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Peep Jousting!

Do it while the peeps are here.

Artista Blog
Peep Jousting & Adorable Peep Dioramas

Rumor Report
Josh Hutcherson as Peeta? That Breaks My Heart

Pop Music
Why are Pop Stars Making Baby Songs?

Cosmetic Report
Nail Polish Wearing Boy Sparks Big, Dumb, Unnecessary Controversy

Psychology Book Club
In Their Own Way

Fantasy Book Club
Obert Skey’s Pillage

Chinese Book Club
Yum Yum Dim Sum

Dessert Report
Tell Girl Scouts: No More Palm Oil

Hot in the US
My Pop Music Cycle

San Francisco Job Market
CREDO Hiring VP of Engineering and Information

Take Action, Live Boldly and Vacation with Obama

grand canyonLots of things to read, see and do this weekend. How could you live more boldy today?

360 Blog
Call for the Release of Aung San Suu Kyi

Spirituality Bestsellers
Live Boldly

Pop Music Club
Michael Jackson Remake to Benefit Charity

Earth Talk
Be an Eco-Friendly Screenwriter with Greenwriter.org

Female Talk
Women Charged for Rape Kits

Diabetes Report
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson New Ambassador of Diabetes Aware Campaign

Children’s Bookclub
Baby Bat’s Lullaby

Working and Parenting
Take a Vacation with the Obamas

Chocolate Report
Easy Chocolate Fondue

Family Guy Talk
Give Meg a Break, Already

South Park Talk
10 Reasons to Love Chef

Good Drinking

Take Action Against Bullying

ugly salamanderHelp encourage schools to enforce anti-bullying measures by signing the petition for the Safe Schools Improvement Act below. Also, check out the new species found in Ecuador–don’t you just love stories like that?

Kinsaki: A Virtual World for Friends and Their Avatars

Parenting Report
Say No to Bullying

Campus Report
Time Management Tips

Animal Report
New Species Found in Ecuador

Pop Music Club
R.I.P. Michael Jackson

360 Blog
Support a Living Wage for Workers