Progressive Parenting: Adam Savage as Gollum, Will Smith’s Parenting Style…

I hate to throw celebrity names around, but… No, no, I don’t really hate it at all, as long as they are celebrities I like. šŸ˜‰

Keep in mind that 9 out of 10 of my blogs have much more information than is given in the titles. They’re usually just highlights. I love lists and I love to dig into projects and news, so expect a bunch of links with recipes, news stories, craft examples and unschooling and homeschooling information in most blogs!

Geekin’ Out: Adam Savage’s Gollum Impersonation
Plus an interview with Jim Butcher

The Unschool Blog Carnival is Live!
Plus (Tardy) Take Action Tuesday: Wolves, sweat shops, tuna recalls and more.

What’s Happening Wednesday: Will Smith’s View on Punishment
Plus homeschooling parents around the world

Friday Fun: Sharing Secrets
Plus Disney villains, how to unschool and DIY cozy home tips

Saturday Steals & Deals: Free Home Remedies Book
Plus homeschool printables, free college courses and more

Rainy Day Ideas
Keep the crew happy this rainy weekend with these fun ideas.

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