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The World Doesn’t Revolve Around School

So why does it often seem that way?

Klat News
The World Doesn’t Revolve Around School

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Looking for Marriage?

El Paso Job Market
Your Boss is Not a Bitch

League of Moms
Do One Thing to Make Your Life Easier

Wichita Book Club
Feng Shui: The Art of Living

More Job Opportunities

Columbus Job Market
Ohio Cuts Result in Loss of Hundreds of Education Jobs

Education Job Market
Intern with IDEA

Washington DC Job Market
DC is the Place to Be for IT Jobs

Customer Service Job Market
New Customer Service Jobs at Amazon.com

Dallas Job Market
New Jobs in the Dallas Area Help Lower Unemployment Rate

Dental Job Market
11 New Dentist Jobs in Maryland

Denver Job Market
Unemployment Rates Continue to Drop in Colorado

Detroit Job Market
Detroit Libraries to Remain Open

El Paso Job Market
Texas Economy Continues to Recover

Paint the Town!

Every time my daughter hears “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, she just has to dance. The same goes with a few other pop songs that were released within the last year or so. Part of me feels incredibly guilty about this; I had sworn I’d never subject her to pop music, especially songs with such awful, lame lyrics. But then, weren’t most of the oldies and classic rock songs I love today pop hits of their own time?

Anyhow, she thinks it’s fun, and maybe that’s the point.  And every time they sing, “Paint the town!” doesn’t it sound almost angry?  I always remark, “I’m so mad, I have to paint the town!” and my husband says, “Dammit, we just painted it, and we have to paint it again–eight days this week!”

Completely unrelated to this little dose of mirth, here are a few new posts.

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Education Between Nations

El Paso Job Market
Economic Outlook in El Paso

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Toys That Jump, Bark, and Flip

And Creative Copy Challenge #24 is up! This site is so much fun; you just have to come and play.

Looking for Employment?

archA lot of people are. Hopefully some of the information below will be of some help.

Charlotte Job Market
Job Outlook in Charlotte Not Solid But Hopeful

Columbus Job Market
Jobless Rate Declines in Columbus

El Paso Job Market
Job Gains and Losses in El Paso

Fort Worth Job Market
Farmer’s Markets Growing in Fort Worth

Indianapolis Job Market
Indianapolis Economy Ready for a Comeback?

Kansas City Job Market
Construction Jobs Down in Kansas City

Memphis Job Market
College Students in Memphis Prepare for the Business World

Milwaukee Job Market
College Kids in Milwaukee Fear a Bleak Job Market

Nashville Job Market
New Prediction for 2012: Nashville Recovery

New Orleans Job Market
New Orleans Down 1100 Jobs

Oklahoma City Job Market
Oklahoma City’s Jobless Rate Among the Lowest in the Country

Omaha Job Market
Meatpacking is a Dangerous Gig in Nebraska

Phoenix Job Market
Teachers to Be Laid Off in Phoenix

St. Louis Job Market
St. Louis Nurses “Shielded” From Tough Economy

Virginia Beach Job Market
Master’s Degree: New Qualification for Scooping Ice Cream?

Real Book
ArchEnemy a Disappointing Finale