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Creepy Books and Things Under the Bed

In this case, it was an orange under the bed; but hey, there are much creepier things in some bedrooms…

Baltimore Book Club
Rabbits in the Garden

Pop Music Club
Katy Perry’s Huge Disappointment

You Clean
Surprises in Your Kids’ Rooms

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Drug Specialist
Drug Companies Fined Billions

League of Pro-Life Voters
“I’ve Never Really Thought About That”

Those Sparkly Homeschool Moments

I see things every day that I am amazed by, but every once in a while something just wows me…

Working and Parenting
Crafting with the Scientific Method

AA Talk
Staying Conscious of Addiction During the Holidays

League of Capitalist Voters
Death Penalty Moratorium Declared in Oregon

Drug Specialist
More Scary Water News

Farm Subsidy Voters League
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