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Women Dying Faster Than Previous Generations in US

…which is not a very comforting thought, is it?

Female Talk
US Women are Dying Out Faster

Healthy and Hale
Bon Jovi Says Pay What You Can

Morpheme Addict
Another Language to Die Out Soon

Pet in the Pocket
Simple Mouse Care Tips

Turtle City
Keep Turtles Wild

Turtles Forever
Women Arrested for Capturing Wild Turtles

Weird Animal Report
Sheep Gives Birth to a Dog

Whale City
Summer is the Season for Whale Watching

Give a Free Donation to Afghanistan

Take a photo of yourself with the bestselling book The Kite Runner and generate a donation to help provide education and humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. Get more details below.

Foreign Book Club
Provide Aid to Afghanistan for Free

Working and Parenting
Ban on BPA a Small Step Toward Human Health

Parenting Report
How to Keep Kids with Special Needs Safe

Weird Animal Report
Giant Dino Graveyard Discovered

Rental Talk
Pregnant? No Home Loan for You!

Rare Barbary Lion Cubs Born in Captivity

Many people claim that this is a good enough reason for zoos to say in business… but is it really?

Weird Animal Report
Rare Lion Cubs Born in PA Animal Park

Picture Book Club
Little Quack

Living to Do
Do Something… At Night

Green Voters League
WTF, National Parks Conservation Association?

Movie Center
Leap Year is Bland and Forgettable

Coupon Clippers Unite

scissorsAin’t nothing wrong with saving some money, people.

Working and Parenting
Update Your Resume Month
September is National Coupon Month

Whale City
Greenpeace Offers Student Activist Training

Weird Animal Report
Freaky Footed Snake Found

Vegetarian Talk
Vegetarian Being Kept Alive with a Pig’s Heart

Turtle City
5 Men Arrested for Blowing Up a Turtle

You Clean
Cut Your Paper Trail with Junkbusters

Most Exciting Find This Year

A REAL lost world has been found! I am so excited I could jump up and down and wag my nonexistant tail and pee all over the floor. Or something to that effect. Read on…

Weird Animal Report
Papua New Guinea’s “Lost World” Found

Healthy and Hale
Natural Ways to Combat Depression

Death in the Aisle
Surveillance: One Messed Up Movie

Artista Blog
The Art Zone

Cosmetics Report
Fatal Fragrances

Stand Up for Circus Elephants

elephantDon’t you think it’s about time for elephants to simply stop being used in circuses, period? I think it’s been aptly demonstrated that no matter how many protections or laws are in place, they’re still going to be abused.

Animal Report
Take a Stand for Elephants

Weird Animal Report
Pangolin Rapidly Approaching Extinction

Vegetarian Talk
Potential Dangers of Drinking Milk

360 Blog
National Give Day: May 10, 2010

Peace Report
War Victims are Mostly Innocent Civilians

Campus Report
Give College Students a Chance

Children’s Bookclub
I Udderly Love You