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The Tuesday Currents

The awesome Mexican salamander, or axolotl, we saw at the Science Center!
Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to this week.


Listening to: Def Leppard mix

Eating: Pepperjack cheese

Drinking: Unsweetened tea

Reading: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn; Free Range Learning, by Laura Grace Weldon

Watching: Nothing this week; it’s just been too busy!

Wearing: Light blue t-shirt and pirate pants

Writing: blogs, novella edits (!), forum starters, daily deals, postcrossing postcards, journaling

Creating: A career as an author! Also: Medusa mask, Mexican mirrors, Lego drama and creations, painted pottery, and general doodles with Wood Sprite

Thinking: I’m on cloud nine. My first book will be available in November, right before my birthday! I also had the chance to see the axolotl salamander (see photo) at the Science Center, which is one of the first things I wrote about after becoming a full-time freelancer. It meant a lot of things to me, all of them positive.

Feeling: I am pretty much high on life right now. I dare you to make me frown. It ain’t gonna happen! I’m also feeling tired from my new walk-a-mile-a-day habit, which is only two days old.

Wanting: To shout out this news from the bottom of my lungs to every person I meet!

Needing: Hmmm… I don’t think I need anything at the moment. 🙂

Enjoying: The obvious!

Wondering: How many many people I’m going to annoy with my uninhibited elation and general giddiness…

and, the Weather: Hot as ever. The pumpkins are still taking off, but the rest of our garden is pretty much kaput.

This format comes from the blog CrazyBeautiful.

The Tuesday Currents

Our lovely lettuce, before the heat wave!

This format comes from the blog CrazyBeautiful.


Listening to: Connection Parenting audios

Eating: Just finished some of Papa’s amazing caramelized brown sugar potatoes!

Drinking: Pink Lemonade

Reading: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott; Charlotte’s Web, by EB White (with Wood Sprite); Stand Up For Your Life by Cheryl Richardson; Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman

Watching: Wood Sprite play in her room as I attempt to work–ha!

Wearing: Gray t-shirt and striped pants

Writing: blogs, parenting intentions, correspondence, forum starters, daily deals, postcrossing postcards, homeschool group organizing, misc.

Creating: Trying to work while people are awake… I know better than this! Sometimes you just want to write and to get it done, though. It’s just impossible when the rest of the house isn’t asleep, though. Once the perfect sentence is gone, it’s gone…

Thinking: Still about both of our careers and next steps to take. About health, too. Tried warm lemon water today and think it could be made into a lasting habit.

Feeling: A little yucky with allergies–yesterday was the longest time we’ve spent outside all month! Having terrible nightmares, too, which make for great writing fuel but a super cranky mommy. Wood Sprite’s been off, too. She had a couple of fits, something she almost never does anymore, and we missed a couple of activities because she simply didn’t feel great. I hope she’s not getting sick; it may just be this weather.

Wanting: STILL to somehow get a Winnebago and travel the country, just the three of us. And maybe some good sleep!

Needing: To move my body tonight. Think Wood Sprite and I will do our favorite Latin Grooves DVD again. We miss our bhangra dancing!

Enjoying: Being on top of my stuff! I love being organized and meeting my deadlines.

Wondering: How many things I can do with blackberries. They’re on sale now and I love them!

and, the Weather: Still HOT but not as bad as it’s been. Thank you for the rain, Sky! We’d love some more!

The Tuesday Currents

This format comes from the blog CrazyBeautiful.


Listening to: The Silent Comedy, “Bartholomew”

Eating: n/a

Drinking: Iced coffee

Reading: Wake Up, I’m Fat! by Camryn Manheim; Little Deaths, collected by Ellen Datlow; Homeschooling and the Voyage of Self-Discovery by David H. Albert

Watching: n/a

Wearing: Powder blue t-shirt with my “pirate pants” shorts

Writing: blogs, greeting cards, Darkness Falls, correspondence, forum starters, daily deals, homeschool group organizing

Creating: X-Men art (Jean, Psylocke, and Storm), henna (well, a mess of it), homemade lava lamp with Wood Sprite, caves complete with cave art out of boxes, silly songs, new dreams, new budgets, a clean living room…

Thinking: How I’m itching to do something big…

Feeling: Yucky sinus drainage again (anytime the weather changes, of course); otherwise just restless…

Wanting: To buy a Winnebago and travel the country, just the three of us, for a year. Maybe two.

Needing: Maybe just a change of scenery, even for a little while.

Enjoying: Laughing about stupid things with my husband. Painting one of his toenails in secret with glitter polish. Acting like cave people with my daughter, and harmonizing our ooga-boogas like Stone Age DJs.

Wondering: STILL if I’ll finally get my novel finished this week…

and, the Weather: Rainy. Love it. And so do our pumpkins…

The Tuesday Currents

This format comes from the blog CrazyBeautiful.


Listening to: Def Leppard, “Animal”

Eating: Wood Sprite’s leftover Target popcorn

Drinking: An Arnold Palmer

Reading: Wake Up, I’m Fat! by Camryn Manheim

Watching: Thor, Bridesmaids, and episodes of Beauty and the Beast (from the 80’s); it’s like being with my grandma again, almost…

Wearing: Blue striped shirt, my favorite striped pants

Writing: blogs, greeting cards, IDEA blog, Darkness Falls, correspondence, forum starters, daily deals

Thinking: About how lucky we are! We have had such a wonderful weekend and we really are blessed.

Feeling: So much better! The cough is just about gone. I do have a sunburn, though, from a wonderful park day.

Wanting: My grandmother to be here while I watch one of our old shows so we could watch it together again.

Needing: Some time with my sisters! We haven’t had just-us-three time since February.

Enjoying: An absolutely wonderful date day and celebration for our anniversary. A fun park day. A just-the-three-of-us day with my guy and Wood Sprite. My pink nose and cheeks.

Wondering: If I’ll finally get my novel finished this week…

and, the Weather: Absolutely gorgeous! If we had weather like this weekend all summer, I’d simply love it.

The Tuesday, er, Friday Currents

I saw a post formatted like this at CrazyBeautiful, one of my favorite blogs, and thought I would do something like it. Maybe I’ll do it on Tuesday next week like she does!


Listening to: Nick Cave, “O Children”

Eating: Honey wheat pretzels, my favorite snack when sick.

Drinking: Lots and lots of water. And liquid Mucinex. And hot tea with honey–that is, until I ran out of honey.

Reading: The Sisters Grimm: Council of Mirrors, books with Wood Sprite

Watching: Captain America, Jane and the Dragon, The Woman in Black, Mary and Max

Wearing: Purple t-shirt and my “pirate pants,” cut-off shorts I only wear at home!

Writing: Darkness Falls, blogs, correspondence, forum starters, daily deals

Thinking: About a lot of past regrets, which are usually instances in which I wish I’d stood up for what I believed in rather than meekly sat back. These often revisit me when I am sick and cannot sleep.

Feeling: Ugh. This cough is so hard it hurts my ribs, and I can’t lay down without drowning and wheezing and generally being uncomfortable…so I’ve been sitting up while I sleep. Not fun!

Wanting: To be well. To not miss Wood Sprite’s awesome and funny activities (I missed Science Club today). Shorts I can wear outside my house! A root beer is always nice, too.

Needing: Some decent sleep.

Enjoying: Having a husband who doesn’t mind emptying my puke bucket… And all of the awesome crops popping up in our garden!

Wondering: Where I put those library books… And if I have enough origami paper for next week’s class.

and, the Weather: Hot, hot, hot! It was 98 degrees today, which is NOT my kind of weather. At least I didn’t miss my beautiful 70s that we had earlier in the week.