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Blue Food

…is not always bad. Below I share an odd experience with blue Jelly Belly candies.

Living To Do
Try the Speckled Ones

Real Book
Give the Gift of Free Books

Spirituality Bestsellers
Life is a Verb

Foreign Book Club
Teach Me… Italian

Science Report
Hunter’s Ghoul Pic a Piece of Crap

Meaning Between the Pages

Parenting Book Club
Cool Parent 101
101 Things Every Kid Should Do Growing Up

Spirituality Bestsellers
Eat Mangoes Naked

Nature Book Club
Tell Me, Tree

Real Book
Library Lovers Month

Craft World
Easy Valentine’s Crafts for Preschoolers

Parenting Report
Valentine Advent!

Cosmetics Report
Do’s and Don’ts for Valentine’s Day

Looking for Employment?

archA lot of people are. Hopefully some of the information below will be of some help.

Charlotte Job Market
Job Outlook in Charlotte Not Solid But Hopeful

Columbus Job Market
Jobless Rate Declines in Columbus

El Paso Job Market
Job Gains and Losses in El Paso

Fort Worth Job Market
Farmer’s Markets Growing in Fort Worth

Indianapolis Job Market
Indianapolis Economy Ready for a Comeback?

Kansas City Job Market
Construction Jobs Down in Kansas City

Memphis Job Market
College Students in Memphis Prepare for the Business World

Milwaukee Job Market
College Kids in Milwaukee Fear a Bleak Job Market

Nashville Job Market
New Prediction for 2012: Nashville Recovery

New Orleans Job Market
New Orleans Down 1100 Jobs

Oklahoma City Job Market
Oklahoma City’s Jobless Rate Among the Lowest in the Country

Omaha Job Market
Meatpacking is a Dangerous Gig in Nebraska

Phoenix Job Market
Teachers to Be Laid Off in Phoenix

St. Louis Job Market
St. Louis Nurses “Shielded” From Tough Economy

Virginia Beach Job Market
Master’s Degree: New Qualification for Scooping Ice Cream?

Real Book
ArchEnemy a Disappointing Finale



If you’ve already been to Octoberfest, you probably know it’s German-American History Month. But if you didn’t, why not start the celebrating now?

Parenting Report
German-American History Month
Halloween Safety

Dessert Report
National Bake and Decorate Month

Real Book
Another Reading Holiday is Upon Us

Cosmetics Report
Check Your Makeup Expiration Dates

360 Blog
Today is Blog Action Day

Living To Do
Sleep in a Haunted Place

Are you registered?

voteI’m not currently working for any drives this year, but I can still help you if you need to get registered to vote. Just let me know.

Help Me Blogger
September is Shameless Promotion Month

Real Book
Wicked is Wickedly Disturbing and Delightful

Artista Blog
Enter the Best of WetCanvas Contest
October is Right Brainers Rule Month

360 Blog
Remember to Register to Vote Week
National Bullying Awareness Week

TV World
Why Do We Love Law and Order: SVU?

Ye’ll Meet the Rope’s End for That One, Me Bucko

That’s probably my all-time favorite pirate phrase. What’s yours?

Parenting Report
Saturday is Talk Like a Pirate Day

360 Blog
Is a Phone Call Worth 1,000 Emails?

Working and Parenting
Test Your Products’ Safety at Healthy Stuff

Spirituality Bestsellers
Take The Soul Journey

Real Book
Celebrate Banned Books Week!

Lots to Read, to Teach, to Do

Lots of things today!

Earth Talk
Go Green or Don’t, Already

Seafood Talk
Support the Recovery of Wild Salmon

Real Book
The New Classics

Spirituality Bestsellers
Why is God Laughing?

Foreign Entertainment
Review: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Living to Do
See (Insert Aweseome, Awe-Inspiring Location) Before I Die

Parenting Report
Environmental Stewardship: The New Family Value

Take Action, Read a Book & Be Healthy

bunnyThere are three important actions you can take today, below, along with an excellent–albeit chilling–book rec and some healthy recipe and skin care suggestions. Now you can’t claim to be bored today. 🙂

Peace Report
Help Free Syrian Human Rights Activist

Real Book
Child of God: A Chilling Tale of Depravity and Violence

Dessert Report
Low-Cal, High-Flavor Recipes at HungryGirl.com

Pet in the Pocket
Take Action: Bunnies Tortured and Killed at Petland

Cosmetics Report
For Your Skin’s Sake, Fake It

Bird Talk
Put an End to Unnecessary McDonald’s Chicken Cruelty