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Take Action for the Animals

Below is a roundup of different actions you can take to help animals this week. Please visit and see if you’d like to make a difference.

Animal Sounds
Be a Voice for the Animals

Parenting Book Club
Parental Love Should Be Unconditional

Blue State Voters League
Progressive Actions to Take Today

Mom Loves Entertainment
Jack and Jill

Dolphins Now
Big Miracle

League of Parental Consent Voters
No More Magic Words

Catching Fire Casting News

Plutarch Heavensbee and Johanna Mason are…

Washington Book Club
Catching Fire: Introducing Johanna and Plutarch!

League of Farm Subsidy Voters
Make the World a Better Place

Great Buy
Free Meals for Kids

Fun Report
Ronald McDonald’s Magic Show

Mom Loves Fun
St. Louis Science Center

Mom Loves Entertainment
Powder Valley Nature Center

I also have a new contest poem up at AllPoetry called “Morning After.”

Moms Teaching, Racing Worms, and More

Mom Knows First
How Co-Op Teaching Works

League of Moms
Hold a Worm Race

Northwest Journey
Explore the Northwest Through Longmire

Mommy Needs Time
Captain America is a So-So Adventure

Mom Loves Entertainment
Castle in the Sky

Mom to Mom
“I Heard” Versus “I Read”

A Mighty Girl

Check out these amazing awesome books and movies featuring strong female roles!

Mom Love Entertainment
A Mighty Girl

Politic Bites
Use Those Funds Raised, Fellas

Portland Book Club
Firebird Soaring

St. Louis Music
Start One Instrument at a Time

League of Right Wing Voters
Romney’s Wife Just As Out of Touch As Mitt

RIP, Whitney

I loved Whitney Houston. She will always remind me of dancing to my aunt’s music collection when I visited her as a child. May she find peace, wherever she is.

Pop Music Club
RIP, Whitney Houston

Atlanta City Talk
Junk Food is Cheaper Than Buying Healthy Meals

Mom Loves Entertainment
Age Recommendations are Just a Guideline

Long Beach Book Club
Unplugged Play: No Batteries. No Plugs. Pure Fun

Moms Forum
Don Bluth Films are What Our Kids Need, Part 1
Don Bluth Films are What Our Kids Need, Part 2