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RIP, Amy Winehouse

Such a sad day, and what a tragic loss for the music world.

Pop Music Club
Rest in Peace, Amy Winehouse

X-Men: First Class Comic is Disappointing at Best

Fantasy Book Club
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

English Book Club
I Can’t Stop Watching Easy A

See Ya, Borders

Cook Book Club
Have You Checked Out Chef Madison?

How About Some Avocado Ice Cream?

This summer, I want to make some really exotic flavors, like the ones below!

Living to Do
Make an Exotic Ice Cream Flavor

Picture Book Club
I Love You, Every Little Bit

Green Voters League
Human-Induced Mass Extinction Going On Right Now

South Park Talk
Season 15, Episode 7: You’re Getting Old

Cookbook Club
Next Food Network Star: More Dramatic Than Ever

Meat Report
Side of Human with Those Fish and Chips?

Hate Spewage

Not too long ago, one of my heroes, Zoe Weil, posted about how she experienced an overload of hate mail when her blog was linked to from a popular publication. Ms. Weil, I am appalled by what people said to you, after all you’ve done. I’d also like to say that I can empathize. In 2009, I experienced an Internet “stalker,” an anonymous person who did nothing but post vile things on everything I wrote. Thankfully he or she disappeared, though I don’t know why; however, this past week has been tough once again when, just because I wrote a single blog post, I’ve been getting hateful messages daily.

For a sensitive person like me, this can be extremely hard to deal with–and I hate that the most, that it really affects me at all, since I don’t even know these people (or person; after all, they’re all anonymous) and I should have thicker skin than this. My plan is to simply ignore further posts; I’m simply trying to make a living doing what I love, and I shouldn’t allow others to ruin that for me. The truth is, I am hurt.

And here I promised myself I’d go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. Damn, I should have saved Glee for until after I checked my hate mail!

But you know what? People love my fiction. I get thousands of hits each month and positive reviews on stories that I wrote five years ago that I don’t even promote; they are pretty much buried in a sea of fanfiction. I’m just wondering if this is yet another sign pushing me into that direction once again. The question, of course, is will I follow it this time? All I know is that while my husband is laid off I’m supporting this family, and I don’t have the time to invest in the projects I was doing before. I have to suck it up, hold back my feelings, and move on. But I could really kick myself for not jumping on those opportunities when I had the chance.

Writer’s Remorse

The Joy of Anonymous Comments

The Hungry Blogger
Hooray for Chopped All Stars!

Animal Book Club
Farm Animals By Katie Daynes

Craft Book Club
Look at What You Can Make with Boxes

Children’s Book Club
Titanicat by Marty Crisp

Show Support for Circus Elephants

Here’s a very easy yet effective campaign to help show your support for elephants suffering in the circus industry.

Animal Report
Show Support for Circus Elephants

Writer’s Remorse
Take the 100 Words Challenge

Toxic Waste Cloud
Read a Book, THEN Open Your Mouth

Cook Book Club
Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook

Tree Worshiper
Apply for the Plastics are Forever International Youth Summit

The Story of Stuff

If you watch one film this year, this should be it. It’s only 20 minutes, it’s free, and you can do it online right now. Get the link below!

Tree Worshiper
The Most Important Film You’ll See This Year

Environmental Book Club
The Story of Stuff

Cook Book Club
Finally Thin!

Craft World
Cool Things to Do with Rocks

Farm Talk
Keep Strawberries Fresh and Scrumptious

Peace Begins with Me

I’d love to hear this as a personal motto more often! The wonderful picture book Skin Again might help give more children just that idea, among other things.

Peace Report
Skin Again

Cook Book Club
Honest Pretzels

Pagan Journey
10 Things to Do for Beltane

Pro-Choice Voters
Pro-Choice? Pro-Life? Let’s Work Together

Veggie Cooking and Shakespeare

brain gamesMy next few posts are going to be about lots different of books. Hopefully you’ll find a good read or two in the mix!

Cook Book Club
The Vegetarian Family Cookbook

Educational Book Club
Positive Discipline in the Classroom

English Book Club
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Environmental Book Club
Eating to Save the Earth

Game Book Club
The Big Book of Brain Games