Things I Love Thursday

Wood Sprite says hello.
Wood Sprite says hello.

I love her SO much, but if I hear “Try Everything” one more time I may have to hide her new speakers from Grandma. I loved that song, too–yesterday, before I’d heard it 67 times.

Aside from that song, this week I am loving…

An intro to storytelling class for bloggers with (you guessed it!) great stories and resources. You can sign up for it at Fevered Mutterings.

New opportunities! I’m writing for a couple of new places and working in a schedule that serves us well.

A clean office. It took me three days to get it clean after it was taken over by aliens rats with feathers adorable feathered creatures for a couple of months. I also did some re-arranging, gutting and de-cluttering because of course I did.

Visits and calls with friends! Now that the semester is officially over, I don’t see my friends as often as I normally do (neither does Wood Sprite), so when they do visit it feels like a holiday. “Oh, Z and A are coming for a sleepover? Maybe we should make the special punch!” Let’s be honest–I will use any excuse to make punch.

My 2017 planner. It’s mostly homemade and I love it SO much. I wish I could start using it now. It’s–well, LOOK at it:

Yes, it says “World Domination Handbook” right next to Liz Sherman.

It even has weekly blog reminders, plenty of space for my inane doodles and insane journal entries and the most adorable deadline stickers you’ve ever seen.

My new Doctor Who ringtone. Wood Sprite loves it, too, as it A. reminds her to ask me for a phone so she can have the same ringtone every time she hears it (nope) and B. doesn’t freak her out like my old American Horror Story ringtone did.

What are you loving?


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