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Is it hot enough for you?

Where I live in the Midwest, we haven’t had rain in weeks. Our garden is pretty much kaput. And it’s make us wonder some things, like the status of an energy policy from the current administration…

Letter to Senators
Pass a Sustainable Energy Policy

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Hunger Action Friday and More

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Blue State Blues

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Hans Zimmer Song to Benefit Colorado Shooting Victims

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Goodnight Goon

Farm Subsidy Voters
Urban Gardening Could Save Us All

Creepy Books and Things Under the Bed

In this case, it was an orange under the bed; but hey, there are much creepier things in some bedrooms…

Baltimore Book Club
Rabbits in the Garden

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Katy Perry’s Huge Disappointment

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Surprises in Your Kids’ Rooms

Farm Subsidy Voters
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Drug Specialist
Drug Companies Fined Billions

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“I’ve Never Really Thought About That”

Can Yoga Cause Bodily Harm?

Some experts say yes.

League of Health Care Voters
Is Yoga Bad for You?

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Review: ABC Mouse

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When is It Okay to Start Crushing on Harry Potter?

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Is This Pink Vomit Really Chicken Nuggets

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Fun Quotes From the Campaign Trail

Lady Gaga Wants to Outlaw Bullying

The pop sensation continues her amazing crusade to stop bullying.

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Lady Gaga’s Mission: Outlaw Bullying

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Addicted to Gaming? Maybe He’ll Be a Medical Hero

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West Hollywood Bans Fur

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Want to Ward Off Sickness? Tell Big Farms to Stop Using Antibiotics

Farm Subsidy Voters
UK Bans Farm Ad for Misleading Content