They Took Our Jobs!

That phrase, along with “Speak English or Get Out,” always grates on my nerves. I’d rather hear Gilbert Gottfried recite Beowulf (all of it) than hear this drivel come out of people’s mouths.

A new study reports that Austin may have lost up to 5% of its jobs to another country–but it has nothing to do with immigration, and quite a lot to do with our trade policies. Perhaps we should be looking closer to home when it comes to the job market blame game? Read on.

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More Creative Copy, and Democratic Education

I’ve written a couple more Creative Copy Challenge stories and hope that many of you will join in! It’s such a fun way to jump start your creative juices, especially when you’re feeling stuck. There are only ten word prompts and all of my stories have been super short so far:
Challenge 21
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Come join in when you get a chance!

Also, I have a new IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America post on the importance of play dates. You might call it yuppie helicopter-ing; I call it smart social development! Be sure to share your thoughts on play dates and child development in the comment section.

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South Park’s 200th Episode

Any predictions? Find out about how to get involved with the 200th Episode Project below.

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Creative Copy Challenge

I’m really excited to be taking part in this writing challenge that I learned about from Anne Wayman. Every week the site owners post ten words that you use in a short story. What a fun project!

Here is the first challenge that I participated in today. The site is currently on Challenge 21, though, so I have a lot of catching up to do! I hope that you’ll decide to join in. 🙂