The Tuesday Currents

It's almost GISHWHES time!
It’s almost GISHWHES time!

Rocking to… Led Zeppelin.

Laughing About… Indy making weird voices while he makes French toast.

Drinking… Water.

Reading… Y: The Last Man volume 2; Ex Machina volume 2; Saga volume 6; Ultimate X-Men (someone is on a Brian K. Vaughan kick); Ultimate Annuals; Rapunzel’s Revenge and Monster Blood with Wood Sprite

Writing… Product descriptions (jewelry, clothing, rugs, etc.), articles for the Klat network, three pieces for Screen Rant, journal entries, my October Changeling release.

Watching…  Wood Sprite had a sleepover and although we didn’t finish any of them, we started Brave, Pirates of the Caribbean and Rango. We just had too many fun things to do than sit through a whole movie!

Planning… GISHWHES, county fair plans, house repairs and yard work, sleepovers, co-op classes, field trips, a baby shower, fall stuff…

Making… Stickers, doodles, 2017 planner, work trackers, grocery list.

Wanting… Coffee… I am not sleeping well lately. I keep having terrible dreams or disruptions from animals. This morning, it was a skunk!


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