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Raffi Calls for New View on Environment

Folk Music Talk
Raffi Says It’s Time to Change Our Story

Vegetarian Talk
February is Exotic Veggies Month

Fort Worth Flowers
Care About Your Indoor Air Month

Pro-Choice Voters
Legalizing Murder: South Dakota Says Kill the Abortionists!


Get Creative in November

I’m not sure why November has so many creative challenges attached to it; what I am sure of, however, is that there’s almost no excuse to not get creative this month!

Also, be sure to check out (and join if interested!) my new Facebook challenge for the month, Random Acts of Kindness, below.

Artista Blog
November is Art Every Day Month

Vegetarian Talk
Adopt a Turkey This Thanksgiving

360 Blog
Random Acts of Kindness on Facebook

Living To Do
NaNoJouMo: National Nonstop Journaling Month

Hungry Blogger
Mmm, Pumpkin Tarts!

National Literacy Day

Here’s a quick list of easy things you can do to help promote literacy.

360 Blog
Spread the Literacy

Air Force Talk
Westboro Baptist Church Brings Hate to Our Communities

Vegetarian Talk
I Love Food Network, But…

Seafood Talk
“Dancing Shrimp”: A Macabre Delicacy

Pagan Journey
Celebrating Mabon

Young Feminist Blog Carnival Tomorrow!

Grab this badge and find out how to participate below!

Pro Choice Voters
Join in the Feminist Blog Carnival

Vegetarian Talk
National Banana Lover’s Day

Pregnant Report
Help End Obstetric Fistula

Michael Jackson Talk
Happy Birthday, MJ

Today’s Special
Your Own Pee-Wee’s Playhouse

10 Reasons to Burn a Koran

As revolting and offensive as that phrase sounds, a Florida church is actually employing it in “honor” of those who died on 9/11.

Peace Report
10 Reasons to Burn a Koran

St. Louis Job Market
VegaDeli is Hiring

Vegetarian Talk
Get Ready for Hug a Vegetarian Day!

Parenting Report
September is National Rice Month

Living to Do
10 Things to Do in an Elevator

Women in Kenya Face Danger at Communal Toilets

Most of us women have been told to travel in groups to avoid danger, but what about when going to the bathroom from our own homes?

Female Talk
Women in Kenya Face Rape During Toilet Use

Vegetarian Talk
Dairy Industry Petitions Against Soy Milk, Threatens to Tell Mother

Net Culture Talk
If I Had a Trillion Dollars Contest

Pitbulls, Turtles, and Whales

Lots of ways to take action for the animals today:

Pitbull News
Stop Banning Pit Bulls

Today’s Special
Happy Arbor Day!

Whale City
President Obama, Please Don’t Kill the Whales

Turtle City
Sea Turtles Killed by Fisheries

Vegetarian Talk
Is it Teaching, Force-Feeding, or Necessary?

Healthy and Hale
Sign the Breast Cancer Petition

Campus Report
Humane Society University

Pro-Choice Voters
Help Pass the Global Sexual and Reproductive Health Act

Tree Worshipper
Teens Turning Green

Spring Toe-Dragging

I’ve had such a slow output lately, even as I double my efforts! Many factors are at play, and while the fault is largely my own I would like to take this opportunity to instead blame my cat. After all, she continues to usurp the footstool beneath my desk, without which I cannot comfortably work. No, kitty, that’s a bad kitty!

Baltimore Job Market
Baltimore Cut Fewer Jobs in 2009

Vegetarian Talk
Caribbean Cruises: Stop Serving Foie Gras

The Green Voters League
Environmental Actions This Week

And a new Creative Copy Challenge is up! Come and play. 🙂
Challenge #25