The Tuesday Currents

I miss being a pirate already.
I miss being a pirate already.

Rocking to… My “Everything Bagel” Spotify playlist. Hearing old songs that I completely forgot about is so much fun.

Laughing about… the presidential debate. Really? Just… really?

Drinking… Rootbeer.

Reading… Abundant Mama blogs, Hands Free Mama, Girl Scouts badge guides, fall sales guide, proofs.

Writing… Ganjarama pieces, Boo to You, Mrs. Robinson, tons of emails/reminders/agendas/materials for homeschool groups, 4-H Club, Girl Scouts and another homeschool group steering committee, product descriptions (boots, fog machines, chairs, pillows…) and site testing. The best thing this week (so far) was a description for a Deadpool toy. SWEET!

Watching… Brooklyn 99 and Once Upon a Time. My sister and I also watched 10 Cloverfield Lane on Saturday and although I was underwhelmed, it was really nice to spend the day with her. Plus, I was able to introduce her to EW!

And yeah, I’m Sara with no H, because H’s are EW!

Planning… My baby sister’s baby shower, group meetings, park days, parties, field trips… again, All The Things. <–Ditto from last week, only this week is a little less hectic. We did have a tire blow last week so we are working some makeup cash into the budget for that, too.

Making… Baby shower goodies (art, keepsakes for mama and other things I cannot reveal!), lots and lots and lots of words strung together…

Wanting… To walk around barefoot and NOT get dog hair splinters in my feet. Aside from brushing and daily sweeping (which we already do), any ideas?

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