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The Truth About Orange Juice

A friend passed this disturbing information along today, and I’m pretty bummed because I’m a big OJ drinker.

Health Food Talk
The Truth About Orange Juice

Denver Music
Song of the Day: “The Galway Girl”

Romantic Talk
Don’t Bother With Life As We Know It

Fiction Book Club
Push: A Novel By Sapphire

Gadgetry Report
How to Power Wash a Deck

Fantasy Book Club
Fire Within Leaves Much to Be Desired

Romance Book Club
Stargirl is an Adorable Read

American Girl Talk
Fun, Free, American Girl Crafts at Michael’s The Knack

Should People Who Smoke Be Denied Employment?

SSM Health Care seems to think so.

Healthcare Job Market
Smoke? No Job for You

Romantic Talk
Snuggle and Get Romantic This Summer

360 Blog
Take Action Today: Quick Eco Actions

New Baby Gifts
Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Stop Sending Your Ads to My Inbox

Restaurant Job Market
Bambinos of Arnold Closes for Good

Make Your Own Starter Pots

I love this tutorial, which teaches you how to make starter pots out of newspaper.

Earth Talk
Tutorial: How to Make Seed Starter Pots with Newspaper

Dessert Report
Lifesavers Gummies: Bunnies and Eggs

Campus Report
8 Alternatives to College

Miami Job Market
Ghost Towns Pop Up Around Florida, Elsewhere

Freaky Phenomena
FBI Files: Proof that UFO Landed on Earth?

Romantic Talk
What Your Birth Order Says About Your Love Life

Living to Do
Culinary Adventure: Eat at Your Local Triple D

Accounting Job Market
Alternative Tax Day Activities

Long Beach Music
April 16 is Record Store Day

April Fools!

Here are some ideas for great kiddie jokes to play on All Fool’s Day, as well as some steamy ideas for the grown-ups.

Working and Parenting
April Fool’s Fun for for Kids

Romantic Talk
Adult Fun for April Fool’s Day

The Green Voter’s League
Another Polar Bear Bites the Dust

Oh, and speaking of April Fool’s, here is the funniest thing I’ve heard all week:
Wood Sprite, upon receiving a bowl of popped popcorn from me: “Mama, you’re the best chef ever!” Nice one, kid. Chopped is her favorite show right now; she wants to be a chef and insists that I call her, “Chefie.”

Another cute one-liner from her earlier this week, while hugging me: “I wish I could squeeze you forever!” 🙂

Valentine Deals

Check out a few of the deals below to see if there’s something for you and your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

Restaurant Talk
Valentine’s Deals for You and Your Sweetheart

360 Blog
10 Ways to Share the Love This Valentine’s Day

Craft World
10 Valentine’s Activities for Families

Romantic Report
10 Self-Love Activities for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Talk
10 Free Valentine’s Day Activities for Couples

Getting Creative with Lunch

I made my first “muffin tin lunch” yesterday and found it a lot of fun. Of course, I didn’t get as creative as these parents… though that doesn’t mean that I won’t!

Parenting Report
The Art of Making Lunch

Romantic Talk
Getting Cozy in the Loo

Restaurant Job Market
Interview with Former Restaurant Manager

Education Job Market
Interview with Peer Learning Assistant

Washington DC Job Market
Choice USA Hiring Field Director

RIP… Oh, Wait, Nevermind

This woman died and was brought back to life 114 times in just two days! Talk about determination from both parties…

Freaky Phenomena
Back From the Dead for the 114th Time

Romantic Talk
If You Liked It, Then You Should Have Put a Ring on It

Restaurant Job Market
Waitress Speaks Out About the Ins and Outs of the Biz

Insurance Job Market
Even Potholes Can Work for Geico

Engineering Job Market
Engineering Majors Face Positive Job Outlook

Law Enforcement Job Market
Competition is Fierce for Texas Law Enforcement Jobs

Information Technology Job Market
Need IT Career Advice?

Sales Job Market
Sales Tips From a Toddler

And Creative Copy #29 is up; I did a slightly different take on Cinderella.  For #30, I went for something darker and more ambivalent; is the character a crusader for justice or a nutty wackjob? You decide! 🙂

How to Organize, Survive & Help Other People

filesFor some reason, today was focused on a lot of how-to stuff. I guess I’m feeling a bit bossy!

Romantic Talk
Be Kids Together

360 Blog
How to Become a Mentor

New Baby Gifts
Give the Gift of a Medical Notebook

Rental Talk
Tips for Surviving with a Roommate

Campus Report
Short Guide to Being a Campus Organizer

“Man, I Love Being a Turtle!”

turtleEvery time we go to rent a movie these days, my daughter wants the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD–which, of course, she calls the “Inchy Turtles.” I’m always so torn–I loved them when I was a kid (maybe it’s genetic?) but after seeing them again, they seem really violent. I’ve settled for keeping them a now-and-then treat, something she can watch every once in a while, but definitely not as much as she watches Curious George or Ni Hao Kai-Lan (both at least weekly!).

Anyway, a great story on turtles today–I was pretty interested in how their shells are formed, and I hope you will be, too.

Turtle City
Turtle Shells Finally Explained

Whale City
Mini Guide to Whale Watching

Horse Forum
Just Say No to Horse Tripping… And Inbreeding

Rental Talk
Should Cities Be Able to Ban Smoking in Apartments?

Earth Talk
July is Smart Irrigation Month

Healthy and Hale
Romano’s Macaroni Grill Majorly Cuts Calories

Romantic Talk
5 Dates for Under 5 Bucks

Party Games
Free Party Games Part 3: Theme Charades

Medicine Report
Easter Island Compound to Extend Human Life?

Car Show
Cars to Be Started By Lasers

Parenting Report
The Only Book You’ll Need for an Entire Summer of Fun

Dog Report
Are You Smarter Than a 2-Year-Old?

Real Book
30 Things Everyone Should Know Before Turning 30

God Report
Gay Bishop Ban Removed?

Living To Do
The Wish List

Spirituality Bestsellers
The Difference a Day Makes

I also just wanted to say thanks so much for reading. Two of my articles, “The Best Paybacks Against Cartman” and “Don’t Mess with Russian Girls,” were the top-accessed articles last week, which makes me super happy (as Kai-Lan would say)! I really appreciate your readership. 🙂