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Cats Make Good Friends

…which is why I totally encourage anyone who can and wants to do so to adopt a cat this month! Don’t balk at the fees when you get a shelter cat–they include medical tests, immunizations and best of all, spaying or neutering–which are all priceless.

Cat Chat
June is Adopt a Cat Month

German Shepherd Talk
10 Reasons Why German Shepherds Make Great Pets

Pet in the Pocket
Insects as Pets

Newspaper Ad Sales Continue to Plummet

Solidarity House
UN Seeks to Cut Natural Disaster Death Tolls in Half by 2015
Shirin Ebadi Calls for Peace in Iran
Today is World Refugee Day

Obama Administration’s Making Home Affordable Plan has Problems
Mortgage Applications Rate Lowest Since November

President Obama is a Fly Killer!

wrdlivesupportAnd that’s the most important news of the week!!! Well, at least you’d think it was.

Some fun stuff, some sad stuff, and some plain old weird stuff today… enjoy!

Air Force Talk
Air Force Applications Up

Rental Talk
Making Use of a Small Space

Tantric Info
Heather Graham’s Tantra Claims Anger Hindu Community

Bicycle Report
Celebrities Who Bike

360 Blog
Angelina Jolie Kicks Off World Refugee Day

Animal Report
President Obama is a Fly Killer!

Bulldog Talk
Bulldog Owner Bludgeons Pet to Death

Strings and Sealing Wax and Other Fancy Stuff

There’s nothing better than a nostalgic song about dragons and fantasy lands–except for a book about said dragon and fantasy lands that makes for good sharing for all generations.

Mortgage Rates at a Seven-Month High
American Housing Foundation Files for Bankruptcy
‘The Worst is Yet to Come’

Solidarity House
The World Stands with People of Peru

Parenting Report
National Potty Training Awareness Month

Real Book
Dear Husband,

Childrens Bookclub
Puff the Magic Dragon

Support and Relief for Working Families

A few action items in today’s posts. If you’re moved, please take action for GLBT families, elephants in Africa, working families needing childcare support and more.

360 Blog
The Reuniting Families Act

Animal Report
Baby Elephants in Danger

Female Talk
Dr. Shot for Saving Men’s Lives

Meat Report
Buying Humane Meat

Peace Report
Death Penalty Repealed in New Mexico

Real Book
So Sharp the Pages Bite

Solidarity House
Nationwide Party to End Global Warming

Spirituality Bestsellers
The Life Organizer

Mortgage Rates on the Rise

Working and Parenting
Family Tax Relief Act

It’s Disgusting! It’s Despicable! It’s Detestable!

My full apologies to Cole Porter, but I had no idea that 3 sharks die every second at human hands… that’s just startling! Commentaries on that and many others below…

360 Blog
Welcome to 360 Blog, Your New Activist Central

Animal Report
Say No to Shark Finning

Healthy and Hale
Welcome to Healthy and Hale

Living To Do
Start Your Own Living To-Do List!

Pagan Journey
Welcome to the Pagan Journey

Parenting Report
May is National Foster Care Month

Party Games
Free Party Games, Part 1: Who Am I?

Peace Report
Peace in Sri Lanka?

Single Woman Talk
May is Creative Beginnings Month

Solidarity House
Peace on the Horizon in Sri Lanka

Spirituality Bestsellers
Reading Guide for National Meditation Month

Mortgage Help is on the Way

Weird Animal Report
Mexican Water Monster: Cutie of the Water

What Are the Different Surgical Assistant Jobs?
What Are the Different Ophthalmology Jobs?
What Are the Different Sonography Jobs?

May is Save the Wetlands Month

Below is a list of things you can do to help save the wetlands, along with my other latest articles.

Earth Talk
10 Ways to Help Save America’s Wetlands

Solidarity House
France, European Union Pledge Aid for Displaced Civilians in Pakistan

Job Loss Protection Program to Help New Buyers
New Incentives for Mortgage Modifications
Mortgage Relief OK for Credit Rating