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Take Action for Animals, Environment, More

Click through these articles for several easy web-based actions to take for important causes.

League of Green Voters
Take Action for Animals and the Environment

Boston City Talk
Way to Go, Boston!

League of Women’s Health Voters
Fight Violence and Injustice

Green Voters League
Act for a Clean Planet

Economy Voters
Arrest Bankers, Help Citizens

Household Talk
Proof That the Law of Attraction Works

House Report
House Buying Advice

Art Alterations

Try this art activity for some fun!

Art Specialties
Alter Some Art

That 70s Blog
Only Women Bleed

Mormon Report
Posthumous Baptism in the Mormon Church

Airline Report
Marriott Hates Moms

League of Green Voters
Eco Tip: Save Money with White Paint

Female Report
No EC or Rape Kit for You