Things I Love Thursday

Cleo and She-Ra are vying for rug real estate.
Cleo and She-Ra are vying for rug real estate.

I’m loving a lot of things this week, but this new desk mat and rug combo is at the tippy top of my list. My mom sent it to me to use at my standing desk and it’s AWESOME. The only problem is that every time I get off of it, I have to fight a critter to wrangle it back. (See Exhibit A, right.)

Some other things I’m loving this week include…

Seeing one of my best friends TWICE! Neither of us have a car while our husbands are at work so it has been a while.

This song. Much as I still love my angsty, tear-inducing music, I sure love a song that makes me feel happy lately.

Fever Ray. OMG. How did I not know about her? I’m in love. I feel like I exist in her songs. Like she’s wandered in my head for years and made art about what she saw. I wonder how many other people feel the same way.

A pretty awesome sleepover. We sang karaoke, played Mario Brothers and Tetris, had pizza, watched movies, pretended to be Ewoks, drew pictures, read books… Oh yeah, it was Wood Sprite’s sleepover, not mine!

The First Lady singing karaoke in the car with James Corden. I love this SO much.

Paper Girls! Such a great comic. Brian K. Vaughan is one of my favorites anyway and I’ve been reading everything of his that I can get my hands on, but this new series is especially fun.

My little niece. She’s not here yet, but I love her already. I can’t wait to meet her. My friend C also just had a beautiful baby boy whom I cannot wait to meet, either.

Visiting my parents. My mom fed us (REAL food! We still need to shop after our power was out for a couple of days!) and my dad gave us a ride to 4-H Conference Judging. Wood Sprite did great (8 project submissions this year). It was really nice to see them both.

Another one of my best friends underwent two surgeries this month and is doing well. I’ve lost sleep worrying about her a lot this year and I am SO glad that she’s on the healing end of the journey right now.

Indy getting a ton of overtime. I miss him SO much this week, but I also really, really appreciate it. We need it this time of year when my work is slow. His is usually the slowest in the summer, too (it was last month, for sure, so we are playing catch-up).

Wood Sprite won Cardinals tickets again through the summer reading program at the library!

We have a new agreement where WS doesn’t get on her computer until dark. She hated the idea but now she agrees that it’s better for her and there’s already so much improvement. She was getting so cranky, tired and short-tempered being on it so much, so we talked about it and agreed to try this out for a while. The animals are much happier (and worn out!) now that she’s back to playing with them more, too.

What are you loving this week?



The Tuesday Currents

It's almost GISHWHES time!
It’s almost GISHWHES time!

Rocking to… Led Zeppelin.

Laughing About… Indy making weird voices while he makes French toast.

Drinking… Water.

Reading… Y: The Last Man volume 2; Ex Machina volume 2; Saga volume 6; Ultimate X-Men (someone is on a Brian K. Vaughan kick); Ultimate Annuals; Rapunzel’s Revenge and Monster Blood with Wood Sprite

Writing… Product descriptions (jewelry, clothing, rugs, etc.), articles for the Klat network, three pieces for Screen Rant, journal entries, my October Changeling release.

Watching…  Wood Sprite had a sleepover and although we didn’t finish any of them, we started Brave, Pirates of the Caribbean and Rango. We just had too many fun things to do than sit through a whole movie!

Planning… GISHWHES, county fair plans, house repairs and yard work, sleepovers, co-op classes, field trips, a baby shower, fall stuff…

Making… Stickers, doodles, 2017 planner, work trackers, grocery list.

Wanting… Coffee… I am not sleeping well lately. I keep having terrible dreams or disruptions from animals. This morning, it was a skunk!

New Posts at the Klat Network

My 2014 journal was in a three-ring binder. 2017's will be a journal/planner combo. Ooooh!
My 2014 journal was in a three-ring binder. 2017’s will be a journal/planner combo. Ooooh!

I have some fun new topics at the Klat network! If you’d like to discuss them, be sure to click on the link and head to the chat section.

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The first rumors of a new Ghostbusters movie gave me chills of excitement. A lifelong fan of the movies, cartoons and comics, I thought it would be great to see what modern tech would look like in the franchise. When I heard it would be an all-female cast of some of my favorite comedians, I was even more thrilled. As a kid, I wanted to see a girl Ghostbuster, and while we did get that with Kylie in the Extreme cast (which was fun), seeing one in a movie was what I wanted. My sister and friends did, too.

In honor of the upcoming film, here are 15 Things We Really Want to See in Ghostbusters.