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Bono’s Big Shoes

Well, they’ve got to be for the kind of ecological footprint the band is leaving during as they tour. Much as I adore U2, they need to take a cue from Jack Johnson’s book and literally clean up their act a little.

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Love and Logic

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South Park Moms are Psychotic

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So… Is Stewie Gay or What?

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U2’s Big Shoes

they say I talk to spiders

Take Action, Live Boldly and Vacation with Obama

grand canyonLots of things to read, see and do this weekend. How could you live more boldy today?

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Call for the Release of Aung San Suu Kyi

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Live Boldly

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Michael Jackson Remake to Benefit Charity

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Be an Eco-Friendly Screenwriter with Greenwriter.org

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Women Charged for Rape Kits

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson New Ambassador of Diabetes Aware Campaign

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Baby Bat’s Lullaby

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Take a Vacation with the Obamas

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Easy Chocolate Fondue

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Give Meg a Break, Already

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10 Reasons to Love Chef

Good Drinking

Educated by Cartman

It might sound funny, but think about all the things we learn from The Daily Show or The Colbert Report. South Park may not be as a reliable news source as Jon Stewart, but it does tend to cover the issues–and introduce us to some words we’ve never even heard of.

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Words I’ve Learned From Stan & Co.

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Best Stewie Plots Ever

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Cookie-Making with Kids

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Quick Energy Pick-Me-Ups for Working Parents

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How to Donate Your Body Organs

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“Midsummer’s Gift”

Blowing Into the Bunny’s Butt

My daughter and I are learning origami together and I would love any tips on blowing up the inflatable bunny successfully! I’m sure we’ve just got to practice…

Check out Greenpeace’s Traiter Joe’s campaign if you haven’t (article below at Seafood Talk, too); they’ve got some fun actions to take… including an activist karaoke contest, which is practically irrisistable.

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Teaching Peace: It’s Easier Than You Might Think

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Wicca: A Year and a Day

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Staying Safe on Campus

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Men Who Bike are Healthier

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Good Chores for Small Children

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Keeping Your Teeth Green

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Has Nicholas Cage Lost His Edge?

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This is Not a Book Comes Out September 1!

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Thinking About Running for Office?

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Support Sustainable Seafood

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Family Guy Celebrity Voices

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5 Most Annoying South Park Characters

To Marry or Not to Marry?

usToday is Decide to Be Married Day. I always thought how wickedly cool couples like Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell and Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins were, not being married but staying together, having children, and the works.

Even when my guy proposed and I said yes, I kept putting it off because I liked that we were “living in sin.” Later, I thought, “We won’t get married until our gay friends can,” which I still think is very important–and sometimes wish we had held out for.

Ultimately uncomplicated insurance is what drove us to tying the knot when we did, but I always knew we would somewhere in the back of my mind. I love being my guy’s wife, and he loves being my husband.

I’ve added a new link today–Inspire Me Thursday, one of my new favorite sites. Check out their latest blog post featuring some amazing chalk art animation.

Finally, there’s also a new badge on this page for my cause, the UN World Food Programme. Please visit the sponsor site on my badge and help raise money for hungry kids for free!

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Energy Bill Passes

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10 Reasons to Love Lois

How to Make Paper, Part 1
How to Make Paper, Part 2
Handmade Paper Institute Struggling

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Red Roof Inn Defaults on Mortgages
Benefits of Mortgage Mediation

Take Action for Elephants

elephantFind out all the details for this weekend’s huge action day for elephants below, as well as some other fun stuff.

I’m not a sicko if I’ve sort of got a crush on Hellboy, am I? 🙂

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Biggest Day of Action for Elephants Ever!

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Bruce, the Token Gay Guy

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Hellboy Bloopers

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June 17: World Day to Combat Deforestation and Drought

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Recess at Work Day