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Cheers and Jeers

Here’s a mix of news for this week, from the odd to the downright awful, with some great, inspiring stories thrown in as well.

League of Parental Consent Voters
Disturbing News This Week

Romantic Singles
Those Goosebump-Inducing Moments

Green Voters League
Good News This week

Albuquerque Single
Can’t Decide? Try Using Darts

League of Red State Voters
No Critical Thinking for the GOP

Take Action for the Animals

Below is a roundup of different actions you can take to help animals this week. Please visit and see if you’d like to make a difference.

Animal Sounds
Be a Voice for the Animals

Parenting Book Club
Parental Love Should Be Unconditional

Blue State Voters League
Progressive Actions to Take Today

Mom Loves Entertainment
Jack and Jill

Dolphins Now
Big Miracle

League of Parental Consent Voters
No More Magic Words

NAPOMO Activities, Part 2

Write some bad poetry on purpose, or try a new style.

Affordable Writers
More NAPOMO Activities

Catholic Voters League
Little Nun God-Bride Girls

League of Parental Consent Voters
Risky Games Your Kids Could Be Playing

Pro-Choice Voters
Your Pathetic Disclaimers Aren’t Enough for Me

Gay Voters
Fourteen-Year-Old Commits Suicide