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It’s OK to Be Takei

I love this new campaign by George Takei!

Strange Somethings
It’s OK to Be Takei

Medical Job Market
ERs Continue to Close, Despite Growing Need

Children’s Book Club
Dr. Seuss Admits He is a Sexist Peeg

School Fest
Prisons > Schools?

Movie Center
Kung Fu Panda 2 is a Pretty Sweet Movie

Songs of the Day

Enjoy listening to these songs from yesteryear; most are even work appropriate!

That 90s Blog
90s Song of the Day: “I Want You”

The Beatles Talk
Beatles Song of the Day: “Strawberry Fields Forever”

That 80s Blog
Song of the Day: “Time After Time”

That 60s Blog
Song of the Day: “Green Onions”

That 70s Blog
Song of the Day: “Smoke on the Water”

Latte Talk
Have You Tried Boba Tea?

Strange Somethings
First Gay Caveman Discovered?

Did a Child Die for Your Diamond?

diamondsIt might sound like a phrase for shock value, but it really is entirely possible. Fortunately, there are things we can do to help stop child exploitation.

360 Blog
Protect Kids From Exploitation

Parenting Report
Inflatables: Kid Fun or Parental Nightmare?

Strange Somethings
Online Seance Held By Twitter Tries to Reach Michael Jackson

Animal Report
Over 1 Million Bats Die of “White Noise Syndrome”

The Movie Center
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is Fun for the Whole Family

Keeping Your Meds Cabinet Safe

First of all, lock it if you’ve got kids–and keep it out of reach!

And check out some ideas below, along with some other fun stories today… Is it just me, or are there a ton of good books (or sure-to-be good books) being released this year?

Cosmetics Report
Keeping Your Pits Sweet and Safe

Medicine Report
How to Stay on Top of Your Meds’ Safety Recalls

Strange Somethings
Under the Dome Coming in November

Real Book
Arch Enemy Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You

Movie Center
New Moon Trailer Available

Health Food Talk
Best Heart-Healthy Foods

Female Talk
Remembering Aunt Susan

Politics Report
Should English Be the “Official” Language of the United States?

Parenting Report
A License to Fish But Not to Spawn

Working and Parenting
Critical Thinking Skills Begin at Home

A Few of My Favorite Things

saucerDoggies and horsies and pets in your pocket,
Craft time and movies that scare eyes from your socket,
Turtles, whales, ferrets and alien beings–
These are a few of my favorite things…

Dalmatian Talk
Dalmatian Dies of Heatstroke

Horse Forum
Number of Horses in Need on the Rise

Pet in the Pocket
Furry, Funny, Friendly Ferrets

Turtle City
New Device to Protect Sea Turtles?

Whale City
Global Whaling Talks at a Standstill

Craft World
Getting Crafty Outdoors

Death in the Aisle
5 Scariest Women in Film

The Movie Center
Remembering Farrah Fawcett

Strange Somethings
Mile-Wide UFO Sighted

The Spirit, Barbie and Gollum

No real theme today–mostly just fun stuff!

Noir Movie
The Spirit

360 Blog
Matt Damon on the Importance of Water Access

Healthy and Hale
Dairy Alternative Month, Part II: Cheese

Health Food Talk
Food, Inc. Takes on America’s Food System

Barbie Fest
Using Barbie for a Positive Body Image

Whale City
Sperm Whales Make Great Babysitters

Strange Somethings
Kid Hit By Meteor Lives to Tell the Tale

Weird Animal Report
Ooh, It’s Raining Frogs, Yeah

Solidarity House
Thousands March for Child Abuse Victims

Diabetic Talk
New Risk Factor Found for Diabetes

Gollum in the A.M.
To Pele
We’re an American Brand