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Evil vs. Evil

The differences between Once Upon a Time‘s two villains are considerable.

TV World
Rumpelstiltskin Versus the Evil Queen

Eshopper Forum
Ask Supermarkets to Stop Wasting So Much Product

Stockton Book Club
What Your Kindergartener Needs to Know: Preparing Your Child for a Lifetime of Learning

Toledo Book Club
What Your First Grader Needs to Know

St. Louis Book Club
Do Penguins Have Knees?

Ask Congress to Help Provide Access to Clean Water

It is crucial that every human being have access to clean, safe drinking water. No one has to die from lack of access if we all speak up!

Farm Voters League
Ask Congress to Help with Water Access

Fantasy Book Club
Grimm Isn’t Really That Grim

TV World
I Heart Once Upon a Time

Turtles Forever
Help Save Sea Turtles

League of Suburban Voters
Use Banxodus to Find a Good Guy Bank in Your Area

TX Theater Says, “No Texting!”

…or else they’ll make a PSA example out of you!

Gadgetry Report
Quit Texting in the Theater, Already!

TV World
Stabler Not Returning to Law and Order: SVU This Fall

Fantasy Book Club
2012 is the Year of the Fantasy Film

Pro-Choice Voters
Legislators to American Women: You Don’t Matter

Toxic Waste Cloud
How Cute, They’re All in a Row!

Happy International Women’s Day

Celebrate those double-x chromosomes today! Here are a few ways to do just that.

Today’s Special
Happy International Women’s Day!

360 Blog
March Love Drop: Come Help Katie!

Net Culture Talk
Google’s New Formula SUCKS

Movie Center
Mars Needs Moms Actually Isn’t That Bad

TV World
Harry’s Law: Refreshing Drama or Same Old Crap?

Easy on the Arsenic

It will probably fail to surprise anyone that there is arsenic in our apple juice; after all, we’ve known about the arsenic in our water for years. But it turns out that apple juice has far greater amounts than the average water sample–and the FDA could really care less.

Health Food Talk
Waiter, There’s Arsenic in My Apple Juice

Pagan Journey
Ostara Activities for Children and Families

Horror Book Club
Cirque Du Freak

TV World
United States of Tara Makes Light of Suicide

Are you registered?

voteI’m not currently working for any drives this year, but I can still help you if you need to get registered to vote. Just let me know.

Help Me Blogger
September is Shameless Promotion Month

Real Book
Wicked is Wickedly Disturbing and Delightful

Artista Blog
Enter the Best of WetCanvas Contest
October is Right Brainers Rule Month

360 Blog
Remember to Register to Vote Week
National Bullying Awareness Week

TV World
Why Do We Love Law and Order: SVU?