I Won the Spring Fling Contest at Changeling Press!

I still can’t believe it. My novella, Nobody Rides for Free, is being published at Changeling Press this fall! I am so honored and excited and my face hurts from smiling. You can see the blurb about the contest by clicking below and scrolling down half the page.

(Before clicking, keep in mind that Changeling is an erotic fiction company intended for adults only.)
Changeling Press: Spring Fling has TWO Winners! Razor: Sara Jay with Nobody Rides for Free

This marks the fourth writing contest I’ve won in about a year; I won the Jefferson County Library 14th Annual Poetry Contest this spring, as well as two contests in my Facebook writing groups, WordStew and In a Sentence. This, however, is the largest contest I’ve ever won, and it marks the begging of, forgive the cliche, the dream I’ve had since age six coming true. I’ve been a full-time working writer for several years now and can honestly say I’ve made a living and supported my family with my writing, and now I can also honestly say that I’m an author. A novelist. A writer coming to a Kindle near you!

I will keep a section on my blog devoted to my fiction soon; in the meantime, you can follow me at my new author Facebook page, Sara Jay, which is the name I will be using for my erotic supernatural romance.

Thank you so much for your continued support. I am so excited to share this journey with all of my friends, family, and readers. Who knows what’s in store next?

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