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The Tuesday Currents

Right now I’m..

drinking out of my Freddy Krueger mug because HALLOWEEN. Oh, which Freddy mug, you ask? Why, the large one, because I’m so sleepy and need all the coffee.

super excited about my new tea infuser

missing my hubby while he sleeps and I work. We’ll get this schedule ironed out soon!

struggling a bit to write. Concentrating is difficult these days.

smelling like Fortune Cookie Soap’s Inconceivable, which is from their As You Wish (Princess Bride) collection. It launches on the night of the 28th and I can’t wait. I’ve saved up all my points to get all the things in this scent!

getting excited over all things Halloween

laughing at memes with my family. Yesterday Wood Sprite had a small cavity, right where her braces covered a molar that had been sealed, and had their first filling. We couldn’t go in because of Covid. So we texted.

still reading Dread Nation. I love it, I just haven’t had much time to read.

preparing for a PINGO (Parking Lot BINGO) and feeling just a bit anxious about it, even with all of the precautions

tolerating an influx of homeschoolers in our space. We’re totally open and willing to help, but so many are unpacking everything from obnoxious PTA ‘tudes to blind patriotism to religion (especially under the assumption that we’re all religious, too) that we avoid school for in the first place, among other things… We’re used to it at the beginning of the semester or end of the year when we get newcomers but this is a flood.

starting a new routine with Indy on the night shift, which is a challenge already (as expected). We’re going to try out a few ideas before we settle on our new routine.

Making goo-goo eyes at Bruce and dreaming that dad-bod Thor was flirting with me at co-op. That HAIR. Gah. It’s my fault for playing Endgame on repeat while I work. Thor DESERVED that snap and you will NOT change my mind!

loving these milder days SO much. Mornings are like fall and I open the windows that don’t have AC units in them! Our new chicken, Violet, still isn’t coming out of the coop much, and I’m hoping she’ll adjust soon and enjoy coming out to chat and get pets and veggies from me along with her new sister.

What are you up to this week?

The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

mourning my favorite chicken, the first chick I ever raised, who was gentle and smart and loved being pet or sitting in your lap

drinking two teas and a coffee all at once because my nerves are SHOT. That’s what we say in my family instead of “my anxiety is acting up,” which actually sounds more important. I hear that word so often that I hate using it but that’s what it is. The coffee is for my sleep-deprived brain, the catnip tea is for the nerves and the Earl grey is purely for comfort and it’s all pretty much the perfect storm, inside and out.

remembering how terribly not sleeping well and skipping my supplements affect my mental health

feeling torn between “Why argue when they won’t listen?” and “It’s your duty to try!” when it comes to everything from transphobic comments to the “All lives matter” crowd. Survey says… keep doing this necessary work with patience and take tea breaks when you start to cry or scream or both. Wood Sprite has dubbed these the “terf wars,” which is fun.

loving our new math program! Hot dog I wish I’d been using this already!

completing enrollment for co-op, paperwork for healthcare providers and other adulty things like I can actually function. Look at me go!

watching The Outsider with Indy and liking it even better than the book

trying to maintain a sense of levity during this plague, the political climate of the planet, and all of the people I’m interacting with who choose hate. My heart hurts so much. And I feel guilt for even thinking that since people don’t have the choice of “opting out” so I shouldn’t even think about it and then I feel guilty because is that some sort of white savior complex? And it’s just this cycle that I don’t know how to get out of and then there are giant bugs on the walls again because I can’t sleep. 2020!

relying far too heavily on the dopamine of window shopping for pleasure (and still excited to see the fall stuff so many of my favorite indies are releasing this week)

thankful that we have power. It went out for a while during last night’s storm but is back on. I know many still don’t have any.

also thankful Indy managed to save most of my plants! Our trash cans flew down the driveway, even while full. Winds were that bad.

what are you up to?