Paint the Town!

Every time my daughter hears “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, she just has to dance. The same goes with a few other pop songs that were released within the last year or so. Part of me feels incredibly guilty about this; I had sworn I’d never subject her to pop music, especially songs with such awful, lame lyrics. But then, weren’t most of the oldies and classic rock songs I love today pop hits of their own time?

Anyhow, she thinks it’s fun, and maybe that’s the point.  And every time they sing, “Paint the town!” doesn’t it sound almost angry?  I always remark, “I’m so mad, I have to paint the town!” and my husband says, “Dammit, we just painted it, and we have to paint it again–eight days this week!”

Completely unrelated to this little dose of mirth, here are a few new posts.

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And Creative Copy Challenge #24 is up! This site is so much fun; you just have to come and play.

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