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If You’re Gonna Spam Me…

…at least give me something to write about.

Writer’s Remorse
Spam I’d Rather See

Chicago Flowers
Nodding Onions of Chicago

Charlotte Flowers
Invasive Plants of Charlotte

Boston Flowers
Native Trees of Massachusetts

Baltimore Flowers
Invasive Species of Baltimore

Austin Flowers
Gorgeous Hummingbird Bushes

Albuquerque Flowers
Native Plants of New Mexico

The Hungry Blogger
New Line of Savory Treats at Dunkin Donuts

Stupid Food Network

Don’t get me wrong; I love a lot of Food Network shows. But sometimes you just want to yell, “What were you thinking?”

The Hungry Blogger
This Burger is OUTRAGEOUS!

Democrat Talk
Nixon to Veto SB 188

Jacksonville Jobs
Firehouse Subs Add Jobs to Jacksonville

St. Louis Music
Best Summer Lineup Ever in St. Louis

Farm Talk
USDA Tells Schools, Farms to Work Together

Science Book Club
Usborne Big Book of Experiments

Dalmatian Talk
Man Hangs Dalmatian in a Tree

Las Vegas Job Market
Vegas Unemployment Rate Possibly on the Mend

Las Vegas Flowers
Tiger Lily Flower Shop Best in Vegas

Party Games
Star Wars Bowling Pins

Chicago School Says No More Lunches From Home

…and parents are naturally furious.

Health Food Talk
Sack Lunches Banned at Chicago School

Pro-Choice Voters
DC Residents “Second Class Citizens”

360 Blog
April is ASPCA Month

Working and Parenting
Free Bowling Games for Kids All Summer Long

Blissful Vows
Husband Appreciation Day is This Saturday

Parenting Book Club
Deschooling Our Lives

Educational Book Club
Dumbing Us Down

Hungry Blogger
April is National Pecan Month

Democrat Talk
DC Mayor, Council Members Arrested for Protesting Budget Deal

Craft World
Easy Easter Crafts for the Whole Family

Hate Spewage

Not too long ago, one of my heroes, Zoe Weil, posted about how she experienced an overload of hate mail when her blog was linked to from a popular publication. Ms. Weil, I am appalled by what people said to you, after all you’ve done. I’d also like to say that I can empathize. In 2009, I experienced an Internet “stalker,” an anonymous person who did nothing but post vile things on everything I wrote. Thankfully he or she disappeared, though I don’t know why; however, this past week has been tough once again when, just because I wrote a single blog post, I’ve been getting hateful messages daily.

For a sensitive person like me, this can be extremely hard to deal with–and I hate that the most, that it really affects me at all, since I don’t even know these people (or person; after all, they’re all anonymous) and I should have thicker skin than this. My plan is to simply ignore further posts; I’m simply trying to make a living doing what I love, and I shouldn’t allow others to ruin that for me. The truth is, I am hurt.

And here I promised myself I’d go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. Damn, I should have saved Glee for until after I checked my hate mail!

But you know what? People love my fiction. I get thousands of hits each month and positive reviews on stories that I wrote five years ago that I don’t even promote; they are pretty much buried in a sea of fanfiction. I’m just wondering if this is yet another sign pushing me into that direction once again. The question, of course, is will I follow it this time? All I know is that while my husband is laid off I’m supporting this family, and I don’t have the time to invest in the projects I was doing before. I have to suck it up, hold back my feelings, and move on. But I could really kick myself for not jumping on those opportunities when I had the chance.

Writer’s Remorse

The Joy of Anonymous Comments

The Hungry Blogger
Hooray for Chopped All Stars!

Animal Book Club
Farm Animals By Katie Daynes

Craft Book Club
Look at What You Can Make with Boxes

Children’s Book Club
Titanicat by Marty Crisp

Gregor and Leven

I recently finished both The Underland Chronicles and the Leven Thumps series. The former was my favorite of the two, but both were remarkable fantasy/sci-fi novels that I would recommend to any lovers of those genres.

Sci Fi Book Club
Gregor and the Marks of Secret

Military Book Club
Gregor and the Code of Claw

Adventure Book Club
Leven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra

Fantasy Book Club
Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder

Hungry Blogger
February is Bake for Family Fun Month

Help Stop Child Rape in Afghanistan

This may be the most disturbing story you read today. However, it’s a very important read; not just because our tax dollars helped fund child rape, but because we need to condemn it wherever it happens and refuse to be silent when so many are tortured. Please help spread this article around, sign the petition in it, and contact your members of Congress about it as soon as possible.

Objectors US
Child Rape in Afghanistan

Bird Talk
Fruitcake is For the Birds

Hungry Blogger
Sweet and Spicy Potatoes

Parenting Report

Let Them Eat Spaghetti

Tea Party Report
Newspeak and Thoughtcrime at Wal-Mart

Get Creative in November

I’m not sure why November has so many creative challenges attached to it; what I am sure of, however, is that there’s almost no excuse to not get creative this month!

Also, be sure to check out (and join if interested!) my new Facebook challenge for the month, Random Acts of Kindness, below.

Artista Blog
November is Art Every Day Month

Vegetarian Talk
Adopt a Turkey This Thanksgiving

360 Blog
Random Acts of Kindness on Facebook

Living To Do
NaNoJouMo: National Nonstop Journaling Month

Hungry Blogger
Mmm, Pumpkin Tarts!

Apply Today to Work for IDEA

Applications are due today, so find out more information below and get yours in!

Educational Job Market
IDEA is Hiring Interns and Organizers

Female Talk
Does Whoopi Goldberg Hate Women?

Hungry Blogger
10 Reasons to Love Food Network
10 Reasons to Love Food Network, Part II

Self-Help Book Club
Put on Your Crown

Coke Freestyle Machines

I know it’s completely against everything I stand for… but I so want to try one of these bad babies.

The Hungry Blogger
I So Want a Coke Freestyle Machine

Mormon Talk
Does Twilight Carry a Mormon Message?

Educational Book Club
Alphabet Under Construction

Folk Music Talk
Renewing Classic Childhood Songs and Rhymes