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5 Ways to Combat Climate Change

In honor of Blog Action Day 2009, I’m posting five things you can do right now to help stop climate change. Let me know if you decide to take action–and be sure to add a post of your own to your blog if you can!

5. Learn about the causes of climate change. Arm yourself with knowledge to be a powerful voice in the fight against climate change, and share that knowledge with others.

4. Sign a petition in favor of strong climate change legislation. There are plenty of them circulating the web today; The Wilderness Society has one you might be interested in.

3. Take a simple action in your home or life. Here is a list of 50 easy things you can do today or this week, from adding insulation in strategic places to covering your pots while cooking. It’s a great list; be sure to read it!

2. Don’t contribute to the problem. Avoid transportation that produces emissions when you can, don’t use the air conditioning if you can avoid it, eat locally to stop unnecessary transport and other causes of global warming, don’t buy Styrofoam products… There’s plenty you can just simply NOT to to help!

1. Take the No Impact Week Challenge. See how small you can make your environmental footprint!

Take Action for Elephants

elephantFind out all the details for this weekend’s huge action day for elephants below, as well as some other fun stuff.

I’m not a sicko if I’ve sort of got a crush on Hellboy, am I? 🙂

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Biggest Day of Action for Elephants Ever!

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Bruce, the Token Gay Guy

Film Industry Trivia
Hellboy Bloopers

Earth Talk
June 17: World Day to Combat Deforestation and Drought

Working and Parenting
Recess at Work Day

Stuff to Do in June

fireworksToday’s list is pretty self-explanatory…

Parenting Report
Child Vision Awareness Month
10 Great Gifts for Dad

Healthy and Hale
Fireworks Safety Month

Living To Do
Finishing School

Earth Talk
Stop the Strip Mining of Montana’s National Galcier Park

360 Blog
Celebrating Pride Month

Working and Parenting
Celebrate Great Outdoors Month

Single Woman Talk
Rebuild Your Life Month

Spirituality Bestsellers
Living Juicy

Pagan Journey
Pagan Book Review: 365 Goddess

Champagne Report
A Perfect Champagne Picnic for Two

Home Ec 101

The other day I mentioned that I had animals on the brain… Well, today it seemed to be home economic stuff. Gotta be careful; the last time I had this kind of mindset I ended up buying everybody vitamins, demanding coaster usage and getting pregnant.

And just a little Charlotte’s Web exchange to brighten your day–very similar to something (or many somethings) that Sage and I have talked about:

Charlotte: I’m versatile.
Wilbur: Does versatile mean full of eggs?
Charlotte: Certainly not. Versatile means I can change with ease from one thing to another.

Don’t you think if every writer aspires to be like any other writer, that writer should be Charlotte? Me too.

Cosmetics Report
How to Buy Safe Cosmetics

New Baby Gifts
Co-Sleeper for New Cub Cuddling

Chocolate Report
The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

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Eco-Friendly Cleaners

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8 Famous Mormons

May is Save the Wetlands Month

Below is a list of things you can do to help save the wetlands, along with my other latest articles.

Earth Talk
10 Ways to Help Save America’s Wetlands

Solidarity House
France, European Union Pledge Aid for Displaced Civilians in Pakistan

Job Loss Protection Program to Help New Buyers
New Incentives for Mortgage Modifications
Mortgage Relief OK for Credit Rating


New Articles and Poems

New Articles:

Whaling Fetishists Seek Iceland’s Waters to Slake Lust, at Whale Talk
Mother Earth, The Hummer, at Earth Talk
Chupacabras Chomp on Furry Friends, at Weird Animal Talk

New Poems:

The Invisible
Little Explorer
One Quick Taste

With three brand-new gigs (whoo-hoo!) that are all ongoing, plus my older ones, there will be much more to come!