New Post at Feminspire

I’ve been a bit behind on my blogs at Feminspire, but I hope to catch up quickly and share many more soon. One of the things I plan to write is a series called “Feminist Homeschooling.” This week I have a blog up called Feminist Homeschooling: We’re Not All Right-Wing Religious Folks.

Per the comments, I realize that I touch upon several different topics in this piece that I don’t really delve deeply into, but I didn’t intend to venture into them deeply. The blog is about the title. Other issues may become other blogs, and they may not. I dig the circular, more organic writing that many women writers in particular engage in, and I do it myself often enough. I think it’s also important to recognize that the traditional linear style is not the only way to write up your thoughts; indeed, a place like Feminspire is probably the best platform to make that point. 🙂

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