Things I Love Thursday

Wood Sprite has been taking photos for her wildlife Girl Scouts badge--and her 4-H photography project.
Wood Sprite has been taking photos for her wildlife Girl Scouts badge–and her 4-H photography project.

Here are just a few things I am loving this already uber-filled FALL. How about you?

FALL. It doesn’t feel like it yet but it’s GOING to soon! Next week is apple picking, which always kicks off the season. Today we made maple popcorn in honor of Autumn. Wood Sprite also enjoyed a new chore for her: mowing the lawn!

My new skull earrings. I got them for less than a buck and they are adorable.

Sleeping in. OMG, y’all… Wood Sprite spent the night at my mom’s on Saturday so I could work on my book. The next day, Indy and I slept. in. It was so wonderful! Then we ate a frozen pizza in bed and watched Stranger Things… This may seem simple to some people but to people always on the go like us, it was absolute heaven. We talked about how we used to be so nonchalant about days like this and we just enjoyed it SO much.

Wood Sprite’s bowling league. We took a long break from WS’s league because she had grown tired of weekly bowling, but it’s so much fun to see our friends H and B on a weekly basis again! We have missed them so much.

Coffee. Always and so much!

Talk Like a Pirate Day! My family and I always love this day because we get to dress up and get free donuts (Indy’s favorite)! This year we shared some with friends, some with nurses at the ER and some with our librarians.

Fishing with 4-H. We had a blast, even though it was pretty hot.

Seeing Follies with our homeschool co-op. It was simply amazing!

What are you loving this week?


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