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Sea Turtles and Ponies

Take action for turtles, then modify some toy ponies into movie characters.

Turtle City
Save Baby Sea Turtles

Horse Forum
Make a My Little Pony Variation

Children’s Services Voters League
Protect Kids and the Arctic

Affordable Writers
Write a Story a Day in September

South America Journey
Bolivia Kicks Coke Out

Gay Voters
A Dozen Other Things Evangelicals Should Be Worried About

The Incredible Memory of Horses

Horses can remember people from positive relationships, even if they’ve been separated for a lengthy period of time.

Horse Forum
Elephants Aren’t the Only Ones Who Never Forget

St. Louis Job Market
East St. Louis Laying Off Firefighters and Police Officers

St. Louis Music
The Sound of Music Playing at the Muny

South Park Talk
South Park Terrorist Turns Out to Be Real Deal

Single Mother Talk
STFU, Phyllis Schlafly

Take Action for Horses and Against Laundry Pumps

How Far Would You Go for Your Simpsons Obsession?

Michael Jackson Talk
MJ’s Bodyguards “Defend the King”

You Clean
The Laundry Pump Conspiracy!

Horse Forum
Give Wild Mustangs a Chance

Education Job Market
Another Brick in the Wall

“Man, I Love Being a Turtle!”

turtleEvery time we go to rent a movie these days, my daughter wants the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD–which, of course, she calls the “Inchy Turtles.” I’m always so torn–I loved them when I was a kid (maybe it’s genetic?) but after seeing them again, they seem really violent. I’ve settled for keeping them a now-and-then treat, something she can watch every once in a while, but definitely not as much as she watches Curious George or Ni Hao Kai-Lan (both at least weekly!).

Anyway, a great story on turtles today–I was pretty interested in how their shells are formed, and I hope you will be, too.

Turtle City
Turtle Shells Finally Explained

Whale City
Mini Guide to Whale Watching

Horse Forum
Just Say No to Horse Tripping… And Inbreeding

Rental Talk
Should Cities Be Able to Ban Smoking in Apartments?

Earth Talk
July is Smart Irrigation Month

Healthy and Hale
Romano’s Macaroni Grill Majorly Cuts Calories

Romantic Talk
5 Dates for Under 5 Bucks

Party Games
Free Party Games Part 3: Theme Charades

Medicine Report
Easter Island Compound to Extend Human Life?

Car Show
Cars to Be Started By Lasers

Parenting Report
The Only Book You’ll Need for an Entire Summer of Fun

Dog Report
Are You Smarter Than a 2-Year-Old?

Real Book
30 Things Everyone Should Know Before Turning 30

God Report
Gay Bishop Ban Removed?

Living To Do
The Wish List

Spirituality Bestsellers
The Difference a Day Makes

I also just wanted to say thanks so much for reading. Two of my articles, “The Best Paybacks Against Cartman” and “Don’t Mess with Russian Girls,” were the top-accessed articles last week, which makes me super happy (as Kai-Lan would say)! I really appreciate your readership. 🙂

A Few of My Favorite Things

saucerDoggies and horsies and pets in your pocket,
Craft time and movies that scare eyes from your socket,
Turtles, whales, ferrets and alien beings–
These are a few of my favorite things…

Dalmatian Talk
Dalmatian Dies of Heatstroke

Horse Forum
Number of Horses in Need on the Rise

Pet in the Pocket
Furry, Funny, Friendly Ferrets

Turtle City
New Device to Protect Sea Turtles?

Whale City
Global Whaling Talks at a Standstill

Craft World
Getting Crafty Outdoors

Death in the Aisle
5 Scariest Women in Film

The Movie Center
Remembering Farrah Fawcett

Strange Somethings
Mile-Wide UFO Sighted

Animal Mania

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been sick all weekend and watching the science and discovery channels (giant sloths, Planet Earth, ape people…) or not, but much of today’s content has to do with animals.

And if I’ve learned one thing from today’s research, it’s that everyone should brush up on their fire safety skills.

Horse Forum
Racehorses = Dog Food

Bulldog Talk
Bulldog with Cancer Dies a Hero

Cat Talk
Older Cats Need Love, Too

Pet in the Pocket
Sugar Bears as Pets

Dog Report
Chihuahua Mix Saves Owner From Fire

German Shepherd Talk
German Shepherd Rescue Suffers From Fire

Weird Animal Report
Ground Sloths: Giants of the Ancient World

Turtle City
This Week in Turtle News

Film Industry Trivia
Die Hard… Laughing

Party Games
Free Party Games, Part 2: Scavenger Hunt