

History Book Club
Who Were the First North Americans?

Writer’s Remorse
Writers and Intellectual Property Rights

Beer Report
Sometimes You Just Want a Beer

How to Tell if Someone is Drowning

Please read and pass on this important information. Drowning looks significantly different from what the movies portray.

Working and Parenting
How to Tell if Someone is Drowning

Science Report
Tell Psychology Today to Atone for their Racism

Transportation Job Market
Hey Congress, We Could Really Use Some Infrastructure Jobs

Bring on the Weed for Meds, Says Vermont

Green Voters League
Toronto Schools Use Solar Paneling

Healthy Recovery
Tell Food Manufacturers: No More BPA

Send Tornado Aid to the South and Midwest

Find out how below.

360 Blog
Help Provide Tornado Relief

Boston Job Market
100 New Boston Jobs Through TD Bank

Chicago Job Market
March on May 1 for Chicago Jobs

Today’s Special
10 Ways to Celebrate Frog Month

Working and Parenting
Rain, Rain Won’t Spoil Our Day

Sci Fi Book Club
The Latest Hunger Games Movie News

Parenting Report
No More Toxic Chemicals, Period

Retail Job Market
Protest Wal-Mart on May Day

Healthcare Job Market
Work for Advocates for Youth

Shop with the 3/50 Project

Healthy and Hale
Schools Add BMI, Weight to Report Cards

Single Woman Talk
23 Things You Don’t Know About Yourself

South Park Talk
HUMANCENTiPAD, Season 15, Episode 1