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How to Homeschool for (Nearly) Free

I’ve had several friends ask me about this, so I thought I’d make a handy-dandy guide. This two-part article, which is very St. Louis-centric, is full of links, so get ready to fill your Favorites!

Parenting Report
How to Homeschool in Missouri for (Pretty Much) Free, Part 1
How to Homeschool in Missouri for (Pretty Much) Free, Part 2

Hate My Kid
Yeah, You’re Not a Mother

Female Talk
Why Do People Always Want to Touch Natural Black Hair?

International Mud Day

Go play in the mud!

Today’s Special
Tomorrow is International Mud Day

Pro-Choice Voters
Shakesville and What Tami Said to Host Planned Parenthood Blog Carnival

Male Voters League
The War on Women Wouldn’t Be Possible Without Men

Wii Be Crazy
Supreme Court Okays Violent Video Games for Kids

Affordable Writers
Places to Write: The Bowling Alley

School Fest
No More Cursive Writing in Indiana

Hate My Kid
Hey Mom and Dad, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Model Talk
American Medical Association: Photoshop is the Devil

Movie Center
Cars 2 is Pretty Blah

Millions of Mummified Dogs in Egypt

This find is oddly fascinating and appalling at the same time…

Dog Report
8 Million Mummified Dogs Found in Egypt

Parenting Report
Botox Mom Loses Daughter

Cosmetic Report
Turn Beauty Inside Out Day

Animal Report
Dolphins to Chat with People Soon

Hate My Kid
Your Group Table is Way More Obnoxious Than My Kid

Hubble Talk
Ancient Nukes on Mars, Earth

God Report
Atheist Bible Now Available

Looking for a Good Book Club?

If you’re looking for an enlightening book club for 2011, check out the Year of Feminist Lit below.

Reference Book Club
A Year of Feminist Literature

Parenting Report
Kiddie Sports Meetings are Stupid

Working and Parenting
My Little Girl is On Your Team, Too

Health Food Talk
European Products Are Healthier, No Matter the Brand

Hate My Kid
Leave the Kids Alone

Creative Copy Challenge
Challenge 108, on weekends
Challenge 53, on broken dreams
Challenge 52, on courage
Challenge 17, on family dynamics

Holiday Traditions

Today’s posts are allll about the holidays! I finally heard my guy Bruce singing “Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town” yesterday (after abstaining from Christmas music for most of the month, to the best of my ability) and I’ve completely been immersed in the Christmas spirit since. Happy holidays!

Living to Do
Assess Your Year and Plan What’s Next

New Baby Gifts
Stocking Stuffers for Baby

Parenting Report
Start a New Holiday Tradition

Classical Music Talk
How to Start a Caroling Tradition

Hate My Kid
Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

Bidding Fablehaven Adieu

Now that I’ve finished the series, I feel like I’m in mourning. So there’s only one thing left to do–buy the books and read them again!

Adventure Book Club
Fablehaven Book 4: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Fantasy Book Club
Fablehaven 5: Keys to the Demon Prison

Hate My Kid
Are You a Bum? Maybe It’s Mom’s Fault

Politics Report
Ask the White House to Honor ALL Fallen Soldiers

Party Games
10 Ways to Scare Trick-or-Treaters

Deep Thoughts, by Jack… Ass?

Do you ever get those thoughts that make you think, “Who the hell am I?”

Hate My Kid
Things I Shouldn’t Think, But Do

Craft World
Review: Family Fun Craft Kits

Parenting Report
Aren’t You Worried About the Socialization?
Aren’t You Worried About the Socialization? Part II
Aren’t You Worried About the Socialization? Part III