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Jobs Across America

Below are a few job stories, economy news, and opportunities.

Baltimore Job Market
1500 Jobs Cut in Maryland

Boston Job Market
Job Help for Paralyzed Vets

Charlotte Job Market
College Grads May Want to Move to Charlotte

Chicago Job Market
Need a Job in Chicago?

Cleveland Job Market
Job Growth in Ohio

Virginia Beach Job Market
PETA Seeks a Vet in Virginia

Colorado Springs Job Market
Need a Job in Colorado Springs?

Construction Job Market
Construction Jobs Decline in April

Computers Job Market
Got Computer Skills? Employers Say, “Prove It!”

New Ocean Creatures Discovered

The first-ever ocean census revealed 20,000 new species.

Science Report
20,000 New Species of Ocean Life Discovered

Western Book Club
Javier Bardem to Star in Upcoming Dark Tower Film

New York Job Market
Third Month of Job Gains in a Row for New York

360 Blog
Sanctuary Star Founds Sanctuary for Kids

Animal Report
Tell MO: Don’t Repeal Prop B

Dallas Job Market
Jobless Rate Down in Texas

Construction Job Market
Tips for New Construction Workers

Computers Job Market
Interview with Computer Repairman

Pagan Journey
Computers Job Market
Interview with Computer Repairman

Cleveland Job Market
Work at Whirlpool

Medicine Report
Here Come the Superbugs

Gadgetry Report
Free Software Programs

Vote Yes on Prop A

Help the citizens of St. Louis travel to work (and elsewhere) each day by voting yes on Prop A next Tuesday. To find out more, please read below.

Transportation Job Market
Prop A to Effect St. Louis Transportation Jobs

Campus Report
Student Labor Action Week

Construction Job Market
If Jesus Were Alive, He’d Be Laid Off

Seafood Talk
Trader Joe’s Gets a Little Greener

Green Voters League
Help Protect Disappearing Coral

And here’s Creative Copy Challenge #27. I hope you’re enjoying these and planning to take part!