Monday’s Music

Remember when we had fish? I'd love to stare at some fish right now. The cats ate too many of them for me to justify buying more...
Remember when we had fish? I’d love to stare at some fish right now. The cats ate too many of them for me to justify buying more…

This has been one of those Mondays that makes you feel as if you’re tied to a bunch of horses and some sadist is standing above you with a wide grin and a thin whip.

Last night, I woke up sobbing, lamenting about what a bad mother and wife I am because I worked all weekend and Wood Sprite is growing up so fast. I thought about people I’ve lost and how I want to spend every minute with my family, then had nightmares about working in the food industry and woke up again, puking. I’m sick, dehydrated and menstruating, which is always fun. I’ve had pieces I wrote over the weekend rejected for minor issues. (Nope, those won’t be paid at all.) I have an old client asking if I want to write for them again, which I feel pretty ambivalent about. Large bills are creeping in the mailbox like obnoxious spiders, Wood Sprite needs my help to get all of her 4-H materials together for judging in two days, I have a dozen deadlines in the next two weeks…

And after working all weekend, I could totally use a breather. I normally don’t post about bad stuff and condemn whining in all circumstances, but after getting so sick of everybody’s falsely cheerful Facebook posts (and leaving Facebook again) I decided to refrain from mincing my words today.

Although I did search for the perfect sick day song to simulate a sick day I just can’t take, I’ve decided that most songs about being sick are actually about being horny, so that’s not what I need. Today’s song has to be a Bangles one, then.

I hope your Monday is turning out to be better than mine!


15 Times Wolverine Was a Jerk

Another day, another fun list up at Screen Rant! I’m not sure which of these times Wolverine was a jerk is my favorite (to hate), but it was really fun creating the list. Feel free to leave a comment about other times you think he was a jerk!

Screen Rant
15 Worst Times Wolverine Was a Jerk

The Tuesday Currents

These two are so ready for the fireworks to be over. The cats feel the same way.
These two are so ready for the fireworks to be over. The cats feel the same way.

Rocking to… Some Bruce Springsteen. Heart.

Laughing About… Indy and Wood Sprite goofing off during Monopoly yesterday. They totally pwned me.

Drinking… Water.

Reading… Old comics. I was looking for my copy of Jean Grey and Scott Summer’s wedding issue because I wanted to use a quote from it only to realize that it was not only missing its cover, but also that page I wanted. Yikes! I need a new copy. I’ve had that one since I was what, 12?

Writing… Site testing, video blurbs, geeky lists, journal entries, my October Changeling release… pretty much the same kind of stuff as last week. Again! This will probably not change for a while, although I also wrote some product descriptions last week and will do some more this week, too.

Watching… While Indy was unexpectedly off this weekend, we watched The Village, X-Men: First Class and Jaws with Wood Sprite. Sadly she seemed to only enjoy the middle movie.

Planning… A mini vacation next month, some sleepovers, a book swap, our fall schedule

Making… Food! My parents visited while we had some burgers, corn on the cob and other goodies yesterday and it was so nice to see them.

Wanting… I wanted some candy pretty bad yesterday–I don’t buy it for myself very often anymore–and my middle sister L came by and brought me not only saltwater taffy, which is one of my favorites, but a bag with all kinds of really fun flavors (caramel apple, s’mores, etc.). So I pretty much got what I wanted already this week!