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Father Spanks Daughter to Death

This story is just too tragic to even think about. I wish parents could see how much harm is in spanking, whether the immediate results are this harmful or not.

Spirituality in the 21st Century
Father Spanks Daughter to Death

Parenting Report
Using Your Parents As an Excuse Just Doesn’t Work

Romantic Report
Love and Other Drugs is Neither Very Lovey Nor Druggie

Objectors US
West Memphis Three Set Free by Weird Law

Single Woman Talk
Why Do Men Name Objects After Women?

Denver Music
Song of the Day: “Evil Ways”
Song of the Day: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”

13 Ways Cicadas are Like Men

This is just a joke, guys! It’s actually a product of some goofy thoughts my best friend and I had the other day.

Single Women Talk
13 Ways Men are Like Cicadas

X-Men: First Class Takes Us Back Full Circle

Pet in the Pocket
Rats on the Runway

Fun Report
Best Prank Ever, or Most Scarred Kid for Life?

Adventure Book Club
YA Saves

Parenting Report
How Do You Know She’s Learning?

Human Trafficking Law Passed in Georgia

Hey America, let’s all pass this legislation, shall we?

Politics Report
Georgia Passes Human Trafficking Law

Single Woman Talk
Terminology and Misogyny

Healthy Recovery
Porn Industry Targets Women with Anorexia

Parenting Report
Make it a Meaningful Mother’s Day

El Paso Flowers
West Texas Succulents Should Be Nursery Bought

Seafood Talk
Fisherman to Be Paid to Catch Trash

Send Tornado Aid to the South and Midwest

Find out how below.

360 Blog
Help Provide Tornado Relief

Boston Job Market
100 New Boston Jobs Through TD Bank

Chicago Job Market
March on May 1 for Chicago Jobs

Today’s Special
10 Ways to Celebrate Frog Month

Working and Parenting
Rain, Rain Won’t Spoil Our Day

Sci Fi Book Club
The Latest Hunger Games Movie News

Parenting Report
No More Toxic Chemicals, Period

Retail Job Market
Protest Wal-Mart on May Day

Healthcare Job Market
Work for Advocates for Youth

Shop with the 3/50 Project

Healthy and Hale
Schools Add BMI, Weight to Report Cards

Single Woman Talk
23 Things You Don’t Know About Yourself

South Park Talk
HUMANCENTiPAD, Season 15, Episode 1

Force-Fed For Beauty

While girls in the West are known to starve themselves for some distorted standard of beauty, girls in Mauritania are often force-fed to gain weight in order to attract a man.

Single Woman Talk
Young Girls Stuffed For Beauty in Mauritania

Military Book Club
Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods

Farm Talk
Are Pigs Really a Flu Threat to Humans?

Toxic Waste Cloud
You’re Inconvenienced, Are You?

Health Food Talk
Yay or Nay for Chocolate Milk?

January Wrap Up

Didn’t make the most of the month? That’s okay–you still have a whole year ahead of you.

Living To Do
Self-Help Group Awareness Month

Single Woman Talk
National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month

Gadgetry Report
Leave the Best Voicemail Message Ever

National Bird Feeding Month

Working and Parenting
10 Ways to Have Some Fun at Work

The Freedom to Do It Wrong

Summer Camps and a Possible Ogopogo Corpse

If your kids are between 5 and 12 you may want to take advantage of this cool summer program below. That, and some more controversial stories, below.

I’ve also been updating the site, putting blogs where they belong (instead of the articles section) and should have it all finished by the end of next week.

Parenting Report
Curb Summer Blahs with Camp Curiosity

Single Woman Talk
Online Dating Serial Rapist Finally Sent to Be Somebody’s Bitch

Weird Animal Report
Canada’s “Nessie” Finally Proven?

Animal Report
New Updates to Euthanasia Laws

To Marry or Not to Marry?

usToday is Decide to Be Married Day. I always thought how wickedly cool couples like Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell and Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins were, not being married but staying together, having children, and the works.

Even when my guy proposed and I said yes, I kept putting it off because I liked that we were “living in sin.” Later, I thought, “We won’t get married until our gay friends can,” which I still think is very important–and sometimes wish we had held out for.

Ultimately uncomplicated insurance is what drove us to tying the knot when we did, but I always knew we would somewhere in the back of my mind. I love being my guy’s wife, and he loves being my husband.

I’ve added a new link today–Inspire Me Thursday, one of my new favorite sites. Check out their latest blog post featuring some amazing chalk art animation.

Finally, there’s also a new badge on this page for my cause, the UN World Food Programme. Please visit the sponsor site on my badge and help raise money for hungry kids for free!

~Today’s Articles~

Blissful Vows
Maybe We Should Get Married

Working and Parenting
The Great American Backyard Campout!

Single Woman Talk
Spinster? Sex Fiend? In-Between? Get Tested.

Earth Talk
Energy Bill Passes

Family Guy Talk
10 Reasons to Love Lois

How to Make Paper, Part 1
How to Make Paper, Part 2
Handmade Paper Institute Struggling

Mortgage 2 You
Red Roof Inn Defaults on Mortgages
Benefits of Mortgage Mediation

Stuff to Do in June

fireworksToday’s list is pretty self-explanatory…

Parenting Report
Child Vision Awareness Month
10 Great Gifts for Dad

Healthy and Hale
Fireworks Safety Month

Living To Do
Finishing School

Earth Talk
Stop the Strip Mining of Montana’s National Galcier Park

360 Blog
Celebrating Pride Month

Working and Parenting
Celebrate Great Outdoors Month

Single Woman Talk
Rebuild Your Life Month

Spirituality Bestsellers
Living Juicy

Pagan Journey
Pagan Book Review: 365 Goddess

Champagne Report
A Perfect Champagne Picnic for Two