The Tuesday Currents


Rocking toUs the Duo. I am SO in love with them right now.

Laughing About… the antics of kids.

Drinking… ginger ale

ReadingDoctor Who comics

Writing… WNBA blogs, mattress articles, soccer blogs, an ebook (ghostwriting; sorry, you can’t read it!), hockey blogs, home remodeling articles, a press release…

Watching… How to Get Away with Murder

Planning… Playdates, adventures, camping and such!

Making… laundry soap, a Hall of Maps

Wanting… To be caught up so I can take a night off. It’s coming this weekend!

Things I Love Thursday


Sleep. Not setting the house on fire… ha! There are lots of things I’m loving this week. How about you? Here are just a few of them:

Park days with friends

Gorgeous spring weather

Costuming! I’ve been ordering one small piece per week to add to our costume stock.

My little sister’s birthday party (and finally playing Settlers of Catan)

Two homeschool art programs (at two different libraries!)

An amazing family day on Saturday that included paintball, the arcade, trampolines and–best of all–the three of us together. It was otherwise known as Use the Groupons From Christmas Day!

A tidal wave of work. I love having work but I am having a hard time finding time to get our lessons in, not to mention self-care (walking? bathing? ha), and sleep is not plentiful. 38,000+ words in a week is lot when you’re also homeschooling and doing all of the activities we are doing! It’s a good thing we overdo it on hours every year by recording her learning activities every day for weeks like this. So those are things I am NOT loving. But I love having work and some of it has been very interesting.

The new coffee machines at the library. Is the coffee the best on Earth? No. Do I still love it? A resounding YES.

Free dental cleanings! Yay insurance and clean teeth!

Hanging with my besties. I got to see M, S and C this week.

Doctor Who novels and comics! I am just smitten with the Ninth Doctor (I know I’m late to the party) and sure wish he had more seasons.


The Tuesday Currents

Cleo says, "I make you sleepy..."
Cleo says, “I make you sleepy…”

Rocking to… The purr of a cat, which is making me sleepy!

Laughing About… making animals’ voices with Wood Sprite. I swear, it’s our favorite pastime.

Drinking… coffee

Reading… I haven’t had any time to read this week but I did pick up a Doctor Who novel from the library.

Writing… WNBA blogs, retirement articles, soccer blogs, financial planning articles, hockey blogs, salon blogs…

Watching… the Agent Carter finale and the end of Doctor Who (1).

Planning… Our camping trip!

Making… schedule adjustments.

I am good today.

Monday’s Music

OK, everybody. I am NOT letting this week kick my tookus like last week! Between all of our events (a birthday party, three play dates, 4-H club, leadership club, a hike and conservation program, LARP, French colonial days in another town, a bubble program, Girl Scouts, co-op and cookie deliveries scattered throughout the week), teaching, planning, work and chores, I averaged four hours of sleep a night. One night, I didn’t sleep at all. Ten years ago that was nothing, but these days burning the midnight oil does NOT work for me when I need to be up early every day, too. I am putting my foot down this week! If it’s not done by 1:00, too bad. I am hitting the hay.

Then again, I also aim to stay on top of things this week:

How about you, readers and writers? March madness hitting you yet?