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More Job News

Sacramento Job Market
Sacramento PD to Lay Off CSIs

San Antonio Job Market
Work in the City of San Antonio

San Diego Job Market
Searching for Employment in San Diego

San Jose Job Market
Unemployment in San Jose Drops 10 Percent

St. Louis Job Market
Eureka Seems to Be Where the Jobs Are

Transportation Job Market
Go Ahead, Get That Class E License

Seattle Job Market
Seattle is the Place for Green IT Jobs

Tucson Job Market
Searching for Jobs in Tucson

Tulsa Job Market
Tulsa Sees an Increase in Construction Jobs

Jobs in America

Looking for leads? Here are a few in select major metropolitan areas.

St. Louis Job Market
New Restaurants Come to Arnold, Missouri

Los Angeles Job Market
Los Angeles Jobs

Fort Worth Job Market
Fort Worth Leading the Country in New Jobs

Politics Report
Russia to Up Gas Export Duty to 44%

Fresno Flowers
Fresno Bees Go MIA

Hot in the US
Don’t Give Out Those Passwords

Jazz Music Club
Celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month

Visit Your Local Mom and Pop Place

…where you’re sure to get a memorable, if not amazing, meal.

Living to Do

Culinary Adventure: Visit Your Local Mom and Pop

Animal Report
Take Action: Save Animal Protection Laws

Cher Music
Song of the Day: “If I Could Turn Back Time”

Art Book Club
First Art: Art Experiences for Toddlers and Twos

St. Louis Job Market
Stop Missouri Paycheck Deception Bill

Parenting Report
Budget Cuts Threaten Working Families

Car Show
Which New Cars are Efficient and Affordable?

The Beatles Talk
Song of the Day: “I Want to Hold Your Hand”

Country Music Talk
Song of the Day: “Friends in Low Places”

Health Food Talk
Delicious Low-Cal Snack: Apples and Blue Cheese

10 Reasons to Burn a Koran

As revolting and offensive as that phrase sounds, a Florida church is actually employing it in “honor” of those who died on 9/11.

Peace Report
10 Reasons to Burn a Koran

St. Louis Job Market
VegaDeli is Hiring

Vegetarian Talk
Get Ready for Hug a Vegetarian Day!

Parenting Report
September is National Rice Month

Living to Do
10 Things to Do in an Elevator

The Incredible Memory of Horses

Horses can remember people from positive relationships, even if they’ve been separated for a lengthy period of time.

Horse Forum
Elephants Aren’t the Only Ones Who Never Forget

St. Louis Job Market
East St. Louis Laying Off Firefighters and Police Officers

St. Louis Music
The Sound of Music Playing at the Muny

South Park Talk
South Park Terrorist Turns Out to Be Real Deal

Single Mother Talk
STFU, Phyllis Schlafly

Looking for Employment?

archA lot of people are. Hopefully some of the information below will be of some help.

Charlotte Job Market
Job Outlook in Charlotte Not Solid But Hopeful

Columbus Job Market
Jobless Rate Declines in Columbus

El Paso Job Market
Job Gains and Losses in El Paso

Fort Worth Job Market
Farmer’s Markets Growing in Fort Worth

Indianapolis Job Market
Indianapolis Economy Ready for a Comeback?

Kansas City Job Market
Construction Jobs Down in Kansas City

Memphis Job Market
College Students in Memphis Prepare for the Business World

Milwaukee Job Market
College Kids in Milwaukee Fear a Bleak Job Market

Nashville Job Market
New Prediction for 2012: Nashville Recovery

New Orleans Job Market
New Orleans Down 1100 Jobs

Oklahoma City Job Market
Oklahoma City’s Jobless Rate Among the Lowest in the Country

Omaha Job Market
Meatpacking is a Dangerous Gig in Nebraska

Phoenix Job Market
Teachers to Be Laid Off in Phoenix

St. Louis Job Market
St. Louis Nurses “Shielded” From Tough Economy

Virginia Beach Job Market
Master’s Degree: New Qualification for Scooping Ice Cream?

Real Book
ArchEnemy a Disappointing Finale